Djukanovic`s cage

That in Montenegro under Milo Djukanovic there is rule of corruption and crime, it‘s not a secret. However, the ongoing events show that the regime of Milo Djukanovic chooses no means to remain in power. Milan Knezevic's departure to prison may best reflect the bottom that touched Montenegro. Four months in prison for pushing a police officer at the protests, to get one of the leader of the strongest opposition alliance is more like a news from central Africa and not the state from the heart of Europe. But, unfortunately, that is the news from today's Montenegro, the feud of Milo Djukanovic. And in his feud, Djukanovic decides on everything he think is important. One of the better grades about  Milo Djukanovic gave the respected US magazine Foreign Policy in July 2013. Foreign Policy stated that at the end of the 1990s, Djukanovic had split with the party's pro-Serbian wing and than he led Montenegro to independence from Serbia in 2006.
“Since then, Djukanovic has, in fact, turned Montenegro into a private feud of his family. Already in 2007, Italian prosecutors suspected Djukanovic to lead an organization dealing with smuggling cigarettes and money laundering during the 1990s. Djukanovic denounced these accusations sharply and repeatedly, relying on his diplomatic immunity to avoid co-operation with the prosecutor's office”.
Djukanovic knows that he is valuable only while he is politically strong in Montenegro. Therefore, he puts pressure on every other politician in Montenegro, who wants to change his NATO policy. Through Milan Knezevic, Djukanovic is trying to send a message to any freely thinking citizen of Montenegro. And the message is clear, the fight for historic Montenegro, for free and honorable Montenegro, will not be tolerated. And while Djukanovic humiliates own citizens and violates basic human rights, the situation in the foreign policy is completely opposite.
Djukanovic practically proves that Montenegro is not a state, but his feud, in which he obediently listen orders from the US Embassy, and in return, Washington allows him to rule for 30 years. Recently, Montenegro experienced another unseen humiliation. The self-proclaimed state of Kosovo with the approval of the Montenegrin Government, has taken part of the Montenegrin territory. The conduct of Kosovo Albanians towards today's Montenegro can only be compared with the behavior of Italy in 1911. Then the Italian Government sent the ultimatum to Turkish Government. By his cynicism, it is one of the most striking documents. Italy claimed that Turkey holds Tripoli and Cyrenaika in the state of disorder and misery. But Italian diplomacy reached the ultimate limit of insolence in the final part of the ultimatum: Turkey it was proposed no less than to help Italy conquer its territory by taking measures to "prevent every resistance" against the Italian troops! No matter how low the Turkish government was at that time, they could not accept such a degrading ultimatum. That meant war. Even if Turkey lost that war, it did not lose its honor, and thereby they showed the way to younger generations, that the fatherland must be defended and guarded. On the other hand, the Montenegrin Government immediately, with unprecedented semi-tronism, accepted the humiliation of the Kosovo Albanians, and if it knew that refusal would not cause any conflict. What message with this act is sented to Montenegrin citizens?! 
But this did not hinder the Government of Montenegro to continue with its favorite activity, unprecedented discrimination of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Discrimination against the only canonical Orthodox Church in Montenegro has become an unwritten rule of each Government controlled by Djukanovic. So today, the Government systematically finances the work of Madrasa in Tuzi, near capital Podgorica, while at the same time for the oldest Montenegrin secondary school St. Peter of Cetinje in old royal capital Cetinje there is no money, as if she does not exist at all. For theology of St. Peter of Cetinje Montenegrin Government would give money if she was under the jurisdiction of the NGO Montenegrin Orthodox Church, but since she is not, then there is no money. However, none of the discrimination and persecution of the Serbian people in Montenegro could be done without the blessings of the US Embassy. This is best seen with the farce in connection with the coup, in which, allegedly, Russia wanted forcefully to remove from power Milo Djukanovic and his party. Which, by the way, destroys Montenegro for almost three decades. Russia, which kneeled the global evil of the Islamic state in the Middle East, and recaptured Crimea with action from the textbooks, in Montenegro, Russia allegedly was stopped by Milo Djukanovic. The Montenegrin Special Prosecutor has “completely exposed” the Russian agent network in the region. This is the official version of the organ of the order in the feud of Milo Djukanovic. But that information caused a real shock. Then it became known that the main Russian agent for this delicate job is  a small criminal from Serbia, Sasa Sindjelic, man of a modest intelligence, and, more importantly, mentally unstable. Immediately, the question was posed, is it possible that in addition to the Russian private military agency Vagner, which has a lot of fighters from the Balkans, in addition to thousands of warriors from Serbia, Republic of Srpska and Montenegro, the Russians nevertheless decided to leave the action of removing the Montenegrin dictator to a petty criminal Saši Sinđelić ?!
 It is precisely the farce surrounding the coup that best shows how much Washington, London and Djukanovic have respect for the intelligence of the citizens of Montenegro. They do not even try to display a lie as the truth.
No, they believe that after three decades of Djukanovic's rule, marked by poverty, murder, corruption, emigration, Montenegrin citizens are like zombies. Since the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the Western intelligence, primarily US intelligence completely controls this area. For these, almost three decades, the US had only one constant, to work against the interests of the Serbs.  And Washington does not show the desire to change its policy in Montenegro or Balkans. And if things change globally, Washington still thinks that it can implement the old policy. Precisely, Montenegro would be the best place in the Balkans where Washington could begin to implement a new policy. And the Serbs from Montenegro, who are one of the most discriminated ethnic group in Europe, could be the beginning of changes. Does the official Washington think that if they again allow Djukanovic to win the presidential election, the majority of the population would be for NATO, saying that the NATO aggression on Serbia and Montenegro in 1999 was a humanitarian action, that the majority of the population would accept the false independence of Kosovo? The answer is no! But one thing is certain, that as Milan Knežević today is innocently jailed, and as he will exit from prison in a couple of months, the same will happen with Serbs and all other free thinking citizens of Montenegro who are in Djukanovic's cage for three decades. Freedom, slowly but surely comes.