The decline of Donald Trump


The biologist Lyall Watson in his work "Lifetide" published in 1979 affirms that "if a sufficiently large number of people (Critical Mass) acquire a new knowledge or way of seeing things, this will spread throughout humanity", for which It is necessary for a certain number of people (Critical Mass) to reach a higher consciousness and at that moment the individual is already capable of making an evolutionary leap and achieving a change in mentality. This thesis is known as the "Theory of the Hundredth Monkey" and it would have its expression in the electoral surprise of Donald Trump, a candidate totally refractory to party discipline and turned into the "black beast" of the neocon establishment. Thus, after the unexpected triumph of Donald Trump in the US Presidential elections, we witnessed the emergence of the so-called "teleonomic scenario" (as opposed to the "teleological scenario" currently in force) and which was marked by extreme doses of volatility due to the paranoid personality of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump's autocratic paranoia

The Spanish psychiatrist Enrique González Duro in his book La paranoia (1991), affirms that “the triggers of this disease are very active in individuals who present a marked narcissism and who have been exposed to serious frustrations, being consequently endowed with a low self-esteem. This causes the natural mechanism of Projection to be triggered in them, by virtue of which we tend to attribute to others those impulses, fantasies, frustrations and tensions that are inexplicable, unacceptable and unbearable in ourselves ”. Donald Trump's personality would fully fit into the medical description of the disorder known as paranoid psychosis because his thinking is rigid and incorrigible: he does not take into account the opposite reasons, he only collects data or signs that confirm the prejudice to turn it into conviction and even if it is afflicted with said delusional disorder he would be quite functional and does not tend to show strange behavior except as a direct result of the delusional idea (read the construction of the Wall with Mexico). In the specific case of Trump, we would be facing a typical case of megalomaniac paranoia, a delusion of grandeur that causes "the individual to believe himself endowed with extraordinary talent and power because the deities have chosen him for a high mission" (restore the White Power in a society in which demographic evolution will cause the white population to be a minority in the scenario of 2043). Another feature of his personality would be his histrionics that prompts him to "attract public attention and be reckless in his statements without caring about the opinion of others due to his evident lack of morality."

The decline of Donald Trump

Trump's paranoia would have been aggravated by being affected by the so-called "hybris syndrome" cited by the English doctor and politician David Owen in his work "The Hybris Syndrome: Busch, Blair ant the Intoxication of Power." This term comes from the Greek word "hybris" which means excess and which would have its paradigm in the attempt to apply the Insurrection Law that would entail the use of the Army that would be framed in its electoral motto ("The President of Law and Order") . However, the attempt to militarize the entire country would have caused concern in the dominant establishment and was reflected in the statements of Secretary of Defense Mark Sper, who was against the application of the Insurrection Law after stating that "racism it is real in the country and we must do everything possible to recognize it, stand up to it and eradicate it ”. The media irruption of the former Secretary of Defense of the Trump Administration, the former General of the Navy, James Mattis acquired special relevance when he accused Trump of “trying to divide us and of the need to unite without him, taking advantage of the forces inherent in our civil society" . However, after the assault on the Capitol by followers harangued by a totally enervated Trump, a new front would have been opened to try to declare Trump "mentally unstable" and apply Amendment 25 of the Constitution that provides for the succession of the president "if the vice president and the majority of his cabinet consider that he is mentally or physically incapable of exercising his position ". As Trump refuses to accept the results of the Elections and continues to feed the theory of electoral fraud, the Republican establishment will abandon an isolated Donald Trump in his Ivory Tower to his fate, who will be left at the mercy of the future judicial processes that await him. It is not ruled out that Trump is secretly negotiating with Biden to obtain a Presidential pardon that exonerates him from possible judicial charges in exchange for acknowledging his defeat.