Cui bono: Who sets Pakistan on fire over the finality of Prophethood?


Liberal agenda led by the western supported organizations (NGOs) and think tanks pushed Islamic Republic Pakistan on the edge of civil war. Pakistan is the only ideological country which was taken on the emblem of Islam. The incompetent government of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz acted as the agent for the western liberalism as it accelerated religious agitation across the country over notorious legislation regarding the Khatm-e-Naboowat (the finality of Prophethood) in Election Reforms Bill. Supreme Court of Pakistan questioned to state functionaries during the hearing of a case about a religious sit-in at the capital that who is the ultimate beneficiary (Cui Bono) of this fury. The court inquired this many time from top officials of interior and defense ministries but there was no response. At the end, the court observed that Media persons know better than government officials. 

Yes, the apex court is right because government officials will never tell the truth. Government efforts to hide the truth over the constitutional amendment in Blasphemy laws (Finality of the Prophethood) caused the religious agitation across the country. The motive behind this amendment is still not clear but the government has given a lame clarification that amendment regarding the finality of Prophethood was just a clerical error.

Blatantly speaking, it was not just a mistake but it was deliberately an attempt to promote Western liberalism for damaging the Islamic nature of Pakistan's constitution. 

In fact, the amendment was proposed in the constitution to become disqualified a person as the party head. The head of ruling party, Pakistan Muslim League (N), Nawaz Sharif was disqualified by the Supreme Court on corruption charges. Therefore Nawaz brought an amendment in election reforms bill to become the party head after a disqualification from the apex court of the country. There was no any kind of motion or draft to change blasphemy laws but legislators secretly brought changes in the oath which secures the finality of Prophet Muhammad. 

This amendment was passed by both houses National Assembly and Senate. Mostly parliamentarians were unaware of the change in Oath. Usually, parliamentarians did not examine legislative drafts. They just voted or opposed on the will of their respective party heads. Same thing happened in this case. Although opposition parties challenged this election reforms bill in court because ruling party of disqualified PM Nawaz Sharif has a majority in National Assembly. The intention to challenge this disputed legislation in court was to keep disqualified Nawaz out as the head of the party. So change in the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan fueled public anger in all over the country. 

There are two following possible scenarios of this political uncertainty and religious agitation which pushed Pakistan to edge of civil war. First, Nawaz did it to at the behest of the USA to seek the support of Western liberals with the aim to save his political career. As he tried to give the impression to the USA and the West that the Mullah-Military alliance was behind the religious sit-in (dharna) at Faizabad. While the other possibility is that the USA directly did it with help of some parliamentarians to set Pakistan on fire on this sensitive religious issue. The US has a direct influence on legislative process with the USAID funded organizations and NGOs. Many organizations and think tanks are currently working here with the collaboration of legislators to promote liberal agenda within the constitutional reforms. Even the USA has also criticized Pakistan's decision to monitor the foreign funding of NGOs. 

Pakistan's constitution of 1973 declared Qadiani, Ahmadi and Lahori religious groups non-Muslims on the finality of Prophet. The followers of these groups did not believe that Prophet Muhammad was not the last Prophet of Allah. These cults were created and sponsored by the British in Sub-continent (Indo-Pak) under divide and rule policy with an aim to weaken Muslims because British snatched the throne of Subcontinent from Muslims. 

After the birth of Pakistan, there were many religious moments to declare unfaithful sects (non-believers of the finality of Prophet Muhammad) non-Muslims in the constitution of Pakistan. As a result, Pakistan declared them non-Muslims constitutionally in 1973 by passing blasphemy laws unanimously. While non-Muslims are fully protected under the constitution as it secures basic human rights of all minorities.

Here it is necessary to explain to readers that finality of Prophet Muhammad is an integral part of the Muslim faith. It is mandatory in Islam to believe that Muhammad was the last prophet of Allah on earth.

Although, this law was also used wrongly in many times as the Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer was killed by his police guard on this sensitive issue. But here the issue is not the wrong use of the law because it can be prevented by the law enforcement agencies but the issue is why secretly this law was amended? Although the inquiry committee fixed responsibility on three parliamentarians while one of them is the state minister, who had given instructions to change the Oath. Some people also claimed that after amendment, that minster (the name is not mentioned due to the security of life on this sensitive issue) wrote a letter of congratulations to the USA ambassador in Pakistan. Hence why, the USA criticized Pakistan's decision to restore blasphemy laws after the eruption of public unrest and political turmoil in all over the country. As the United States mission of Geneva writes on the website, "We note with concern the enforcement of blasphemy laws, and restrictions against Ahmadi Muslims, and the use of blasphemy and other laws to intimidate political opponents and settle personal disputes." 

The attack on the Muslim’s Prophet Muhammad by the liberalism is not a new. Charlie Hedbo publications against Muslim faith uncovered the liberal agenda against Islam. The Pakistani nation was recorded huge public demonstrations against that Western-backed anti-Muslim Magazine.  

The history of Pakistan also describes that Pakistanis are very emotional on religious issues as they were used by the Pentagon created Islamic Jihad against the USSR during the Afghan War. In a reality, the USA took the advantages of Pakistan’s most allied ally status and it entangled the country almost everywhere from a state institution to basic entities. But after the Pakistan’s joining of China’s Silk Road, the USA has waged hybrid war on Pakistan with the help of India.  

 This all described scenario pointed that beneficiary is the USA as it has fueled religious agitation and political unrest in Pakistan. Here credit goes to Pakistan Army in defusing the US-Indo nexus’ Hybrid War as Pakistan’s judiciary and its army saved the country from a huge catastrophe.