End to Please-Punch Approach: No More Instead of Do More


Washington new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan clearly hinted that Camp David decision is an attempt to lead world towards endless wars. Trump was a hope for peace as many believed that after taking an oval office, he would fold up Uncle Sam’s War Legacy but unfortunately he surrendered himself in front of American deep state. At Camp David meeting, American warmongering deep state persuaded Trump to accelerate hostility around the globe with fueling war. American decision to send more troops in war-torn Afghanistan is an indication of WW3 military buildup. This move is very dangerous for regional powers and neighboring countries Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan.

Afghanistan considers the heart of Eurasia and it always remains the part of great game as it earned historical honor to be the graveyard of imperialism. After the British Empire, the USSR was also defeated here and now at present time, the U.S. is under trap. A Pakistani proverb, “when death approaches, a jackal runs towards city” comes true on Washington new strategy for Afghanistan. Taliban have vowed to keep jihad against the foreign forces and they seemed to be very excited to give a warm welcome to new troops on their soil.

In fact, the U.S. has failed to be a victorious in Afghanistan. Taliban refused to give a win to the pentagon. Therefore America has sabotaged Afghan Peace Process by killing their leaders. Outside the Kabul, there is no any state writ even it turns on that Taliban rules Kabul at night.  Taliban still have a shadow government.  In other words, after the continuous 16-years of war, America has failed to install its writ on Kabul at night. Now additional troops mean more bloodshed on Afghan soil.

Truly speaking that the U.S. intervention in Iraq created ISIS in the Middle East, and now the same policy has been adopted by the Pentagon in Afghanistan to prevent regional integration through creating/supporting ISIS militants. In ISIS’ literature, China’s Silk Road countries Afghanistan, Pakistan including China’s Xinjiang can be seen as “KHORASAN”; the branch of Islamic State. Even Central Asian Muslim States were also on target. Hence why, Russia has considered ISIS as a potential threat to the homeland of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Russian campaign against ISIS got success in Islamic world. Russia is making its own Islamic alliance among Muslim nations with aiming to prevent Radicalization of Islam for geopolitical purpose. Russia warned Pakistan and Afghanistan for this ISIS threat because Russia was the first victim of this Zbigniew Brzezinsk’s American Strategy to making Islamic world work towards US interests. The reality is that the Department of Defance (DoD) has introduced modification in the concept of Jihad in Islam with the help of Saudi Arabia’s religious sermons for geopolitical purpose.

In my view, America has used the pattern of Nazism by promoting the modern ideology of Muslim Brotherhood founded by Hassan al-Banna as once Hitler used Muslim Brotherhood against the communist USSR.  Later America modified this ideology to achieve its geopolitical objectives with the creation of Islamic violent organizations intended to liberate Muslim regions and countries from foreign rule, followed by shaping a state governed by Islamic religious law. Beside the Islamic world, American support to Neo-Nazis is the witnessed of it that how DoD has made hybrid modification by fueling militant, social and political movements mixed with triple evils Extremism, Separation and Terrorism intended  to keep world hostile in favor of U.S. interests. 
Recently, former top U.S. diplomat Henry Kissinger has warned the Trump administration that Iran should not be allowed to fill the power vacuum that will be created when the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) is defeated. So in this emerging scenario, growing influence of ISIS in Afghanistan under the umbrella of the U.S. has become a bigger threat for all regional countries. No doubt that Taliban are the political stakeholder of Afghanistan while they are only resisting force against US/NATO and Daesh/ISIS fighters. Because NATO facilitated ISIS in Afghanistan aimed at disturbing regional integration which is under construction by Russia and China in the neighboring of Afghanistan while Taliban perceive ISIS as their rival group supported by the US/ NATO and funded by drug money. Even Afghans have the view that only Taliban can save them from ISIS.

In fact the Afghan situation has become very clear because the US wants the encirclement of Russia and China with NATO and Asian NATO like project to prevent multipolarity of globe. For this purpose, Washington does not only want to keep its forces in Afghanistan but it also strengthening its proxies in shape of ISIS terrorists to alter the sovereignty of Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan as it is injecting three evils; extremism, terrorism and separation in all bordering states of Afghanistan including China's Xinjiang region, which is the hub of Silk Road. While here it is also necessary to mention that U.S. has ambitions to prepare India against China and to punish Pakistan for being the China’s Silk Road partner. Therefore India was promised to given maximum role in Washington new Af-Pak strategy. 
The US-India nexus against the encirclement of China and Pakistan can be observed in this new strategy. Beside this, the new emerging alliance of India-Israel has also become a threat for Pakistan and its neighbor Iran. In other words, India is toeing American agenda against regionalism as it is using Afghan soil to facilitate US/NATO to draw the blood borders map in this region with the creation of Greater Balochistan by uniting Pakistani and Iranian side of Balochistan together like Kurdistan in the Mideast. 
In short, this new strategy will fuel more hostility and chaos in the homeland of SCO. Russia was aware of this American game plan therefore it has taken measures to secure region by constituting alternative security mechanism through by passing US/NATO by taking all regional countries on board.  Therefore Pakistan, once the allied ally of the U.S. has become new friend of Russia while Russia has also accepted Taliban as real stake holders of Afghanistan peace process. Pakistan played a same role during 80s against region to implement Zbigniew Brzezinsk’s American Strategy as today India is acting in this new Af-Pak strategy. But now this time situation is total different because all regional countries have rejected this blood borders map project and the US ambitions against region.

In this scenario, time has demanded to Pakistan to play a bigger role by rejecting the American call of Do More in so called war on terror which was already exposed by Russia. Now Pakistan has to act “No More” instead of Do More in American game plan.  Although American policy towards Pakistan was characterized as a ‘Please-Punch approach because Pakistan was subjected by America through this approach time and again. Now China and Russia are ready to repair the damages to Pakistan that was administered by the U.S. Hence why, Beijing and Moscow have come to Pakistan’s defence in the light of Washington’s Af-Pak controversial strategy.  Now Pakistan has to draw the line so that region would be saved from endless wars. This is true that Islamabad’s readjusting policy and its strategic tilt towards Beijing and Moscow has infuriated Washington. For the US to lose the country in the continent where its forces can land at any time in defense of the “Free World” is a bigger geopolitical failure.
Without Pakistan’s cooperation foreign forces cannot survive in Afghanistan.  Pakistan transit trade routes provide logistic supply chain to NATO and ISAF. Russia has already suspended agreement of NATO supply route to Afghanistan. With the Blockage of NATO supply line, Pakistan can pressurize the U.S. to change the strategy of punish Pakistan. Unfortunately, Pakistan has sacrificed a lot in American war on terror but now America wants to keep Pakistan hostile to counter China with the assistance of India. As Pakistan is only country who has influence on Taliban so now time has come to provide safe heavens to Talban not only in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan to eliminate U.S. and Indian proxies against region. Russia has taken already all regional country on board including Taliban to push peace process in War. So now Pakistan has to assist Russia for the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan because Peace cannot come in the presence of foreign boots on Afghan soil while stability in region is directly connected with Afghanistan.  Now no more for the U.S. but time has demanded to do more for Russia in seeking of Afghan solution.