The Elites’ Union must Die


The European Union which exists now is not a union of nations, but is a union of the elites, and banks, which work only for the economy. It is not a Europe of nations, of course.

Indeed, there are some movements in Europe that understood this situation, and they have reacted. We can see what happened in Great Britain with Brexit. We know that Europe, even Italy and France, have such parties and movements which are radically against the European Union.

I’m certain that if Europe will arrange a referendum on staying or leaving the EU, the result would be “leaving.” It would be the decision of European nations. That’s why I believe that even thoughts on such a referendum (“for” or “against” the EU) are actually forbidden, as they know of our decision, our movement.

Of course, it is possible to destroy the EU. This would be possible even within the European Union. This must be done not by other countries, but must be our own decision as nations are supported by those movements whose members are called Eurosceptics. People would choose another direction.

I’m certain that such movements are likely to continue to exist, and I believe that they will be only stronger in the next year, as European nations have realized our destiny and our future. Thus, the elites are actively against this process.

I believe and I’m certain that we should build relations with Russia. Russia is a country that is situated on the same continent as us. We are all Eurasia. In my opinion, this will be part of such a question.