Do Aliens Live in Limpopo or in Binomo?

Здание генерального штаба ВС Югославии, Белград, 30 апреля 1999 г.
Здание генерального штаба ВС Югославии, Белград, 30 апреля 1999 г.
 This year Serbia and Russia celebrate 180 years of diplomatic relations. The ties and deep connections between Serbia and Russia go long way back in the past – but this anniversary marks the beginning of the ongoing phase of official diplomatic relations, after Ottomans left Serbia (if Justin Trudeau would mind the word ‘Ottomans’, maybe just ‘Ottopeople’). 
In February 1838, Serbian Knjaz Miloš Obrenović made official reception for the Russian Consul Gerassim Vaschenko, in then-capital-of-Serbia, Kragujevac, which marked the official beginning of diplomatic relations of Serbia and Russia in newer history of linear time. 
This year USA celebrates 242 years of its existence. Before its existence, when European colonizers intruded the continent, one of the biggest genocide in human history had happened. USA has started to appear on the blood, soil and lives of the tens of millions of massacred Indians. 
When European and Eurasian country have been re-establishing their connections, since both of the countries were passing through different phases during their long existences, USA was only 62 years old. In the life of a country this is nothing, comparing to hundreds or thousands of years of other countries. (Then, it maybe means that Albania, Montenegro, Israel, Ukraine…do not exist).
Everything in the Western minds goes around numbers in the most ridiculous way and let the numbers say something else. 
In the years when progeny of (Western) European scum have decided to rebel against their European colonizers, in that time Serbia, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, China, India, … have been existing for many centuries. 
Almost mythical (but real) story says that one of the reasons for the rebellion against European colonizers was gunpowder. Which is not hard to believe having in mind the history of this unfortunate chimera which desperately wants everyone to like it at any price. Especially bearing in mind the fact that from 242 years of its existence, it spends 225 years in wars – conventional wars. If trying to list some unconventional forms of war, it is in war all the time.
Also, it is not about some crazy dictator who wants to fight everyone or about deranged royal family which has absolute power. It is all about #republic, #democracy, #human rights, #american dream, #environmental consciousness, #equality, #fair play, #me too, #maga, #…. All these, but in war all the time. Dropping bombs, using chemical and bio weapons, brainwashing. 
Apart of a shrink and a dog, every US citizen (“documented” or “undocumented”, “legal” or “illegal”) has an Indian spirit to haunt him/her/it/them… whatever ‘gender’ is in question. And everyone of those citizens is a ticking bomb! There is gunpowder sitting in Dasein of American being. It will explode sooner or later. Or implode. In the last presidential elections, it decided to implode  and to explode. Like every schizophrenic and post modern attitude toward society and entire world.  Although inertia of self-destruction of USA already takes its victims all around the world, in one way or another. 
One of the untold arguments of US diplomatic arrogance in the UN Security Council or at other multilateral or bilateral meetings is ‘we have more military bases around the world than anyone else’. Some of the US media openly state this argument in favour of long lasting supremacy of US power (whatever it means these days). But, what is also told, while trying to be untold: US military presence around the world brings unrest, wars, coloured revolutions, rise in narcotics production in the areas under US military control, rise of other kinds of criminal or at least, problematic behaviours; there are more violence and wars where US military bases are, than where there is no single one. This is real.
But there is also unreal existing equally in this unfortunate chimera country. One of its officials, Maxine Waters, thinks that there is a country in Africa called Limpopo and another official, Nikki Haley, thinks that there is a country called Binomo, somewhere in the region of South China Sea. Both of those officials agree, while trolled by prancsters, that ‘of course they (these non-existing entities) have problems because Russia interferes their affairs’. Sometimes earlier, the EU (US European satellite) high official, Jean-Claude Juncker, said he had talked to the leaders of alien civilizations about the future of Europe. Who cares for trade wars. White House is now at the level of Bankruptcy Trustee. But there are also other delusional people in the legal possession of various conventional and unconventional weaponry and with other kinds of powers, who do not know where they are and what is real. Even if they are robots or indoctrinated to act, it also says the untold story of the indoctrinators or software/hardware/wetware creators.
Another official, US Army and NATO military executive, Curtis Scaparrotti, with weapons and in charge, thinks that entire Serbian people living in its own country, entire ethnic population, is a problem for the plans to be accomplished in the Balkans. This guy might have a dog, but it seems he does not have a shrink. He needs one. 
There are many individuals among Western officials and many of their bosses who are delusional, they are armed and, therefore, they pose a threat to life on Earth in many world regions. 
It is out of mind that in Scaparrotti’s home country, half of the population call for the extinction of white men and the very white man from the USA says that entire people somewhere else in the world are the problem in accomplishing US plans. Both those in USA who call for the extinction of white men and that one, their fellow American, who marks entire Serbian people as a problem for ‘US interests’ after illegal and criminal bombing of Serbia and building an illegal military base on its territory are equally delusional and violent. 
Maybe they can all fly to Limpopo or Binomo from where aliens might take them over, but life on Earth has nowhere to go in the case of emergency when they go completely delusional, many of them in Delusional States of America.