Elimination of the dissidents, the permanent project of the MEK


One of the biggest problems of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization is the inability to maintain its members. If we have a look at the background of this group, the way they deal with separated members after ideological change to physical purification (assassinating its own members) with those who separated after the ideological revolution of this organization, all show the inner fear of the leaders of this group towards separated members. Because to this date, no full-fledged interviews with members of the group have been published in the media. Colony and cult like life of this group has caused the questions raised more and more each day.

MEK has tried to portray itself as a fully democratic group with lobbies following its withdrawal from the US list of terrorist organizations. However, we see that this group is not able to have a healthy relationship with other opposition groups of the Islamic Republic and is even hated among them. Because in addition to the lack of transparency in its organizational model, it committed an unforgivable sin of betrayal against their own country and its people in the war between Iraq and Iran and complicity with Saddam in bombing Iranian cities.

The separation and escape of some members of this cult was only with the questions and doubts that arose in the minds of these people, and not only were there no answers to these questions, but on the contrary, these people were subjected to heavy and slanderous attacks and psychological pressure and the "problematic" label is affixed to them. The next step is to eliminate these people who are now playing as the dissidents to the organization.

One of these accusations to put pressure on the dissidents is the spy label for the Iranian government. Interestingly, this tactic was used even when they were in Baghdad, under Saddam's support. Those who became problematic and adhered to their position were handed over to Saddam and Saddam's torturers for spying for Iran. Many members of this cult with fake accusations by MEK have been tortured, prisoned and even killed by Saddam’s army.

In the new documents that have been revealed, in addition to the widespread lobbying of the MEK in various political layers of the United States, the lack of understanding and flexibility of the MEK group with other opposition groups of the Islamic Republic can be seen. The documents show two letters from some members of the US Congress to William Barr, the US Attorney General, asking him to monitor the Iranian government's espionage activities against MEK. Interestingly, one of the letters requested that Mr. Iraj Mesdaghi (a detached member of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization and an activist opposed to the Iranian government) be prosecuted as a spy for Iranian government.

Iraj Mesdaghi is a detached member of the MEK who, in the form of opposition groups, has been active against the Iranian government. The disclosure of these documents has aroused the surprise and distrust of opposition groups of the Islamic Republic towards the MEK organization. An organization that oppresses dissident members with any political and cultural thoughts. Even if these people have common things with MEK in opposition to the Islamic Republic.