Does the USA Аctually Еxist?


Entire planet is focused on USA elections, just because the politicians in almost all countries, when asked about anything, answer that everything depends on USA elections. There are those who use USA elections as an excuse and there are those who really think everything depends on USA.

Fan fact: no one talks anymore about corona/COVID 19/SARS CoV2 or whatever is the name of that virus/bacteria/diluted nerve gas and whatever it has with ID2020, private American labs in China or American military labs on the territory formerly known as USA. As if corona circus was only a tool to secure attention for November elections, even of those who are not interested at all. Does anyone talks about “pandemics” in so-called USA these days?

How it comes that self-proclaimed super power can not control its own electoral process? How it comes that USA political, financial and big companies establishment can easier influence elections of presidents or governments in other countries that in so-called USA? But, if their aim was that everything looks like a mess and that combination of coloured revolution, uprising, bankers’ plots and clashes of opposing clans are good ground for keeping failed USA to keep going as superpower, it is out of mind and it can be accepted as normal development only by fools and blackmailed USA pawns. It further says that this is not stable and normal country, but a bunch of lunatics simulating state and state affairs.

Social media (which are the ownership of USA’s Military DARPA), warned or, better say, conditioned the users that they should expect election process to be unusual and not-traditional and that results will not be known in the usual manner. They also started parallel campaign about switch of power – as if they knew or influenced the conclusion that there will be a new White House resident. Social media are the part of military-security-industrial-financial digital complex and that they function as an extension of classic media power which are the basis of so-called USA so-called dominance. It is not USA military – USA military consists of humanoids on steroids and on other drugs, mostly un-aware and dumb.

Facebook introduced some kind of “fact-checking” and declaration on the top of the news feed that no information about the winner would be accurate if not verified by two trustful news outlets (?!). Twitter informed about something similar, only not mentioning news outlets, but verification by “authoritative sources”. You Tube said it will be sensitive on any kind of video which would interfere election’s integrity before the winner is proclaimed officially, so it would take down any video implying any premature result. Actually, social media started to interfere the election process before it even started, by saying that no one should interfere the election process – this was the moment when election process became senseless. Regular postal service was also involved in the election process. Not to mention classical media, from press to TV.

Apart of presidential elections, the situation in so-called USA has been out of control for quite a while. There were riots before corona/COVID/SARS CoV2, during corona/COVID/SARS CoV2 and now, corona/COVID/SARS CoV2 disappeared from media, making room for election process. It appears that media and social media imposed pre-elections hysteria and conducted psychological torture of potential voters.

Some media outlets wrote about Biden’s advisors attitude, who did not want to happen what happened to Al Gore in 2000, when Bush proclaimed victory, while Al Gore stood aside. The advisors do not care for anything but their own data, their own projections and validation from one or two trustful media outlets. If that happens, Biden already has a written speech and plan to address from Wilmington, Delaware. So, there is a new concept of “mathematical president-elect” and there is a new way for validation of the election results by trustful media outlets instead of institutions lawfully obliged to do so.

While Biden’s campaign progressively changes the rules in the middle of the game, Trump’s voters are armed and protect polls from theft, various media behave like advertisers or bidders, military ballots are found in trash, Trump claims there are two different kinds of watermarks printed in ballots (one is old and false, used by Biden’s campaign), various gangs, groups, NGOs are advocating for one candidate or another, and there are even dead in all this mess. Is it normal that TV stations cut off current president from a broadcast? Is it normal that current president just says he will make America great, while he only follows the path of great ‘Israel’? Is it normal that presidential candidate who is long time senator and vice-president for eight years was not able to do anything for the people but he wanted to convince them he would if elected as president? And is it normal that a presidential candidate does not know where he is and what functions he runs for, but he wants to control “the red button”. Actually, all of this is so insane.

Who would even think all this mess is about US’ presidential elections? The country which is “the cradle of democracy” and “the land of free”. If it wasn’t catastrophic, it would be laughable. The presidential candidates started to look like failed USA/Western puppets Huan Guaido or Svetlana Tikhanovskaya or many of their not-failed puppets worldwide, successfully installed by the neo-colonial mechanism – mechanism where USA is allowed to act like a bully to present itself as superpower, but the naked truth is USA has been just a mad dog and assassin on duty of that mechanism.

It is not strange that these days so-called USA is much worse than both Venezuela and Belarus, but it only hides behind public image created in Hollywood in the first part of 20th century and maintained by global media to the present days.

This topic about what so-called USA really is – it is endless; events, information, clans, money flow, Soros investing in Trump’s Tower, Biden lobbying for Hollywood in China, Fed, Supreme Court, Senate, Congress, IRS, secret societies, countless religious sects many of them very dangerous and twisted, federal states as tax paradise (namely Delaware), women heading weapon producing industry, etc…

Speaking of women in politics in so-called USA – from drunk Nency Pelosi, to Elisabeth Warren who claims she is Native American, to Maxine Waters or Nikki Haley, both unaware of reality and world geography, to crooked and pure evil Hillary Clinton and to newly promoted narrow-minded Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, brainwashed Kamala Harris, for whom it is still unknown is she of Indian or Black origin, since she was promoted as both in two different campaigns and to unforgettable inhuman creature Madeleine Albright who said that Iraqi children are justified victims for USA goals, who said it is not right that Russia has so much natural resources and that it should share it with others (others means Western colonial clan), who was USA Secretary of State when NATO unlawfully and illegally bombed Yugoslavia (Serbia, actually), who still supports Shqiptar terrorist monsters in occupied Serbian Province of Kosovo and Metohija because they still kill, loot for her and protect her companies there – which are Serbian companies actually, but Madeleine Albright just took them for herself considering them her war trophy, in the war which NATO and USA lost, but to cover the loss they occupied the province and afterwards entire Serbia, using non-armed means of aggression, for which are only capable of. The naked reality proved again that so called “gender equality” and women in politics is just anti-natural and anti-social ideological plot by the followers of Saul Alinsky, Karl Popper, of Christian and other monotheistic religions’ sectarian dregs and delusional individuals in power – who if not in power, would be closed in looney houses or in prisons. This ideological plot is meant for the rise of stupid, cowardish and deranged, used by their amoral commanders for the evil and inhuman goals. So, women in politics in so-called USA, became personification of evil and death, not of good and life.

Some questions will always remain unanswered, like: how it comes that Joe Biden has been in the Senate for almost half a century and his biggest achievements were connected to the bills about convicting and severe prosecuting of people. And, Donald Trump – as a very rich man, did he ever do something for the benefit of society?

And the most important questions, which might be answered, maybe, sometimes: is there anyone with a micro common sense who can explain what would be a reasonable and legitimate basis for further considering so-called USA important and its attitude and worldwide goals important? What is the starting point for considering so-called USA not a rogue state? How so-called USA can justify it has national interest and there are security threats very far away from its borders? And, how would be expected from any sovereign country or from anyone at all, to ever listen again to any command, request, demand or threat from the new or old resident of the White House and from the establishment of this very deranged, quasi-state entity, formerly known as United States of America?

But, maybe Russian genius writer, Mikhail Bulgakov, offered us an answer to all the current stupidities, something like century ago: “It seems that tolerance will soon reach such a level that the smart will be forbidden to think, because it humiliates the feelings of the stupid.” So-called USA is an embodiment of Bulgakov’s wise prediction.