The Culture of Awaiting

Solidarity with shiites, the common struggle together with them against our common enemy -- American based ultraradical pseudo-islamism in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrein, everywhere -- is our duty as Russians. Russain-Shiah alliance is not only the geopolitical necessity, it is based on the deep spiritual roots. One Ayatollah in Qom during conversation with me has called it The Culture of Awaiting. We are waiting indeed the coming of Better World and final appearance of our divine Guide.The USA, NATO and its Middle East proxies and puppets (Saudi or Qatar as well as Israel) are the obstacles on the way of Second Coming. They are doomed. The Saudi regime must die first. They are but usurpers and liars. It is a kind of Eurasian fetwa. Glory to the Shaykh Nimr an-Nimr.