Dugin's Expertise: globalization is abolished - what comes next?


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Today’s video was created in unusual circumstances - in quarantine and self-isolation. Although the topic is already deadly boring to all viewers and people, as is quarantine itself, I still wanted to say a few words about how I understand everything that is happening.

There are many different interpretations, different positions - but I would like to pay attention to one thing. The fact is, that in the course of the changes that have already taken place in the world economy, politics, culture, technologies, management and administration structures in almost all countries of the world - from this point of view, we are already living in a completely new reality. It is not a question of whether this or that country is fighting the coronavirus effectively or not, whether the Russian authorities are acting correctly or not - it doesn't even matter if the threat of the coronavirus was serious enough to demand the demolition of the world economy and the global global system of governance. This is all secondary. Facts that can be quietly and consciously discussed are much more obvious than a huge number of hypotheses, views, opinions on how the world is coping with the coronavirus.

The first point I would like to stress: a global system of governance based on liberalism, liberal democracy, the world market, open society and the movement of all countries at different speeds towards a single global world - this entire line has failed. At the same time, many people forget that just 2 months ago, with all the resistance of China and Russia offered in defense multipolarity, the so-called global, fundamental trends of human civilization was still moving towards globalization.

We have spoken many times about multipolarity, and we are still its supporters. But if we look at how the institutions of control, governance and influence of the liberal democratic system penetrated into the Russian Federation, how digitization was carried out, how digital democracy, albeit with a number of failures, eventually penetrated into our society, how the representatives of the global elite (the "sixth column") controlled the main processes in our society to a large extent, even in China ... 

One might say that before the coronavirus, globalism was winning. Both in the case of China and Russia, it was not a question of whether or not to move in the direction of the West (liberal democracy), but of which direction to move - and with what speed to move. And in this case, Russia and China only proposed a slowdown – "let us postpone it, not now, but tomorrow". They (China somewhat, and Russia fully) did not offer any alternative to the global world order: "Ok, but not so fast please. LGBT+ yes, but not now, open free democracy, change of all structures with the so-called global institutions of world government, but let's postpone it for tomorrow, let's give an opportunity to keep the system of governance in a transitional state for a bit longer, and wait, we will prepare our society, the world government will be established anyway... "

Before the coronavirus epidemic began, we were all going in that direction and arguing more or less only about the speed with which it happens. That is why the "sixth column" in Russia - liberals, supporters of the Western way of development, world capitalism, bourgeois system, market, democracy, and ‘human rights’ ideology - during the 20 years of Putin's rule, was not cleaned up, and was even squeezed. As it was before, so it is now. It continues to retain its main positions in the power structure. Because neither Putin nor the conservatives have set themselves the task of proposing an alternative project for future development. We all went towards the development of a global society. China (with all its resistance and desire to adapt globalization to its national economic interests) was also part of this process.

Therefore, multipolarity was only our wish - those who do not want to keep up with globalists were presented as opponents of globalization. But we were not talking about the fact of globalization, only about speed - now or tomorrow. The conservatives only wanted to delay the inevitable moment, and yet they let the market, digitalization, new technologies, new trends in education and culture into their society.

Globalization attacked and penetrated our society - it had fundamental support in the face of a significant part (if not majority) of the ruling elites, in Russian and other societies. Thus, we were moving at different speeds in the same direction.

And suddenly this model, this goal, this horizon to which mankind was moving, turned out to be unable to overcome the coronavirus problem.

This leads to our first remark: our movement cannot continue in the same direction, at least in the same form. This is a matter of principle: we have entered a fundamental crisis, an era of catastrophe comparable to World War I and II (at least given that crises such as the collapse of the stock exchange in New York and Europe eventually led to World War II).

In fact, we are in a fundamental crisis of the world order - and if after the collapse of the USSR it was possible to somehow keep the rest of the system, having abandoned or lost the Soviet model, today the only remaining geopolitical pole, the world’s only reference point, has collapsed. The consequences of this would be difficult to overestimate.

