The recent US election feels like the most important such event in my 53 years of life. Even for the progressives who now hold the whip-hand over the deplorables in all sectors, it must have seemed impossible, shocking. A man with almost the entire media and all the tech giants engaged in a tsunami of hatred towards him, a man with no friends in academia, the Deep State, the top military and the Pentagon, came near to winning and may yet win – despite the electoral fraud which has doubtless been planned for years by the democrats. There is much talk about today about polarisation, and for me it seems not by chance that, as the noose tightens around anyone and everyone who does not sign up to the dogmas of times, that everything superfluous is gradually being pared away. A handful of red lines now separate US from THEM. Lines that can never and will never be crossed: the sanctity of human life, the natural law of male and female and the freedom to worship and proclaim our faith publicly. 
In relation to the Trump phenomenon I want to mention one in particular. The sanctity of life has been intrinsic to Christian morality since the earliest times. Then, as now, it set Christians apart from the pagan society in which they lived. The Romans predilection for abortion and infanticide is well known, as is the Christian response. The life of the yet-to-be-born is proclaimed beautifully in the Gospels at the meeting of St Elizabeth with the Mother of God, and so also of the unborn St John the Baptist with the unborn Christ: “And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost.” Abortion itself is listed in the first century Didache, along with murder. In view of this, I doubt that anyone supporting (and even ‘celebrating’) abortion as a ‘woman’s right’ can be called a Christian. As a result, I believe it is again no mistake that the burgeoning ‘church of Satan’ sees abortion rights as its number one priority. In the US, Satanists frequently dress up as unborn babies and demons in order to disrupt pro-life gatherings. The progressive left has pushed for more and more extreme abortion laws to the extent that some states have been unable to stop ‘non-resuscitation’ laws – if an aborted baby is born alive it will be left to die, whereas another unaborted baby in the same situation will be rushed to an incubator. In Poland, young women paint their faces red and invade churches, screaming obscenities. I myself have seen this demonic hysteria on several occasions. It seems to me that if the devil can break the love of a mother for her baby, and even ‘normalise’ it, then anything is possible. As Mother Teresa once said, ‘if a baby is not safe in its mother’s womb, then what hope is there for the rest of us?’. 
Abortion is one part of a constellation of axioms with which the new Gramscian cultural Marxism seeks to replace Christian morality and the Natural Law. In the new world, nothing is to be ‘taken for granted’. All previous systems are to be rejected for their participation in the victim/oppressor narrative. This is why the new hegemony seeks to destroy not only a mother’s love, but also the love of country (patriotism) along with such basic facts as male and female and all kinds of hierarchies. For Christians, all history represents a titanic struggle between the Ruler of this World and God. Sophisticated elites might scoff at the conspiracy theories promoted by some Trump supporters. But I think this represents an unconscious manifestation of this deep and eternal truth. These people sense that something is deeply wrong, beyond the usual explanations of human history. 
The battle between Good and Evil is not a conspiracy but an axiom of Christian historiography. The Vendee Uprising against the French Revolution in 1793 has been called the first modern genocide because of the scorched-earth policy of the Revolutionary State which aimed at the complete annihilation of the rebels. Devout peasants and aristocrats went into battle under the slogan: “God is the King!”. The same cry has come from the lips of Christian counterrevolutionaries from time immemorial. This is because all progressive revolutions start from the same hubristic error: the dethronement of God and the elevation of man in His place. The aspiration in this is the material betterment of mankind, but such events have inevitably been accompanied by industrial killing: Russia (20-30 million), China (60 million), the Sexual Revolution (1 billion and counting). The Christian eschatological view of history takes place on both the micro and macrocosmic scale. On the personal level it cuts through the heart of every person, but on the macrocosmic scale it is hard not to see an indelible pattern; the rejection of God since the Renaissance and the 500 year battle against ‘the bad old world’. Even secular historians recognise this. Because of this battle we must assume malicious intent from anything which emerges from the progressive propaganda machine. 
Where does Trump and the US election fit into all this? Trump may be far from perfect, but on the red lines (i.e the things that are really important), his presidency has been an inspiration. He is well-known now as the most pro-life president in history. The first to speak at the March for Life. Biden on the other hand has put the promotion of extreme abortion ‘rights’ at the top of his progressive agenda. He is known to have ‘cried for joy’ at the Roe/Wade decision. So, there is a simple, clear choice. Now of course, all of Trump’s supporters are not traditionalist Christians. And Trump’s personal motivation for promoting these issues may even itself be unknown. But this is the thing. Despite nearly 70 years of ever-increasing (and now hegemonic and incessant) progressive propaganda, the innate feeling for the truth is hard to extinguish from the simple folk. Just as children instinctively know some things. 
The EU now runs campaigns in places like Romania with billboards showing two homosexuals kissing. The stated objective is to ‘re-educate backward peoples into western values.’ In the West, this campaign has been running since the war and yet despite this, people still know that deep down something is wrong. Likewise, progressive elites might sneer at Trump and his supporters, and even some ‘holy righteous folk’ on the right may wince as well. And, in a sense, it is paradoxical, that Donald Trump of all people has been chosen to lead this movement against the Deep State of Satan. But I think the answer perhaps lies in this. The shepherds of all jurisdictions have largely abandoned their flocks, and either retreated into their fossilised ghettos, or worse, ‘gone with the flow’ and embraced the new religion. We know from the Bible, that God will on occasion turn away from His people to seek righteousness elsewhere, even among the dogs who eat from the master’s table: ‘And the lord said unto the servant, Then, go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.’ This is why ‘pious conservatives’ who are queasy about Trump need to wake up. As one commentator put it: the agenda of the progressives is like an aggressive cancer, you cannot beat it with orange juice, its needs chemotherapy (Trump). 
In 2017 Xi Jinping was feted in Davos for his promotion of globalisation and his attack on the populist movements springing up over the world (Trump, Brexit, Le Pen, Salvini) which he singled out as the main obstacle to globalism. Over the last twenty years it has been interesting to watch how the radical left has moved away from anti-globalisation protest. Now they are in a love affair, not only with globalisation (global solutions to global problems), but with the mega-corporations (Google, Facebook and even fossil fuel companies) who promote it. I am pessimistic about the success of such populist movements. The forces against us are just too enormous to compete against. But, as a Christian, I believe that, just like the peasants of the Vendee, the overwhelming odds do not mean that we should not fight. We might lose the battle, but we will win the war.