Cultural Protestantism or Cultural Marxism


What I am trying to convey with this essay are reasons why conservatives might be fooled into believing the liberal hoax of “cultural Marxism”, a claim which sees them still ruling the waves of Western mainstream politics. Now today sexual identity politics are finally providing the apologetics for unashamed greed, accompanied by the surge of social inequality. For sexual diversity and human equality are basically inimical and the sexual discourse has recently marginalized the social agenda. That‘s why we are seeing traditional labor parties struggling, most spectacular in Britain, but also in France and Germany. The power of trade unions is becoming almost unspeakable, being pulverized between multiple sexual identities. Even the US democrats are about to find themselves in the doldrums when they finally awake from their anti-Trump hysteria. For the gender agenda has been turned into a conservative revolution. The result so far is frozen wages for the last couple of decades in the most Western countries.

Now the blame for this has to be laid on the door of the gender juggernaut met with major resistance only in Asia. There is no denying of the fact that the fight for human equality has been abandoned by the majority of liberals at the price of lush funds for their smörgåsbord of NGOs driving the gender agenda. Money is being provided by international bodies like UN, EU, the Soros-Open-Society-Foundation and various multinationals. The leading agendas for equality, once symbolized by the proletarian fist, are being eclipsed by the PC tyranny of difference delivered through fake identities. However the ridiculous, if gnostic affinity between warm brothers and global warming is the brain child of effeminate metrosexuals in the tradition of romantic 19th century “vegetable men”.

The wild escape from exhausted Victorianism in the Belle Epoque by feminists, gays, anarchists, naturalist aesthetes and nudists was the foundry of todays letter salad of LGBTI, all of them varieties of romantic “vegetable men”, who is the arch enemy of religious man, denying self discipline, traditional communities and personal conscience or what David Brooks calls Adam II (“The Road to Character”). Vegetable man worships animals and is a strong believer in carbon footprints codified in the modern “eco-sex” swindle of sterile licentiousness, compensated with carbon puritanism. However the green gospel can be fed to the mainstream media thanks only to the human brain being the last province of scientific obscurity. It certainly gives self-righteous liberal activists enough leeway for putting up the gender road show under the false label of cultural Marxism.

This is a misleading euphemism for the sexual revolution which has uprooted the “human soul” in the West far more seriously than Marxism ever did. The Fin-de-Siecle bohemian debauchery set off by Freudian psychoanalysis continued in the 1920s with Wilhelm Reich’s mechanistic sex machines. It would be followed up by the strategic use of urban gay power grids by Nazis in the first half of the Third Reich. All these modern parties were united in their fight against religion and the uprooting of the traditional family. Because the Bolshevists reversed their disruptive politics against the family in the late 1920ies and kept them till the end, it was only after the collapse of the Soviet Empire in 1989 that the West dared to fully embraced the gender cause again, by that rekindling the hostility toward the family. The liberal West knew only to well that bohemian debauchery is best suited for killing the last vestiges of the political solidarity in the West.

And yet the devil is always in the detail and a good place to look for is advanced male homosexual conduct for it has virtually absorbed most of the proletarian symbolism. The obvious example is gay “fist fucking” which combines proletarian symbolism with ultimate male dominance dwarfing any sexual partner. This carries the notorious sadomasochistic tinge of same-sex encounters one step further betraying once more the pubertal imagination of homosexuals. Their psychopathology is essentially marked by immaturity as Sigmund Freud has postulated quite convincingly. In the end this means, any intellectual claims of Marxist ideology are far beyond the narrow intellectual horizon of today’s same-sex world.

Freud already knew well that gays are driven by misogyny and agnosticism which makes them loath of any effort for sublimating their libido. Therefore any attachment to lofty things like the arts and culture, so much praised in gays, were only the entre billet for bourgeois respectability. In this way Oscar Wilde, Auden, Isherwood and others impressed the public in the early days of gay “emancipation”. Yet the cultural décor has been accompanied by deeply counter cultural affects early on and has almost completely vanished after the 1960s gay “coming out” which is inimical to cultural sublimation. Today all this has vanished and carnal instincts have taken hold in the gay world crowned by abominations such as fist fucking.

