Dark plans for the Balkans


Atlantic Council, think tank in charge of shaping the United States foreign policy  recently published a report ”Balkan forward: A new US strategy for the region” which was released on November 28th . It highlights three main tasks of US policy in the Balkans.  In their opinion, Slovenia and Croatia, which joined the NATO pact and the European Union, and Albania and Montenegro, who succeeded in joining NATO, made significant progress in the region. But:

"Following these successes, European countries and the United States have weakened their presence in the Balkans, believing that an endpoint has been reached and that the region's future is pre-determined and inevitable," the report said.

"Nevertheless, although the region still wants to join the West and its institutions, the final outcome should no longer be considered accomplished," the authors said in a report on the new US strategy for the Balkans.

"The United States can and should play a key role in articulating a common vision for the future of the region, as well as re-applying a clear road with the EU towards a common transatlantic goal at the political level," experts from the Atlantic Council said.

The report states several concrete steps to "stabilize the region". Experts of the Atlantic Council believe that “Washington needs to establish a lasting military presence in Southeast Europe, as it will with that have the possibility of long-term control over the development on the events. According to the report's authors, the Bondsteel base in Kosovo is ideal for this task. It is further stated that the US military should assist local authorities in the fight against terrorism and participate in staff training. It should also serve as a clear signal to the region that the United States will decisively halt every attempt to revise the existing borders, which, according to US strategists as they say, "encourages the Russian adventurism."

Secondly, the US should achieve a "historic rapprochement" with Serbia. As the authors of the new strategy emphasized, Belgrade may and should become a close American partner and ally in the region, but this can only be achieved if Serbia moves away from Russia.

Thirdly, the United States must restore the reputation of a "real mediator", which, among other things, needs to make additional efforts and prepare Greece and Macedonia for future alliances. Also, the United States should join the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina and facilitate their completion as soon as possible.

Announcement "how Washington must restore the role of a reliable mediator" means that US wants to have full control of Balkans, and that if someone opposes to that, a conflict may occur. And the final word to the conflict would be given by US. As it was in the nineties. This message or the threat is intended for the Serbs. Before Atlantic Council published a report, from US to Serbia camed messages on US investments in Serbia, about how US is important for the economy of Serbia. US officials reminded that America has invested in Serbian economy 4 billion $. The goal was to show US as a friend of Serbia. However, the truth is on the opposite side. The facts show that NATO aggression against Serbia and Montenegro inflicted damage of 30 to 100 billion dollars. After the removal of Slobodan Milosevic from power, the destruction of the Serbian economy is continued by economic means. This process was slowed down by Zoran Djindjic, but after his murder, the process was accelerated. Thanks to the economic policy pursued by the US “advices”, the Serbian economy is now on its knees. Also, during NATO aggression, contrary to international law, NATO bombed Serbia with depleted uranium. Because of that, many Serbs have died and die. In the eyes of the “deep state” historic rapprochement with Serbia means only one. That Serbia give up Kosovo and that do not oppose the creation of a Greater Albania.

That Serbia forgets about the eternal brotherhood with Russia and to impose sanctions on her, to abolish Serbian - Russian Humanitarian Center in Nis, and to hinder Russian activity in the region. Also, an active action on the change of Serbian consciousness. In other words, that  Serbia must renounce itself.

Statement of the Executive Vice President of the Atlantic Council Damon Wilson for Voice of America on November 28th  is very dangerous. But at the same time it reveals real US intentions to ordinary citizens. Wilson said that US will take control of Southeast Europe, and the focus will be on military presence. Damon Wilson has already mentioned that a new era is coming and that Serbia must be ready for "painful decisions". A “painful decision” refers to the recognition of Kosovo by Serbia. At the same time Albanian politicians speak about the integration of Albania and Kosovo. The president of the self-proclaimed Kosovo Republic, Hashim Thaçi, announced that the Kosovo and Albanian assemblies will abolish border crossings that do not already exist.

 In Macedonia is going an active process to create a third Albanian state. New Government in Macedonia, supported by the US embassy and US deep state is conducting terror against its citizens. Six deputies, including a woman, were arrested and sent to the custody. Among them is former Minister of Police Mitko Cavkov. After that began the detention of people who criticized the regime through Facebook. The fact that Hoyt Brian Yee will be the new US ambassador to Skopje, means bad news for Macedonia. The main task of Hoyt Brian Yee will be to introduce Macedonia into NATO, contrary to the will of Macedonians. Also, Yee will at the same time work to interfere with all Russian and Chinese activities in Macedonia. Also in the report of the Atlantic Council , US no longer hides it has the ambition to take full control of all social and political processes in Montenegro, so in addition to regime control, the report explicitly speaks about the need to create a "loyal opposition" , as desirable alternatives to power in that country. That it is essentially a clear message to all Montenegrin politicians that there will be no place for them in political life if they fail to obey US.

Terror by US order is already experiencing the strongest opposition alliance in Montenegro - Democratic Front.

As Russian and Chinese influence is becoming stronger in the Balkans, its obvious that US is becoming increasingly nervous. The main problem for US is that most of the Balkan countries want close cooperation with Russia. For the Western centers of power it becomes clear that they are loseing their power in the region, and they are trying to stop that, but since it gets harder, they want while they still can to achieve certain geopolitical objectives in the Balkans. It remains to be seen how much they will succeed. One thing is clear, the geopolitical struggle in the Balkans is gripping.


p.s. Map below expressed Western point of view on region framed as Western Balkans with marked borderlines in special way that not reflects reality but promotes separatism - Geopolitica.ru.