DUGIN: Israel Brings Armageddon Closer – Trump’s Declaration On Golan Heights Bodes Dangerously


By Natalia Makeeva, translated by Joaquin Flores

The recognition by US President Donald Trump of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights continues to be discussed by politicians and public figures around the world. The corresponding decree was signed by the American leader the day before, on March 25, 2019. Syria has already stated that with this step Trump trounced upon international law .

The Federal News Agency reminds that not for many centuries until recently, everything that happens in Israel, Syria and the region as a whole is often interpreted by a part of the intellectual tradition through Christian, Jewish and Islamic religious meanings as associated with the End of the World. FAN talked about this with the leader of the International “Eurasian Movement” philosopher, political scientist Alexander Dugin.

At the beginning of the conversation, the philosopher explained the essence of the state of Israel from the point of view of the Jewish religious tradition.

“The current state of Israel is a simulacrum. This is an anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish proclamation in all senses of these concepts”, Dugin is sure. “If you look at it from within Judaism – this is a parody. As part of the Jewish eschatological [describing the End of the World, – Approx. FAN] models its mission is purely fake. The fact is that in Judaism, in Jewish history the return of the Jews to the Promised Land should occur at the time of the arrival of the Moshiach [Messiah, – Approx. FAN]. Until the Moshiach comes, they have no religious right to return there. The State of Israel is a barrier to the Moshiach. Either the Moshiach or Israel. ”

Therefore, according to Dugin, in order for the Moshiach to come, Israel must cease to exist, because it is a simulacrum, an attempt to substitute the divine, from the point of view of Judaism, with human will. 

Dugin explained how the recognition of the Golan Heights by Trump brought the End of the World 

As for Trump, he, according to the FAN interlocutor, is far from religious subjects.

“Trump, of course, is a realist and a completely secular politician. He is looking for allies among right-wing conservative movements, not paying attention to what religion they belong to,” Dugin explained.  “He made a bet on some politicians, in particular, on Netanyahu. At the same time, Trump is absolutely indifferent to the eschatological issues and have no meaning for him. He supports politicians simply on the basis of political necessity. ”

As for the Golan, the idea of ​​recognizing Israel’s right to Syria’s Golan Heights, which is occupied by this state, is a purely political step.

“From my point of view, it ultimately brings the collapse of the state of Israel closer,” said Alexander Dugin. “America, represented by Trump, can temporarily support Netanyahu, but the more aggressively and audaciously Israel acts, the greater the hostility towards it from not only the Arab population, but also from other countries.”

Therefore, the interlocutor of the FAN concludes, the only result of this recognition will be the approach of the end of the state of Israel.

“And this is the eschatological meaning,” Dugin is convinced. “When it collapses, the Jews find for themselves yet another expulsion, looking for a new home for themselves, then from the point of view of traditional Jews, the barrier to the realization of their eschatological scenario will be eliminated. In this and only in this sense, I interpret the decision of Trump, who is simply an instrument of destiny. The sooner the state of Israel collapses and disappears from the face of the earth, the sooner in the Jewish perspective, that is – from their point of view, the Moshiach will come and the present will appear, again, from their point of view the state. ”

“From a Christian point of view, everything will be different,” he noted.

At the same time, according to Dugin, the Protestant fundamentalist circles do not have much influence on Trump, he is more likely a secular man – a playboy, a political realist.

“Although in general he is right-wing, conservative, and he treats religion well. But he does not understand Protestant theology – he has a completely different profile, a different style. He is not interested, it does not matter. And he sees everything in real politic categories. And the deeper lines of fate and humanity distribute the actions of countries or their leaders against their will, not paying attention, they understand what they are doing or do not understand,” the philosopher concluded.

Recall that the Golan Heights are a disputed territory between Israel and Syria, of which they were part of in 1944-1967. As a result of the so-called Six-Day War in June 1967, the territory was invaded by Israel. In 1981, the Israeli Knesset proclaimed sovereignty over the Golan, but this decision was not recognized by the UN Security Council. By 2018, the heights were completely captured by Islamist militants. In the summer of 2018, the Syrian Arab army was able to push them out of the region.

The Golan Heights are an important territory for at least two reasons: access to water reserves depends on control over them, and besides, they are of strategic importance from a military point of view.