The Dumbing Down...


We all remember the playground hubris of Tony Blair and his partners-in-crime - the US Neo-Con Elite in 2003 as they foamed with childish platitudes at the commencement of Operation Iraqi Freedom (what a great name that was).  Seeing that the campaign was such a success it has been repeated ad nauseam by the unholy cabal of Liberal and Neo-Con Elites in the EU and the USA.  Didn’t they do well?!  Yes they did. If the intention (as I believe it was and is) was to plunge the region into chaos, create the conditions for a Christian genocide, and above all rid the region of any non-US (ie Russian) influence. Then yes, they did do well and in Syria they are moving to close the circle. They may speak in a kind of dumbed-down moronic patois but they themselves and the people behind them are certainly not idiots. The reduction of the fragile and complex alliances in the Middle East to pouting hyperbole is carefully cultivated.  So we may have laughed when Tony Blair appeared on the telly with an aerial photo of a few dustbins and a kebab shop and a big yellow arrow pointing saying “Chemical Ali’s Weapons Factory”, but we didn’t realise that this tactic was one step ahead of the game.  The same thing is happening again. 

Now I might not be an expert on the Middle East but I do know that every power centre is out to preserve their power (obviously) and will pretty much use any tool at their disposal in this regard. The USA has a long and successful record in this.  And why not? The real stink today is the pretence that everyone has to show that they are really out for “human rights” or some other such humanitarian fig-leaf. I have yet to meet a single person (liberal or conservative, erudite or moronic) who really believes in it. It really is the king’s new clothes of our time. So to me it seems utterly inconceivable that Assad, when everything was going so well, when he was really on the brink of pushing ISIS (and the hilariously named “moderate rebels”) out into the desert that he would decide to shoot himself in the head by bombing a load of unarmed kids with nerve gas. Ok, there is nowt so queer as folk (as we say in Britain) so it MIGHT be true – certain people after all, have a death wish – but personally I can’t see it. 

The real reason for the attack was as an occasion for more dumbed-down playground hyperbole and willy-waving.  And tragically it is this dumbed-down playing to the gallery which dictates the decisions around the negotiating table. The problem is that the eyeballs and ears of every average Joe are fixed the on the media. The media is largely in the control of the Deep State and its Liberal Elite.

Now the Elite may be people who are familiar with the nuances of geopolitics, people who know their Carl Schmitt from their Danilevskii, but they must speak THROUGH a media which is very low-brow(and I include all the so-called broad sheets in that)  to the very moronic average Joe in front of the screen. This is a system which they have developed and works highly in their favour. Time was when men of the intellect of Enoch Powell (who published his Herodotus lexicon while still an undergraduate at Cambridge) went into politics. This would never happen today, even if such men existed,  Sergei Lavrov excepted.  

The average Joe is now behind the camera as well as in front of it. Now instead we have the flatulent , obese and highly self-conscious bluster of Boris Johnson as he climbs the greasy pole with both eyes fixed on the tabloids. The word charlatan seems to be invented for this rather pitiable character. 

But wait! We shouldn’t underestimate or downplay these people because it is all sadly very effective. The Deep State has been in an absolute nappy-wetting frenzy since Brexit, Trump and Putin’s success in Syria and they are now pulling out all the stops in their vast arsenal to get their project of the New World Order back on track. The gas attack was pivotal in this. It may be that they do win in Syria, turning it into another Sunni Paradise, but ultimately all of their plans to create a new, happy, liberal, homogenous world state without culture or history will turn to ashes.