The world order has collapsed. Either it has already collapsed, or it is about to: the world system will not be able to return to its pre-coronavirus state. The question is no longer how quickly it will happen, since it won't be possible at all. We have a completely unpredictable future ahead of us. It was absolutely predictable until the last moment - everyone was arguing only now or later, everyone was arguing about speed, but not about direction. Mankind was moving towards object-oriented ontology, a single world government, at different speeds - someone was relying on the understanding that they were being led to the slaughterhouse (like Russia), China was trying to get involved in the process in its own interests, to ride the tiger, to slip between closeness and openness (it had at least a greater perspective)-- but everyone was going in one direction. Now we have reached a point where continuing to do so is impossible, there was a glitch, a fundamental crisis of the effectiveness of management control systems...

In the heart of globalization, the virus appeared - with open borders, the ability to travel anywhere, in a world economy completely dependent on delocalization (production in one place, financial center in another, political management in the third, military in the fourth ...). The dispersion of centers of influence around the world and the openness of borders, the openness of societies faced with the coronavirus, left them unable to cope with this challenge (such as by developing a vaccine or stopping the spread of the virus), they could not respond to the epidemic.

The global spread of the virus quickly became fait accompli - no vaccine, no effective action - all societies began to survive as best they could, all societies closed down. We are convinced that this is temporary, that everything will open soon - but there is nothing more eternal than something "temporary". Not only in our country, but in general. The reaction of peoples, governments, administrative systems to the coronavirus was the same - to close. Not to open even more, not to turn to transnational structures (which would have to prove their effectiveness under these conditions)... On the contrary, everyone, everywhere, closed: regions and states shut down, people were forced to stay in their houses, entire countries were closed, public centers were closed - everything was closed. This is the only effective response to the coronavirus threat. Liberalism and globalism created the most favorable conditions for the spread of global infection - and when it occurred, they had no answer. The entire system is ineffective. That is a fundamental conclusion. 

And what happens next? And how do we get out? When do we get out of quarantine? But first of all, we have to realize that what has happened is irreversible. The myth about the last, the only pole - the Western future, liberalism, human rights, civil society, globalization, capitalism and its unconditional effectiveness - has collapsed. All of this is gone. 

What's next? Open space, something even scarier. If the last pole has fallen, no one will accept anything automatically. China itself has suffered a great deal. Although it has done better than others, the entire Chinese economy and system, the country’s prosperity, was based on effective participation in globalization. When Trump shut down Chinese assets, businesses in America, and the Belt and Road Initiative were temporarily suspended: China faced a challenge it would be difficult to meet. In any case, no one will accept the Chinese system - at least not now. Despite the coronavirus and the demonstration of the government’s efficiency, China is a prosperous country only as a result of its involvement in global processes. Accordingly, it is not a system that can be accepted as an alternative. However, China must be taken seriously, given that it has ended up in the best position in relation to the epidemic.

The future is now open. A predictable and stale future was embodied in Western economy and politics, and in the spread of the "sixth column" - Western-oriented elites who controlled the key vital centers of societies, even in China, in the economic sphere. Today, those forces a reeling from a colossal blow.

What was predictable has become unpredictable, what was guaranteed is now anything but, and the system’s breakdown requires new answers. So what are they? I wouldn't jump to conclusions. To understand that there is no way back is such a fundamental idea that one needs to think about it alone during the entire quarantine without going further. If there is no return, then what is ahead?

The second conclusion shows a deep paralysis of will: conspiracy theories will emerge suggesting that the globalists did this on purpose, that they can no longer continue the model of world governance they had long been practicing, and that they have set themselves the task of reducing their population, of establishing direct surveillance in a digital dictatorship, of introducing microchipping, of vaccination on a global scale, and of establishing a world government not in a soft form from civil society, but in a hard form: if you want to live, take the vaccine, and in it, perhaps, an additional control gene. 

Hence the horror, panic and paralysis of the future. The future is once again determined - only it will not be a gradual movement towards globalization, but a sharper and harsher one, democracy will be definitively eliminated, a global liberal satanic dictatorship will be established, churches will close, the "sixth column" that controls the state will quickly switch to totalitarian domination. And instead of pseudo-democracy, the global tyranny of digital slavery and concentration camps will be established, and quarantine and isolation are being established for this purpose. Such sentiments are very popular in our society and around the world, and a whole trend has emerged from conspiracy studies. The media started censoring these ideas and calling them fake news. These ideas are subject to strict censorship, which only pushes people to become more convinced that such a plan exists.

