Dugin: The 'third totalitarianism' from the West


Editor's note: The 18th Shanghai Cooperation Organization has successfully wrapped up in China. As a famous philosopher and political analyst from Russia,  Aleksandr Dugin has been observing this organization from the East and considers it as the "continental counterbalance to the sea of power."

I think that first of all, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization should be a counter balance, a continental counterbalance to the sea of power.

It should represent the model for a multipolar model for the world, but the difference between us and them, between the East and the West and between Eurasian world order and Western world order.

They insist on their unilateral domination hegemony and domination of their system or value: individualism, capitalism, liberal democracy, or so-called democracy in their understanding.

I have spoken with Francis Fukuyama about what democracy means today for us and for Chinese. I presume democracy is the rule of the majority.

But for the West today, it is the power and the rule of the minorities directed against the majority because the majority can turn into the totalitarianism. That is completely different understanding of what is democracy.

So they insist on their understanding of what is human, what is human rights, What is liberalism, what is man, what is normative society, and political system.

And in the Shanghai Corporation Organization, China could choose its own political system or economic system or cultural or religious or secularity.

Russia can choose the other, Pakistan third, India forth, and so on.

And nobody should ask what is normative, what is universal.

Every civilization, every great culture has its own understanding of what is universal and they could peacefully compete.

And everybody should define its identities in the historical natural context, but as well promoting them in a peaceful way out abroad, outside.

It should be a free dialogue without any normative domination, without imposing. Because the West is aggressive. They are intolerant in the promotion of tolerance and they are totalitarian in their promotion of anti-totalitarianism. So they became just opposite to the value they pretend to defend.

So I am calling that third totalitarianism.


And I think that the Shanghai Corporation Organization should be an obstacle and alternative to this totalitarian system in order to defend real and organic tolerance, real serenity, freedom, justice and equality. 

Source and video - CGTN