Ecumenism of Hate, Trump and the Theology of Antonio Spadaro


The recent article Ecumenism of Hate from Pope Francis´s so called advisor, Antonio Spadaro editor of La Civilta Cattolica magazine is the classic progressive, liberal, pseudo Catholic article that disregard the Truth of the Catholic Faith and the fight for the NATURAL MORAL LAW and replaces it with the very wrong conception of ¨love¨ or what progressive ¨catholics¨ call by that name: actually the error of Teddy Bear Goodism, a spin-off based on the hippie´s concept of ¨love¨ from the 60s (product of the Frankfurt School´s champion Herbert  Marcuse and his work Eros and Civilization), the Cuban intelligence services created and planted Theology of Liberation of the 80s -mix of Catholicism and Marxism- and plain naive conception of Catholic Moral theology and charity.

Almost at the point of Hans Kung, female ¨priests¨, Cardinal Kasper, and James Martin S.J (the one who says homosexual anal sodomy is no longer a sin but should be celebrated), and other left-wing, hippie like activists that are long due for a formal reprimand from the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith, Spadaro joins the gang with his own Teddybear Goodism.

Antonio Spadaro, clearly infected with this Teddy Bear Goodism, says that Catholics and Protestants that work together to support Trump´s pro-life, pro-family, pro religious freedom agenda are ¨evil¨. That their priority should be to forget about any political or lawmaking role and just give what he, James Martin and Kasper call ¨love¨ (Teddy Bear Goodism). Spadaro talks about how misguided are those Catholics who support President Trump as in defense of Natural Moral Law (his defunding of Planned Parenthood, removing transgenders from the military, defending the Little Sisters from Obama´s prosecution, defending religious freedom and blocking Christianophobic persecution from the Cultural Marxist dictatorship).

Spadaro mentions what he calls Catholic ¨integrists¨ but only refers to the web site Church Militant, and makes no mention of the Lefebvrists nor Sedavacantists groups, so apparently, all American Catholics who support the Catholic doctrine regarding homosexual acts, abortion, religious freedom as per the 2105 of the Catechism, are according to Spadaro ¨integrists¨. If an American Catholic is pro-life, pro traditional marriage, pro true religious freedom, apparently that Catholic is an ¨integrist¨. If that Catholic supports the 2105 of the Catechism or supports Trump´s pro Christian agenda then that Catholic is really a so called ¨integrist¨ according to Spadaro ´s twisted theology.

Thanks God, Archbishop Charles Chaput wrote a brilliant answer to Spadaro´s nonsense pointing out how this priest and all in his gang (from Kasper to the ¨Apostle¨ of homosexual anal sodomy, James Martin) play into the script and role of the Devil´s useful idiot: [1]

Only adding a note to Archbishop Chaput´s wonderful and brilliant article I just want to point what this Ecumenism really is. The key point is that this ¨Ecumenism of Hate¨ is something that exists for the purpose of defending Natural Moral Law and is not something from the Second Vatican Council but it has its origin in Pope Pius XII, who ordered the December 20th, 1949 Congregation of Doctrine of Faith (CDF) directive where he specifically tells Catholics to join forces with Protestants to defend the Natural Moral Law against the common enemy of Secularists and Atheists:

¨Neither does the said <Monitum> apply to those mixed meetings of Catholics and non-Catholics in which the discussion does not turn upon faith and morals but upon ways and means of defending the fundamental principles of the natural law or of the Christian religion against the enemies of God who are now leagued together, or where the question is how to restore social order, or other topics of that nature.¨ ( [2] )

Furthermore, Spadaro lives in his own world believing that the Catholic Church ¨changed¨ its doctrine during the Second Vatican Council and that no longer directs Catholics to get involved in the Political fight for the Natural Moral Law. Reading Spadaro it is obvious that he thinks, like many modernists, that the Church somehow did the impossible and ¨changed¨ its unchangeable doctrine according to the fashion of the modern world.

