The Dominican interference, in favor of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, Margarita Cedeno, Leonel Fernandez. Las Americas 2019 Forum, Santo Domingo.
Hillary Clinton, Margarita Cedeno, Leonel Fernandez. Las Americas 2019 Forum, Santo Domingo.

Finished the science fiction story, baptized "Russian plot", with the report of the Attorney General ... An Unknown fact, by the majority of the citizens of the United States, is the existence, of the "Dominican plot".

"Collusion", that's what happened when the political class and a large part of the government administration of the Dominican Republic made use of all their resources, to influence the Presidential Elections of the United States, November 2016, in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Very especially, in Dominican immigrants, based in the strategic, New York State.

In this "conspiracy", they intervened directly:

Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, Vice President of the Republic. In unpublished fact, in the writings of history, violating diplomatic norms of non-interference in the internal affairs of the countries, she calls, in all media, to vote for the Democratic candidate.

Leonel Fernández Reina. The husband of the first, 3 times President. If his wife reaches these extremes, it certainly was with his consent. This is demonstrated, in a series of essays that appeared in the Dominican press and his website, where it shows its hostility towards Donald Trump

Hipólito Mejía, former President, does the same thing that Vice President Margarita Cedeño, publicly calling his followers in the United States, to vote for the Democratic candidate.

Hipólito Mejía, was President, thanks to secret agreements with Leonel Fernández, to guarantee him "share of power" and return to the Presidency, as happened in 2004.

The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), of which President Mejía is the leader, with operations centers, and leaders throughout the United States, with political background, and experience in proselytism, mobilized in favor of the Democratic candidate, not only in New York, but also in other States where Dominicans have a presence, such as Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey & Florida.

The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), the ruling political organization, presided over by Leonel Fernández, also with several operations centers and leaders in the United States, acted in favor of the Democratic candidate. Many of them, occupying diplomatic and consular positions in representation of the Dominican administration, in fragrant violation to international norms.

Global Foundation of Democracy and Development (Funglode), "think tank, chaired by Leonel Fernández in collaboration with Noam Chomsky, based in the Dominican Republic and the United States, whose team of experts in political strategies, were at the service of the Democratic candidate.

All these characters and institutions cited, acted in common agreement, constituted in powerful "electoral machinery", to influence the 2 million Dominicans living in the United States. Many of them, occupying elective positions, who acted as agents, standing out the figure of Adriano Espaillat, Democratic representative for New York.

Dominicans are very politically proactive and influence other Hispanic minorities, especially those from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Central America. Decisive in "key states" such as New York, where the President of the United States has greater incidence, therefore, able to decide.