Diplomatic Schizophrenia


Written on the 3rd of May, ”For a Stable and Secure Baltic Sea Region” is diplomatic schizophrenia.

Politics is just a tool to solve societies’ and mankind in general’s problems. Politicians are one, but only one of the operators in these great targets. The quality of their work depends on how well they understand these problems, which requires deep understanding of society. Understanding can be achieved by only having been an actual actor in real life society. Just being a politician does not give practical and realistic experience.

The Nordic quintet (Timo Soini, Finland; Margot Wallström, Sweden; Børge Brende, Norway; Kristian Jensen, Denmark; Lilja Alfredsdottir, Iceland) has taken it as a fact that Russia, i.e. the Russian Federation, is the one and only culprit for European problems. The Nordic quintet treats Russia like an underdeveloped country, full of nuts and culprits.

”The security situation in Europe is being challenged by Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea and its military actions, which have upset the stability in and around the Ukraine. Russia's increased military activity and rising tensions, also in the Baltic region, must be replaced with political dialogue and respect for international law.”

The Nordic quintet calls for political dialogue. How many of the members of the Nordic quintet have been to Russia to discuss these great problems. To my knowledge, for example, Timo Soini has yet to make an official visit to Moscow. ”Audiatur et altera pars” is still valid today for problem solving.

The Nordic quintet talks on behalf of the whole of Europe.

”Europe has responded resolutely to Russian aggression in Ukraine.”

The Nordic quintet does not know that Europe is greater than just the European Union and her member states. Europe extends to the Ural Mountains including the western part of Russia. Talking of Europe as an actor is misleading and shows poor professionalism.

The Nordic quintet wants to ”maintain pressure on Russia”. Sanctions are an act of war, and for Finland at least, is against the 1947 Paris peace agreement as well as the agreement on good neighbourly relations that Finland signed in 1992 with the Soviet Union, which is still valid with the Russian Federation.

The Nordic quintet declares:

”The sanctions will remain in effect until all parties, including Russia, have fulfilled their obligations in accordance with the Minsk Protocol.”

The countries that the Nordic quintet represents are not signatory parties to the so-called ”Minsk Protocol”, whatever it means. The Nordic quintet has no say in that protocol.

The Nordic quintet declares:

”We will continue our active involvement in building confidence and encouraging co-operation between people, particularly in Russia.”

Above all it means messing with the internal affairs of the Russian Federation. It is not acceptable, at least for Finland, as per the 1992 agreement for good neighborly relations with the Russian Federation
The Finnish partner, Timo Soini, in the Nordic quintet has been misleading the other Nordic partners by not informing them of the restrictions of Finland in the valid 1947 Paris peace agreement, as well as the 1992 agreement for good neighborly relations with the Russian Federation.