Delhi Election is verdict of Modi’s policies

There are a total of 70 Assembly constituencies in Delhi, as a result of Election held on 8 February 2020, AAP won 62 seats and BJP was able to win only 8 seats. This is an obvious verdict on Modi’s policies.
Since 2014, when Modi came into power, he opted for extremist policies and polarized Indian society. He has turned India a non-democratic and non-secular state. He has politicized the whole country. Even state institutions are politicized, like Education, Judiciary, Army, Media, etc., every segment of the society is divided, hate and intolerance have been witnessed everywhere. 
Discrimination against non-Hindus is very much obvious, Muslims are the target, but Christians, Sikhs, Low Caste Hindus all are victims of Modi’s policies. The country is facing the worst civil war, it is not only limited to Kashmir but throughout the country, there are 24 states facing civil war. Modi opted for the option of “Use of Force” to suppress the people’s agitations and demonstrations, instead of having a dialogue with them. Excessive use of force has been proved counter-productive. 
Indian true face has been exposed to the rest of the world, and the Indian image of “Democratic and Secular State” has been changed. Modi has distorted the Indian image internationally. Although he has imposed restrictions on Media, suspension of Internet and Mobile Services, restriction of journalists, especially the foreign journalists and media person, has not been fruitful, instead turned counter-productive. Satellite technologies are utilized to reflect the ground situation. 
As a result of Modi’s policies of hate, intolerance, and extremism, the whole country is pushed into a civil war. As a result, local businesses are suffering a lot. Foreign investors are hesitant to invest in India, tourists have canceled their planned trip to India. Multinational corporations are leaving India and shifting their businesses to safer countries in the region. Lawlessness has suspended the daily routine life. 
Treasury is depleting, price hike and unavailability of daily use commodities has created a panic in the society. The rich and intellectuals are leaving the country and are seeking immigration in the Western World or more safe countries. The country is leading toward not only financial bankruptcy but also intellectual bankruptcy too. Anyone having sufficient funds or enough intellect, to qualify for migrating to the Western world has been shifting out of India. 
Not only the Minorities, but moderate Hindus are also not satisfied with the Modi’s policies. Opposition political parties are well aware of this fact. Modi has terrorized the nation and sometime common people may not criticize the Government openly or publically. RSS armed youth has been tasked to terrorize anyone so ever oppose Modi’s policies.  
If the peoples are suppressed and terrorized, they may not express their anger publically, but the Delhi Election was a chance for them to express their anger and disagreement with Modi’s policies. It is worth mentioning that Delhi is a city ruled by Muslims over 800 years, but Muslims never forced anyone to convert into Islam. As a result, 90% of the population of Delhi is non-Muslims, with a little percentage of Christians, Sikhs, etc. The absolute majority of Hindus has voted against Modi’s Policies. 
Although Kejriwal has a track record of good governance and he has delivered up to satisfaction of his voters in the past and the general public was very much happy with his rule. He worked hard for the welfare of the common man and won the hearts and minds of the common man. He personally enjoys public support and popularity. But the important aspect of his victory was “Dis-satisfaction over Modi’s Policies”.  It is a good lesson for Modi, if he conceives the people’s message, he might change is extremist policies.