The Empire Strikes Back

The first days of Trump’s administration brought a sense of relief, with the defeat of the Clinton clan, and what people thought was also a defeat of the Atlantist power and of liberal-capitalism.
It was, supposedly, the defeat of Wall Street, of the media tycoons and Ivy League snob graduates, of the professional politicians that rule America and despise the people, of the almighty liberal media and of the CNN opinion makers.
Unfortunately, time has proven us wrong. The American empire has no intention of letting go its tight grip on the world’s affairs. That is understandable, no empire wishes to collapse.
After the first weeks and months of eager expectation, people must face the grim reality regarding America’s foreign policy and Trump’s presidency, it is business as usual. The economy has overrun politics in America, and matter of fact in all liberal democracies. Does not matter who is in the White House, the focus of American foreign policy will stay the same. It is a question of survival for the American regime. This is the result of the existence of powerful and uncontrolled economic lobbies, such as the weapons lobby, but also of powerful liberal media that control, through television, Internet and newspapers, millions of Americans, that “spontaneously” organize rallies, marches, and demonstrations against the government, many of them without knowing that they are only puppets being maneuvered by other entities.
Let’s be honest, president Trump is also to blame for the situation. Sure, he is a successful businessman, a tycoon that many believe incarnates the spirit of the American dream, but being a successful businessman, does not tell us anything about preparation to occupy a public office, and specifically the presidency. The fact is that Trump has done a series of errors, in great part due to his lack of preparation for the job. First, he hired a set of assessors that in part revealed themselves problematic. Secondly, he does not have the knowledge, nor the experience to deal with profound matters of internal and foreign policy. Third, he has a personality that is at the same time, explosive and erratic, which causes some of his own personnel to resign, and friends, allies and even enemies don’t know exactly what to expect from him, as he changes his mind often, contradicting himself.
All of this has contributed to the Trump’s administration difficulty to apply the policies that were at the base of Trump’s electoral program. Also, many people had expectations to see the warmongers in Washington to lose ground, but their influence is just overwhelming and is creating problems all over the world for America. 
Trump seems to follow the steps of Obama’s policy regarding Syria, keeping financing and arming the “opposition”, which is many times a softer word for terrorists, which only fosters chaos and instability in the region. Seeing the close position of the Syrian government with Russia and Iran, Trump wants to prevent the peace process to solidify and the future gains that Russia and Iran would have with the future rebuild of Syria, detaining the influence of Riad and Washington in the Middle East.
Another irrational option of Trump’s administration is the change of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, an attitude followed by some other countries that will cause profound impact through the Middle East. It is not from now, that a powerful pro-Israel lobby has roots in the American political and economical systems, and Trump will do nothing to stop this foreign influence, due also to family ties, something that no one should ever let influence political decisions. Not only will this promote the wrath of the Palestinians, but also of the Arab world and spreading to other Muslim countries. A new Intifada War might be around the corner, and stability will be once more far away from the Middle East, with all the implications that it has on global security.
This brings us to another point that is Iran and the Nuclear Agreement. Trump, once again, is following its predecessors, using intimidation and sanctions to attack the Iranian government. The sanctions, of course, can weak the Iranian government and damage the economy, thus creating unrest among the Iranian people. Professional agitators and agents provocateurs certainly are being used to stir up protests and uprisings, maybe with the intention of provoking a Color Revolution in Iran. All this is tied to the situations in Syria and Yemen, where a proxy war is being carried on by Saudi Arabia on Iran. The tensions that have arisen in the last months can be explosive and the repercussions might be difficult to control.
In the Korean peninsula, Trump’s attitudes have created an explosive situation. Without the perceived American threat, the North Korea’s government would have not developed nuclear weapons, but they know all too well what happened to some of America’s targets, like Serbia, Iraq, and for sure that would have happened also to Syria without Russia’s intervention. We must understand the mentality that is present in North Korea. The harsh sanctions have a profound impact on the North Korean economy, and the country is indeed isolated. With this isolation it is necessary to improvise to survive, and the nuclear weapons’ program is a part of that struggle for survival. It is a loop that it is difficult to break. Without breaking the isolation and fostering serious and open talks between North Korea and South Korea, it is difficult to guarantee the peace in the Korean Peninsula and some positive changes within North Korea. Once again, Trump acted like a bulldozer or a raging bull, without understanding the North Korean frame of mind, whilst Kim Jong-Un acted like a talented chess player, as we can see by the recent developments regarding the Winter Olympics.
Regarding Russia, Trump’s administration and NATO have maintained attitudes that jeopardize stability in Eastern Europe. It is almost a siege policy that is being carried on both on Eastern Europe and Central Asia, that it is naturally perceived by Russia as a threat to its territory and interests. It is a lost opportunity for serious conversations between the USA and Russia regarding nuclear arsenals, as well as the Syrian conflict and other matters of utterly importance.
On the internal level, Trump’s administration has failed completely in controlling and regulating the billionaires that hold an important part of the world’s riches, and the monopoly tendencies that affect their companies, usually in the technological or media sectors. Their influence is so big that they can shift the public opinion and have major influence at elections in America.
This brings us to only a conclusion. The war for the American people is not a political or economical one. It is a cultural war that the liberal Universities and media have being wining since the ‘60s, much of the time without significant opposition. They have destroyed the roots and values of society without giving anything to replace them except exacerbated materialism, that sooner or later will condemn America. Creating a counter culture will start to shift the balance, and pave the way for some real revolution.