However, please note: the theory of a world conspiracy has, in my opinion, two fundamental flaws. The first is the lack of will. People who notice this are not ready to say no, to resist, to put forward an alternative project by saying that once the world has collapsed, let's build a new one. They believe that the next step is completely predetermined, nothing can be done but to fall into despair and hysterically protest in their isolation, or to try to escape from supervision.

All these reactions indicate that people are not ready for the future. If the system has failed, at this moment, a window has opened, a moment of opportunity; we should and could advance our alternative plan for the future. But instead, we hear "what are you talking about, what alternative plan? Everything is predetermined!" This is how we kill and paralyse our will.

If we think that the global world system has slipped and collapsed, we must think what we need to do next - creative, meaningful, and of course, risky (building the future is always risky). But at least this awakens the insubordination in us. And the conspiracy theory that all this is on purpose, that there is no virus - this negationism paralyzes any effort, any hope, and any desire to do something constructive, given that the unipolar model has collapsed with the coronavirus.

One more thing: there has been an appeal to the "sixth column". "The Sixth Column" is a parasite. Liberal networks of influence in any society are not just convinced liberals. Among them, there are not many fanatics who would follow globalism further towards satanic totalitarianism. There are supporters of Ayn Rand and Satanist liberals who truly hate work, society, people and social justice, but there are very few of them. The masses simply believed in the effectiveness of this system and the global elites, they were convinced that it would work smoothly and aligned with the dominant pattern.

Now, faced with the coronavirus, most of the global elite are completely confused. They are actually disarmed that their "symbol of faith", their exchanges, oil prices, their trends, their sources of income, have collapsed. By and large, they are in a state of shock. They are simply not ready for the prospect of establishing a global dictatorship of the antichrist, either subjectively or emotionally.

That does not mean that there is no such threat. In fact, judging by what the extremist speakers of global liberalism, the antidemocratic and completely cynical people such as Bernard Henri Levy, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberger or Bill Gates, are trying to tell us, it seems quite likely there is. 



In fact, the idea of using the current situation to establish a digital postliberal concentration camp run by the Western political and economic elites is relevant, but looking at how they do it, the stupor of their own supporters and their globalists sects at the head of many states, including a significant part of the Russian ruling elite, one can only conclude that none of them were ready for the current situation in advance. If they try to use the situation to further advance plans for ciphering, vaccinating and establishing tyranny, which cannot be ruled out, they will not automatically and easily succeed. We have to be ready for this, but the most important thing, I think, is that we have to fix the most fundamental positions in the history of coronavirus. The world system that existed and seemed eternal three months ago has already collapsed. We live, if you compare it with the Soviet Union, just at the last moment, the last second of its existence.

We are now between late 1990 and the beginning of 1991, and there will be no way back to the previous period.

I don't rule out the possibility of something worse happening, we have to be prepared for that too, but what prevents us from taking advantage of this situation? 

Everything that is happening is not happening by itself and there are many risks and dangers, but I think that today we need to put forward a new world program, a program for a new humanity, a new economic, social, political, educational system program, complete with a new culture and a new civilization. We must take the collapse of the global world order as a chance, as an opportunity. It is not a fact that we will be able to use this opportunity, it is not a fact that we will win, it is not a fact that we will even be able to start this war for the future-- but we are in a situation where it will be possible to do so for some time. The window of opportunity may shut in one way or another, but the current quarantine, in my opinion, should be used primarily to focus on the image of the future. 

Here too, the patriots and supporters of social justice, the right, the left, and all the opponents of the global liberal world system must join forces. It is necessary to leave off offenses and ideological differences in the past, we must create a headquarters for projects of alternative civilization, contact with representatives of other cultures and peoples, who are in very similar situations. Today no one has a map to the future, and it is more difficult than ever for the globalists to impose their will without alternatives and without hindrance. They are doing worse than ever before. If we are doing badly, the ruling elite is doing much worse, because the whole model with which they ideologically and then economically, politically and socially exploited the world's masses has bottomed out and collapsed. Today, people have a chance to rebel against the unipolar globalist system and this chance must be seized.