Does the Part of the World Need… the Islamic Revolution?


It is clear to everyone that we live in the time of transition, but no one can be sure where these changes lead us, or even what exactly they will depend on. We only know for sure, that the monopolar hegemony of the United States ends. But what will replace it: a concert of historical powers? An alliance of emerging markets? China becoming the finance capital of the capitalist World? Or maybe the general financial crisis or World War will destroy the dominant system and we will start from the beginning?

So many questions have no answers (for now…). But apart from the change itself, the second certainty is the fact that if anyone has the time, the chance and the duty not only to reach it, but also to pass and win – that is the Shia Islam. This does not mean, however, that the Faithful can just wait for the final victory. On the contrary, it will be met only by brave warriors - thoughtfully led. 

Empire of Money or God’s Empire?

The prevailing tendency seems to be that we are entering an era without permanent alliances, based on ad hoc games of interest and solving problems as they arise. Of course, however, this is not a mechanism for universal application in geopolitics. On the contrary, certain principles and directions of action are directly enforced by geography, and therefore to some extent unavoidable. In the case of the Middle East and Central Asia - again, the role of Iran is crucial. Crucial not only for the area of the Iranian Plateau, but for the entire territory of the Shiite Crescent - from Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, reaching to Bahrain, Kuwait and Yemen, as well as natural back-grounds - such as Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The task of organizing this huge area naturally rests on Iran, as the historical and geopolitical successor of the Persian Empire, but immensely endowed with the teachings of Imam Khomeini. This means that Iran does not have to leave the path of peace, it can and should keep the tradition of not aggressing against its neighbours - but he can and must use its spiritual and intellectual advantage. Iran's civilization and cultural influence must radiate not only to the area of direct geopolitical connections, but in the form of soft-power also to the rest of the World and potential partners - primarily Eurasian, Far East but also further, e.g. African ones. Because the new Empire must not be an empire of war or money - but a real Empire of God, Faith and Idea.

Front of Cultural War

To achieve this status, however, Iran must first defend itself against the present political aggression, economic pressure and attempts of internal ideological disintegration. Political defence must be based primarily on avoiding illusions. Especially illusions, that possible is peace for any price and that anyone in the political West, particularly in USA is a man of honour, who can keep his commitments. Economic defence - that is the diversification of markets and the development of trade agreements with reliable partners. In terms of national defence, we should also see efforts to raise the standard of living of Iranian people. The transition time should be appropriately used for intensive, economic and social work at the grass roots, while maintaining the moral coreof the state. This is the third line of defence, the most important. The real battle for the future of Iran takes place in the minds and souls of the Iranians. They need to protect themselves from fraud, propaganda, and visions of the, so called “Open Society”, behind which demoralization, pornography, family collapse, atheism, the breakdown of social ties and the destruction of the nation and the state are always hidden. The Front of Cultural War is the key to the ultimate victory of the Islamic Revolution!

In the 70s the Islamic Revolution was fascinating experience for civilizational conscious of some intellectual circles of the Eastern European society. The creation and success of a coherent and complete ideological, social, state and cultural vision alternative to Soviet communism and American liberal capitalism made a great impression on the nations under the Soviet rule. Some political philosophers wrote about the work of Imam Khomeini, that in an unsurpassed way refers to the idea of classical Arabic political philosophy (Al-Farabi) and Greek (Plato, in particular the concept of theocratic "Second State" known from “Laws”, with its specific "anchor" – Night Council as the prototype of The Guardian Council of the Constitution). Unfortunately, after 90s, when the Eastern Europeans have fallen into dependence on USA – our societies became isolated from influence of the Islamic Revolution. As a result, the aftermath of the spiritual communist ravages merged with liberal demoralization, falling values, divided families, social atomization, and pornography. The Eastern European culture has been seriously weakened, despite its great traditions. In this situation, the message of Imam Khomeini can bring the desired healing to people, indicating the goal of all human existence, both in the earthly and eschatological dimensions. 

Orphans of the Communism and Liberalism

Let’s see it on Polish example. For more than 70 years Poles have lived as almost monoethnic, rather closed society. Now 3 million of 36-million Polish nation live abroad, as social emigrants, and in the same time 1.5 million immigrants (Ukrainians and others) have come to Poland. This a real culture and identity shock for Poles. How do ordinary people meet and solve this question? Another problem - Poles have always considered themselves as a part of the Western Civilisation, its Eastern Shield. Of course, as the Western Civilisation - Poles understand traditional values, like morality, family, prudence, justice, rule of law etc. Now being a part of the West means “political correctness”, acceptance of deviations, immorality, pornography etc. So, where is Poland now – in the West or… nowhere? And finally - Polish Catholicism is very traditional – not very converged with official line of present Pope and dominant tendency of modern Christianity. It also inspires and deepens the crisis of Polish identity, and of course younger generations are subjected to atheization or influence of the sects. It is something more than crisis of the faith, that is a great hole in Polish consciousness. What will fill it?

Situation in the West only apparently seems to be different. In present Europe the Islamophobia is useful instrument of consciousness and cultural imprinting of USA and Zionism. Defence against this threat must be carried out with the same instruments the Evil forces are using for destruction (like cinema, short internet forms), but everything based on solid foundations of the Islamic Revolution. Its heritage could be a bridge between uprooted European Muslims and the rest of society subjected to prolonged and intense atheization. If the centers of culture and education of the Islamic Republic are not established in the West - as usual, the pro-Zionist Wahhabi/Sauds will do their job in the end. For the East we have clear, Christian, Orthodox, Slavic identity. The West needs an Islamic response to its problems - because it is falling under Western, American and Zionist occupation, and paradoxicaly, the Islam is the most dynamically developing social, mental and demographic strength of the West.

Answer One, But Differential

Another important aspect is the mental similarity of European Nations spring (as we can see in France, and with rise of independence tendency of Scots, Catalans and others) and Iranians. This can help build stronger ties than those currently imposed by Washington and London. Such a connecting thread may be the Palestinian case (strongly supported by many Europeans), as well as the social thoughts of the Islamic Revolution, well-aligned with the ideas of the European national revival. And at the end, let’s look at situation of typical, young European. The World is open for him, but social system lets him do nothing, or to work (and consume) – but loose time for anything else, and renounce personal aspirations. Dominating World propaganda says all the time this young guy: “Express yourself!” – but he doesn’t have anything to express. This World is dying. Sometimes that’s a quite pleasant death – but what if someone doesn’t want to die? 

Be honest, we have to give the World straight and honest answer – but it has not to be the only one. It must be specified and focused for the World, and if there is no other possibility for the West is to be Islamic – let’s give them the real, not a fake, Wahabi, Saudi or the Daesh one. Shia or Sufi Islam could be more suitable than any kind of gnosis or esoterism that was tested during last Centuries, and of course better than mental, spiritual vacuum, which we are witnessing. We are just to remember, that la Tradition Primordialeis the one, common, and… useful.