The downfall of Western Civilization

Western civilization, without any doubt, is in the state of general spiritual, moral, ideological and cultural decay. Not so long ago, what we called the "West" was the most prosperous civilization of all ages. Today, Western civilization can be defined as a geopolitical and cultural space that is absolutely dominated by the United States - or, more precisely, by the corrupt, completely alienated even from the citizens of their own nations, business, financial and political elite, known as the "American Deep State". American subjugated allies, foreign partners and other states that are mostly against their own will, heavily influenced by the United States, do not have enough strength to withstand the growing number of dictates, pressure and extortion by the United States, despite the fact that the interests of the American elite and nations subordinated to them, are very different and quite often, diametrically opposite. Not only that, but the interests of the American citizens themselves, also sharply contrast with the interests of the American deep state. American democratic traditions were once a shining example for the rest of humanity. Today, however, American democracy is reduced to the level of media spectacle – a glamorous and dazzling show deprived of basic essence. Almost imperceptibely, American democracy has become a hostage to the interests of a few and no longer serves the People, and as a result, all segments of the American as well as societies of nations that are de facto controlled from Washington, are deformed. This process has been going on for decades, but in recent years it has been accelerating. The speed with which not only American, but all other Western societies are moving beyond recognition, is deeply disturbing.
The reason for these dramatic changes that lead to spiritual and ideological collapse which is opposed by the ever-decreasing number of nations, is essentially simple. Western business circles, primarily those from the United States, hold firmly in their hands, the bulk of the global material and financial resources, and proportionally to the power they have, dominate all other aspects of social life. Business elites form western societies and nations exclusively in accordance with their own short-term and long-term interests, whose ultimate goal is to achieve profit and eliminate competition. Profit at all costs and infinite corruption are in the very core of this new secular religion. It is less and less important in what way the profit will be achieved and what will be the consequences. The planet on which we live, the flora and fauna, the air, the rivers, the lakes, the sea - all that nature has given us for use, are exploited, polluted, and destroyed without any farsightedness and responsibility. In these systems, a human being itself is deprived of any spiritual and intellectual dimension and is reduced to a set of numerical parameters, which are just a part of the intricate financial mathematical equations that define person only as an employee-consumer whose needs are purely material in nature and whose exploitation brings profit. This kind of dehumanization of society at the short-term level provides a certain material progress for those who organize Western societies at their discretion, but at the expense of the spiritual and intellectual dying off of the majority, as well as the erosion of the natural environment on which the very survival of humanity depends. However, history reminds us that the moral and spiritual collapse of civilization inevitably leads to internal weakening and conflicts and, ultimately, to a complete material and military collapse.
The New World Order, liberal, dogmatic, bureaucratic and above all else, totalitarian, has long ceased to be just a part of conspiracy theories. It is here in front of us, alive, in the ascent and outburst, more than obvious in its demagogic monstrosity and soullessness.
His creators and guardians do not at all care about the factors that can not be expressed and described mathematically and which at first glance, do not bring any financial gain: human happiness, spirituality, security and peace do not find their place in financial equations even when they can be directly brought in connection with profit. Spiritually fulfilled people, who have established their own families, who are protected and satisfied, are definitely productive and creative beings whose happiness benefits the society as a whole. Unfortunately, the calculation of the creators of the new, liberal and totalitarian world is shallow and merciless. Every employee-consumer becomes merchandise that is abundant in the overcrowded planet. Therefore, the global cost of labor can freely fall at a fast pace while at the same time, labor rights are slowly returning to a level from the distant past. Thus, Western civilization slowly becomes a world that has forgotten the most important historical heritage of the humanity. Western countries seem to have abandoned those ideals according to which society should serve the achievement of man as a free and happy being. Western civilization is now looking only for easily replaceable servants, who, due to technical progress and the complexity of legal systems, have practically no chance of ever achieving real freedom and liberation from the trap in which they are already.
In order to successfully control individuals, certain communities of people and complete public opinion, it is necessary, first and foremost, to shape the prevailing trends of cultural life in the long run. The resulting quasi-culture becomes a powerful instrument of political propaganda and psychological subjugation of people. Based largely on mere hedonism, promoting the selfishness and the lack of any sense of responsibility, modern pop culture is deprived of any spirituality, philosophical depth, or genuine revolt that existed in earlier, spontaneously emerged, cultural movements. The essential message that modern pop culture seeks to convey is the need to accept the system as it is, and a permanent abandonment of any thoughts on the struggle for a better world, and instead a constant quest for enjoyment as a substitute for a spiritual, intellectual or political accomplishment. Unlike the authentic, original, and spontaneous forms of cultural expression and their movements from past epochs, modern popular culture is a purpose-designed product that, by flattering primitive instincts, with false brilliance and glamor, aims at mastering the widest masses and, of course, further creation of profit. Popular culture deliberately destroys the old and creates a new world, however, it should not be a world of prosperity, accomplished and happy people, but a form of modern, technologically developed slavery in which human beings are reduced to the roles of workers and consumers, and who are themselves a consumable commodity. Such a "culture" does not serve to enlighten and rise individuals and the masses but, on the contrary, to fool them and idiotize them in order to manipulate people as easily as possible and open the way to their smooth economic, physical and every other exploitation.