Obviously, all Catholics know that this is impossible as the Catholic Church is indefectible (cannot fail) as it and cannot contradict nor change its doctrine. Those who believe and celebrate the so called¨changes of doctrine¨ like Spadaro and company must face the reality of that impossibility:

¨The Baltimore Catechism (1891): 126. Our Lord left His Church free to make certain laws, just as they would be needed. It has always exercised this power, and made laws to suit the circumstances of the place or times. Even now it does away with some of its old laws that are no longer useful, and makes new ones that are more necessary. But the doctrines, the truths of faith or morals, the things we must believe and do to save our souls, it NEVER changes and NEVER CAN change: it may regulate some things in the application of the divine laws, but the laws themselves can never change in substance. (Nihil Obstat: D. J. McMahon Censor Librorum, Imprimatur: *Michael Augustine, Archbishop of New York New York, September 5, 1891)

Also to Spadaro´s horror, is the same Second Vatican Council the one that reinforces the duty of all Catholics to get involved in politics and defend the Natural Moral Law and Catholic doctrine in the political arena. The document Apostolicam Actuositatem is very clear about the political duty of all Catholics:

¨God's plan for the world is that men should work together to renew and constantly perfect the TEMPORAL order. All those things which make up the temporal order, namely, the good things of life and the prosperity of the family, culture, economic matters, the arts and professions, THE LAWS OF THE POLITICAL community…possess their own intrinsic value… The whole Church MUST work vigorously in order that men may become capable of rectifying the distortion of the temporal order and DIRECTING IT TO GOD through Christ. Pastors must clearly state the principles concerning the purpose of creation and the use of temporal things and must offer the moral and spiritual aids by which the TEMPORAL ORDER MAY BE RENEWED IN CHRIST. The laity MUST take up the renewal of the temporal order as their own SPECIAL OBLIGATION. Led by the light of the Gospel and the mind of the Church and motivated by Christian charity, they MUST act DIRECTLY and in a DEFINITIVE way in the temporal sphere.¨

Furthermore, the same document specifically calls for a very active form of Ecumenism, like the one that Pius XII ordered in 1949, with other Christians to fight for the Natural Moral Law in the political arena:

DECREE APOSTOLICAM ACTUOSITATEM (Second Vatican Council): Catholics should feel themselves OBLIGED to promote the true common good. Thus they should make the weight of their opinion felt in order that the CIVIL AUTHORITY may act with justice and that LEGISLATION may CONFORM TO MORAL precepts and the common good…Catholics should try to cooperate with all men and women of GOOD WILL to promote whatever is TRUE, whatever JUST, whatever HOLY, whatever lovable (cf. Phil. 4:8). . . The quasi-common heritage of the Gospel and the COMMON DUTY of Christian witness resulting from it recommend and frequently REQUIRE the cooperation of Catholics with other Christians, on the part of individuals and communities within the Church, either in activities or in associations, in the national or international field…By this dynamic and prudent cooperation, which is of special importance in TEMPORAL activities, the laity bear witness to Christ, the Savior of the world, as well as to the unity of the human family.

Not only the Council orders us to fight the good fight in the political arena to defend our Christian values and the Natural Moral Law but also the Catechism of the Catholic Church approved by Saint John Paul II also gives us very clear guidance in this subject, regardless of Spadaro´s horror:

CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH 2105: The DUTY of offering God genuine worship concerns man both individually and SOCIALLY. This is "the traditional Catholic teaching on the moral duty of individuals and SOCIETIES toward the true religion and the one Church of Christ." (DH1) By constantly evangelizing men, the Church works toward enabling them "to infuse the Christian spirit into the mentality and mores, LAWS and structures of the communities in which [they] live." (AA). The social DUTY of Christians is to respect and awaken in each man the love of the true and the good. It requires them to make known the worship of the ONE TRUE religion which subsists in the Catholic and apostolic Church. (DH)Christians are called to be the light of the world (cf AA 13). Thus, the Church shows forth the KINGSHIP of Christ over all creation and in particular over human SOCIETIES (33 Cf. _AA_ 13; Leo XIII, Immortale Dei [3]3,17; Pius XI, Quas primas [4]8,20.)

Therefore, next time Spadaro or any other of Pope Francis´s advisors/minions also infected with Teddybear Goodism want to attack American Catholics and Protestants for getting involved in politics, for fighting for Life, true Marriage, Religious Freedom, and the Christian Civilization, they must first read the Church own official documents like Apostolicam Actuositatem and the 2105 of the Catholic Catechism.

Actually, is the supreme Catholic Duty to get involved in politics to fight for the Natural Moral Law and to support those Presidents and politicians who defend it. We all must be very clear that there can be no true love, no true charity, without the Truth. Love, when in darkness, way to perdition and error, is not love at all.

This fight against the evil forces of the Frankfurt School´s Cultural Marxism, secularists, feminists, abortionists, Gender Nazis, and all enemies of the Christian world is way too important to let Antonio Spadaro, James Martin, Kasper or any other of Pope Francis ´s advisors/ minions to get in the way.