Hence there is little hope that sublime issues of culture will anytime soon emerge, let alone and gain currency in the same-sex world except for sadomasochism & porno. Pornography today prevails even in the high-end art world as Tom Wolfe showed in his novel “Back to Blood”. This is why gender advocates are happy with the label of cultural Marxism pinned on them. It perfectly flows from the liberal commitment to inclusion of any minority into the melange of minority groups. The political theology of Marquis de Sade is believed by some historians to have triggered the French

Revolution as it was discussed by the famous Hillsdale Symposium in 1990, edited by Stephen Tonsor. It was also the mechanism by which Hitler crushed the traditional political party affiliation between left and right in the late Weimar years . For what else are we to make of the crushing of once magisterial collective-proletarian power in the political turmoil and street fighting in the early 1930s between homosexual SA storm troopers and straight communists in Berlin? The late sociologist-philosopher Philip Rieff, for a decade husband of Susan Sontag, famously answered this question in the affirmative.

In those days the last remnants of Marxism have been buried in the chaos of Berlin gay brothels which saw off the surge in demands for strong gestures. This is believed to have created the atrocities of sexual strong-arming such as fist fucking. The liberal “homosexual act” was here transformed into male submission, typically by a right-wing gay of the new master race, dominating the soft “lefti”, the effeminate lover, the low-life chap, the poof. Today again fist fucking has become almost de rigeur in hard-core gay Berlin. The German capital famously prides itself, as it did in the Weimar years, to be the global laboratory for sexual experiments. Metropolitan Berlin has lots of gay districts with Schöneberg the biggest of them all, also being the first in the world. Already in Fin-de-Sciecle Berlin gender studies were being introduced by Magnus Hirschfeld.

But what exactly does this mean? Well my preliminary assessment of the symbolism would be this: adopting the upward outstretched proletarian fist, that once represented a form of social capital of the poor. Not for nothing did Clinton’s “deplorables” appear headless, without representation. The out-strechted fist once expressed the unified power of the working class and as such it would be utilized or in fact sexualized by Hitler. His infamous salute of the upward fully out-strechted arm turned the proletarian fist into a phallus symbol. The erected penis was a reference to his debt toward the gay community from his beer hall days. The facts and background for my thesis can be studied in the excellent book by academic historian Lothar Machtan “Hitlers Secret” of 2001.

In today’s climate of the revival of soft Nazism however, hard core fist fucking had to be cushioned by campaigning for gay marriage. This is demanded not least by the political theology of cultural Protestantism which ever since the Belle Epoque keeps a watchful eye over the fortunes of the sexual liberation in the West. The precedent for this was Luther’s famous wedding, his inward turn and retreat from political agitation, by which he managed to subdue the German peasant revolution. Luther turned out to be an unprincipled opportunist and fortune seeker. When push came to shove he sided with the powers to be. He ended fighting the peasants - in sharp contrast to his fellow reformers such as Melanchthon and Zwingli, who brought the last sacrifice giving their life for the peasant revolt. Today this same Lutheran infamy is again working perfectly well with gay marriage as the panache against social upheaval and fights for social redistribution.

The mysterious bond between liberalism and Islam might well rest on shared submission, the title of Michel Houellebecque’s novel, creating an “elected affinity” based on mental serfdom with PC representing an anticipatory gesture toward the authentic-authoritarian East which is supposed to command our future. Protestants and in particular their cultural variety have always exhibited the propensity to shaming others, as their expressionist leanings easily turn them into poseurs, impostors and accusers. This was certainly the trick of Luther’s “Here I stand, I can’t help” at the diet in Worm 1521. Yet this is poison for any inwardly shining religion which flourishes not in threats or posturing but in arguments. We need to remind ourselves in this context that the Nazi movement consisted mostly of Protestants, transformed into “Deutsche Christen”, Hitlers most reliable constituency.