The target group is, first of all, young people, since control over their fate leads to the rule of all mankind in the future. That is why all ties with past times and traditional values must be broken and new standards must be set for what is normal, acceptable and desirable. All this hides the complex economic calculations of the real rulers of Western societies, who are not their peoples, as one would expect from a democratic society, but only their elites. Even a superficial observer will not miss the ubiquitous hidden political propaganda messages that are not exempted even from the movies, music, comics, or children's books. Young people must at all costs be separated from the traditionalist environment of their families in order to replace their inherited ethnic and religious identity with a new, transnational and impersonal one, far more suitable for all possible forms of abuse. Contemporary pop culture serves to amalgamate and homogenize society, and, de facto and in the worst possible interpretation of that term, to the effective Americanization the people of the Western Hemisphere, but not just them. This exposes one of the biggest lies of Western societies - the myth of the ideal of a harmonious multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-confessional society because, in fact, the goal is not to affirm ethnic and religious communities - on the contrary. The only exceptions are marginalized minority groups, which are not perceived as a threat to the New World Order, and at the same time, the majority should be smashed, crushed, and melted into an impersonal mass, easily amenable to formation according to desire. One way to achieve this is through modern pop culture in its entire bizarre decline. Nevertheless, it should be emphasized here that not the whole scene of pop culture has become an instrument of a deep state and the order that it establishes. There are still authors who managed to stay away from the main streams of pop culture, real artists who remained consistent with themselves and managed to defend their creative originality and independence.
Although the Western circles of power are to some extent defined by the space of the states they encompass, they do not have real national character, nor are they shaped by the spiritual life of the nations they control. Their only real ideology is profit and it must be realized by all available means and at all costs.
The Western conglomerate has significantly exceeded the stage in which it was establishing neo-colonial relations with the weaker states of the rest of the world, and now it is becoming openly imperialistic, insatiably ingesting entire nations, their states, resources, and labor. Where the interests of this machinery are at stake, it will apply a wide range of political and economic pressures and, without hesitation, directly intervene with its military might, ignoring the casualties and any other consequences for humans and nature. Setting the interests of business elites above the well-being of the vast majority of people would not be possible without first destroying classical ideologies and the powerful role they once played in society. In the so-called "Western democracies", there are almost no fundamental ideological differences between the leading political parties, however sonorous and politically colored their names are. Without authentic ideological confrontations and weighing the strength, vitality and support that political ideas enjoy in a society, of course, in a democratic milieu - without violence and dictates, there is no talk of a healthy dynamic of democratic processes, no dialogue and therefore, no true democracy. In order to marginalize smaller political parties that still cultivate recognizable left-wing or right-wing programs, huge funds are being invested in mainstream political parties. These big parties can afford fabulously expensive campaigns and easily buy the loyalty of voters, but they are agents of the dark forces in society and never represent the people and do not fight for their interests. They, of course, serve only those who finance them. The elections, however, are still being held because the preservation of the illusion of democracy and the illusion of struggle for human rights is still an essential part of the plan. The winners are known in advance, and the change of mainstream political parties in power becomes part of a skillfully staged theaterical play in which, in the end, it is completely clear who will win because nothing will change for voters.
Similarly, the reputation, role and influence that traditional religions have had in modern societies of the West are gradually and systematically being pushed to the margins of society. Instead of traditional religions, and in the name of alleged religious freedoms, newly created cults and sects are promoted discreetly, propagating dubious, obscure, bizarre, and often very dangerous teachings. These cults have the character of companies and their focus is not on the spiritual aspect of human existence, but on the financial construction that enables them to survive in the new market. In order to weaken the influence of traditional religions, these cults are equated with traditional religions by liberal laws of western countries. Traditional religious communities must be weakened from the inside, ripped apart, disfigured and eventually, completely destroyed. The more traditional, orthodox, and numerous one religious community is, the greater is the need for a totalitarian new world order to deal with it, since the goal is complete spiritual decapitation of a human being for the sake of its enslavement. In the same way that religious communities and political parties are kept under the control, all other traditional institutions and pillars of society must be removed as a factor that plays an important role in decision-making and redistribution of power. The traditional interpretation of democracy means the rule of majority and the protection of minorities, but the rulers from the shadow, do not intend to share their power with the masses. On the contrary, the majority must be subjugated and held in absolute obedience, and therefore, minorities are used as a tool for achieving this goal. By favoring minorities in Western societies, from ethnical and religious, to sexual, grantining them privileges and enabling disproportionate influence, the majority are deprived of their rights, discriminated and eventually, effectively enslaved. The benefits of such a strategy for the masters of our lives are multiple: the form of the fight for human rights is seemingly satisfied, but the control over society is complete. True human rights, however, are universal and must ignore gender, nation, race, religion, or any other peaceful aspect of human existence. Someone's nationality, religion, sexual preferences or any other preferences, do not make an individual special and cannot serve as the basis for the exercise of someone's special rights and privileges. In modern society, no form of discrimination, including positive discrimination, should be acceptable. Yet, to keep the majority firmly in control, in fear and obedience, it is precisely in the West that the rights of minorities are separated from the general, interpreted and treated in a special way. In this way, in societies of so-called Western democracies, the scale of nepotism and corruption reached astronomical proportions.
