Dugin - The film “Joker” is an apology for ugliness


Together, a man and a woman produce a human-being. A woman on her own, without a man, gives birth to a monster. According to Aristotle, it is the seed which grants a child Eidos, whereas the maternal principle grants it matter - weak seed and strong matter is the genealogy of a monster.

Essentially the same thing is true when it comes to parenting. Two people are required to bring up a child - a father and a mother. The father provides a child with purpose, while the mother provides material and moral upkeep. If a family is dominated by the material side, the child should be given to it’s godparents - that is, if they are able to provide it with both a mother and father. The father is first in all matters.

The film “Joker” is an apology for ugliness. It was sponsored by Soros and the Open Society Foundation as instructions for color revolution. This degenerate who grew up on pills with his lonely crazy mommy is a symbol of a degeneration.

A disgusting film, a disgusting actor, as disgusting as those who admire it... watching it is like being trapped in Hillary Clinton’s guts. This is the ultimate degeneration of humanism, a decisive shift toward object-oriented ontology. The “Joker” is too weak to be called a man, this is a sketch of an object that has become crazy.

Translation - John Stachelski