This is the backdrop of gay symbolism in todays microcosm of power relations in a wholly pantheist individualized setting of the consumer society: the dominant gay thug, virtue signaling left-liberal PC by making use of the proletarian fist of old, only to use it for gay sadism in the discipleship of the extreme sadist Michel Foucault, fittingly nicknamed the “Fucking Saint”. It is probably save to call fist fucking a sexual pathology knowing that we enter non-PC territory. Just to be absolutely clear on this one: the classical alternative to metaphysical inhibitions like the soft tyranny of PC would of course be self-repressive “religious man” who in his attempt of liquefying antagonistic categories on his mind would process them through the transcendent mode of thinking.

This is only possible thanks to the fact that transcendence is glowing with forgiveness and thus can avoid circular thinking and maddening causal chains, which drives repetitive reflexive behavioral patterns. Therefore metaphysical thinking is subject to the “causalistic fallacy”. From a clinical perspective it can therefore be said with confidence, transcendence beats transgression. The German tabloid „Bild“ („Picture“) not long ago reported about events from an infamous Berlin dark room: a male fist fucker would ask an American fellow for help, because he could not liberate his own arm from his intestines in what was suggestive of a rare sexual performance. The flabbergasted American confessed to the tabloid that he had never witnessed anything like this and had made a hurried return home.

Fist-fucking has acquired a reputation as vehicle for reclaiming situational respect for the underclass – a bitter turn of the Marxist conscience. Fot it can ever reverse the permanent victory of the bohemian over the proletarian revolution. The issue of dominance in gay sexual relations has for quite some time made short shrift with any socialist dreams of human equality. Marquis de Sade was never so popular as in the 21st century with spectacular recent exhibitions in Paris and Washington D.C. celebrating the 18th century perverse aristocrat as liberator. This was made possible only through the final victory - not least thanks to Hitler - of the bohemian revolution in the West. The new normal are asymmetric human relations after the model of sadomasochism, relationships were the master penetrates and the menial is being penetrated.

Hitler in his mature years famously said: „Guilt is a Jewish invention“. This dictum takes on an eerie echo in the context of the global LGBT community descending by tens of thousands onto Tel Aviv every summer in the face of old age Auschwitz survivors. The vicious liberal-Islamic “submissive link” forces Israel to endure this spectacle of debauchery which is part of the bohemian take-over of the Marxian revolution. It is only for reasons of confusion and deceit that the bohemian revolution has been wrapped into theories of "cultural Marxism". This is of course nonsense yet it is a carefully woven web of conceit, a legend that handed the Frankfurt School the perch for intellectual leadership after the Holocaust. This concept was part of the broader liberal narrative of post-modernity which is wrapped around the categories of difference - as opposed to equality - universalism and fiction all of which are today reverting into particularism, realism, family and nation, surely on the ascendancy lately.

Much later this legend has been picked up and philosophically refined by Richard Rorty, the author of virtual reality and like Habermas a stern supporter of the counter-culture presenting "reality as fiction". So behind the figment of „cultural Marxism“ shines through the true colors of what Philip Rieff labeled as “anti-culture”. Rorty was soon to become the preeminent philosopher of fiction replacing „substance“ with „representation“. With him the delusional concepts of romantic infinity or Faustian limitlessness were kept alive, actually re-creating the world in its own image. Today funny enough this concept is re-sacralized or been put in a quasi-theological frame by identity politics, so much so that gay "coming out" has become almost a sublime act. And yet ancient Greeks like moderns were under the spell of the foeda religio (“foeda est in coitu et brevis voluptas et taedat veneiis statim peractae“, or “Foul is it: the pleasure in sexual intercourse and short”. No wonder fist-fucking became popular as a way to make the short act last a bit longer even if ending in pain.

Everybody knows that enduring pain often serves as self punishment or a way to “work up” personal guilt feelings. I take this to be the ultimate meaning of fist fucking: the conversion of sex into self-punishment. As such this symbolic act conforms with Rorty’s philosophy of representation: fist fucking represents gay atonement and bohemian apologetics in the vein or victimology. Historically by turning objective Protestant-proletarian victimology into subjective masochism or if you wish justifying self-immolation for having profaned the sublime cause of biblical human equality.