To enslave humanity completely, it is not enough to control only cultural movements and political life, destroy classical ideologies and political dialogue, marginalize traditional religions, and erase the importance of a democratic majority in a society by favoring minorities.
There are two other major obstacles that must be destroyed, and these are family and nation. Thus, Western societies attack one of the most sensitive aspects of human existence - the relationship between parents and their children. It is no longer enough just to indoctrinate and corrupt children with pop culture, so that they can get rid of the authority of their parents as soon as possible, falling into trap of false promises of unbridled freedom and a sweet life without responsibility. For the masters of Western hemisphere, It is also neccessary  to make young people employees and independent consumers as soon as possible, so they can take loans from banks and get into slavery in an increasing number of other ways. The goal is to exploit young people from the earliest age possible. The ambitions and appetites of Western states have grown and they are now increasingly placing themselves between parents and children as supreme authority and arbitrator. Suddenly, states act as someone who cares for children more than their parents, while in reality, the intervention of state is justified only in rare, extreme cases. The intention of the liberal New World Order, to completely destroy the institution of the traditional family is more than obvious. The aim is to replace it with all other possible, till this day unknown, unnatural and insulting surrogates of the family, in which children would be completely exposed to the devastating ideological influence of neoliberal states. By shaping children, a fast-moving monster, whose desire to deprive people of their real rights, will be able to lay the foundations of a new slave system that will be much crueler than the one that is known in history. Western states intend to educate future generations in accordance with their needs for cheaper, uneducated labor, which is easy to manipulate with. Again, profit is the main idea and the only religion and ideology of influential Westerners from the deep, deep shadows of their states. Complete enslavement is possible only if a society is created in which official neoliberal dogmas should not be questioned. Any criticism of this nascent, monstrous society will be immediately subjected to severe sanctions, all dialogues and debates will be a thing of the past, and without them democracy will be completely dead. This is already happening now. The goal is to create generations that would live in a state of collective historical oblivion and ignorance, in an ideological and spiritual blindness that would result in the creation of robotized human beings that would be used and rejected in the same way we throw and recycle obsolete machines. Children who would be completely unaware of their roots and origins, their role in society and their real human and labor rights would be born.
Once pulled out of the safety of the natural family environment, much like in the project that the Nazis had, the children would be raised in a spirit of blind obedience and acquiescence. The obliteration of the family would also contribute to the implementation of the project of the destruction of nations, their linguistic and cultural identities and, of course, their states. This would allow the new world order, the fascist beast hidden under the lambskin of false freedoms, democracy and human rights, to finally physically and and on a global scale, eliminate any opposition that marches under their national colors and symbols.
The dogmatism and totalitarianism of the liberal societies of the West are truly frightening. Anything that would truly free an individual must be pushed aside and forgotten. Instead of true freedom, above all, freedom of the mind, thought, reasoning, criticism and speech, we are offered to embrace freedom of debauchery without limits as a supposed epochal revelation and ideal of a new interpretation of freedom, forgetting that this has never brought any progress in history, but, as a clear sign of the decadence and degeneration of the human spirit, only wars, damnation and death. The New World Order as a project is slowly emerging as a creation of a single state, which in the form of a broad union of Western states, in fact, will become the largest territorial expansion of the present United States in all aspects, except in the name. Of course, genuine national cultures and traditions, as well as religious ones, are unwanted in such a system. The real human freedoms and rights are not welcome either. Freedom cannot be an expression of hedonism, selfishness, and indifference towards other human beings and Nature itself, since such an attitude inevitably throws other human beings into the shackles of humiliation and enslavement. Freedom also cannot exist without knowledge and awareness of what it really is, where it begins and where it ends. As George Bernard Shaw has pointed long time ago, true freedom cannot exist without responsibility, which is why so many are afraid of it. 
The West has already exceeded the point of climax in its material, political and military power. The moral, spiritual and ideological downfall are definitely announcing a much more painful one, in which an empire built on greed and dogmatism will be broken into pieces. This collapse could have taken place much earlier if the West continues to ruthlessly assault more and more powerful opponents on the international geopolitical scene - nations unwilling to give up their identities and freedoms just to serve as slaves to the new world order. The New World Order is a crusher of all traditional values and all the spiritual, cultural and ideological achievements of humanity, and therefore it is the moral duty of every individual to fight against it with their reason, humanism, spiritual power and  through concrete actions - nonviolent if possible.