Endless War vs Peace in the XXI Century


America is the nation at war since the hundred years to till now. More than 60 independent and sovereign states were destroyed directly and indirectly by Washington interference to usher the World Order with Western allies in this 21st century. American defence planning of 21st century is based upon “America is the nation at war” doctrine intended to implement unipolar world order by hook and crook. Therefore America has not only executed “law of the jungle” to run world affairs but now to save Washington power-centric hegemony, it is using third degree methods to keep control over world nations. Although American designed order is falling apart due to continuous exploitation with chaos and destruction of non-western world. American hegemonic unfair play on world stage has also motivated Western aligned allies, especially Europe to look beyond the United States. While in outside the western world, Eurasian superpowers; Russia and China have already appeared as alternative to the USA by introducing multipolar rules-based system with fair share to every nation by respecting the sovereignty of each states. Russia and China together has forwarded alternative multipolar world system through anchoring “development for peace” with the expansion of multilateral institutions intended to cover all regions which had given a minimum role in Washington based center of  power. 

Confrontation vs Partnership 

Russia with Eurasia’s Grand Strategy and China with Silk Road Global Vision had got success to materialize alternative strategic and economic opportunities for the world with peaceful development. The USA confrontation prevents rising Eurasian superpowers has provided an opportunity to both Russia and China to commingle the “Greater Eurasia” and the “Silk Road” geo-economics together by establishing the poly-centric partnership with world nations for creating the centers of the new “wide integration contour”. 

 As a matter of fact, Russia and China combined and re-wrote the world history.  They celebrated the 70th victory of WW2 by adopting secured multi-dimensional geo-economic order through establishing peace in world and sharing benefits to world nations. As I wrote in one of my article, “Russia and China both had celebrated the 70th anniversary of victory in WW2 together by inviting multipolar world leaders at Red Square and Tiananmen Square’s military marches of the world’s armies in 2015. Nearly the whole world and their armies participated, except the US and Europe. Now China has again invited world leaders, especially Western powers on the mega economic event of the East, Belt Road summit on May 14 and 15 in Beijing. 

The US and the Western NATO alliance countries are not only skipped from this geo-economic event of the Eurasia but now they are on attempt to drag  the world towards total war aimed to prevent multipolar world order or Eurasian century.

This US-led western confrontation is strengthening the friendship bond between Russia and China to join efforts and ensure the world security from this emerging threat of war. The all-embracing partnership between Moscow and Beijing has hinted that both are ready to defend the world from this US-sponsored dirty game. Hence why both of the Eurasian super powers do not only constitute a joint security mechanism for multipolar world security, but both are also preparing to team up against the common foe from the Black Sea to the South China Sea. 

Washington wants to save its hegemony therefore it has accelerated aggression by fueling hostility all around the world. There was a little hope that the newly elected president Donald J Trump would be likely to bring peace by implementing domestic agenda in America but unfortunately it seems that Warmongers within the American deep state succeeded in intermingling domestic agenda with the ongoing global wars intended to boost war industry by following “war is the business” creed. Not only this, but now American Department of Defence (DoD) has accelerated the new cold war by using out dated products of cold war; NATO and Korean conflict become against the architectures of the new world order, Russia and China prefer to prevent multipolarity of the globe so that uniploar hegemony (Americaniztion of the world) would be continue with endless wars. 

After the end of bipolar world, Washington based uni-centric affairs conflagrated destruction and chaos in all over the world. Extremist and violent organizations were crafted in Muslim world with the Pentagon’s Jihad dogma to accomplish geopolitical objectives in Muslim populated areas of the world from Africa to Asia. To liberate Muslim populated areas from foreign rule (non-Muslim rule or secular Muslim rule), Islamic jihad was accelerated with this aim that Muslim world (Islamic order) would be used for the benefit of American interests. Many muslin countries on the name of democracy were destroyed totally. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya became direct victims while Syria was saved by Russia. 

 Beside this, the US has taken full advantages of its uni-centric imperial power by creating hostility to implement world order with continuous war legacy. Washington foot prints can easily be seen in every ongoing conflict around the globe. DoD and CIA are directly involved in toppling many elected governments in third world countries with color revolutions and regime changes practices. Now in this technological world, they have weaponized modern technologies to launch “Hybrid War” on targeted states of conflict.  The ‘Vault 7’ of Wikileaks is enough to reveal the scope of the CIA’s hacking capabilities and its control over mainstream and social media in the cyber world in which we are living. Fatefully, American Hybrid Wars allowed CIA to “weaponize” the technological devices all around the world through turning CIA into Cyber Military Force.

 Such American unlawful and immoral surveillance tactics have posed serious security threats to world peace because America has polluted information, knowledge and wisdom by using the advantages of its monopoly over internet age for accomplish its ambition to control the mindset of world’s masses. But now Moscow has become hope for alternative world security because after a continuous struggle, it appears the alternate world power on geopolitical stage. Hence why, it is attempting to break down Washington monopoly to save the peace through avoiding total war.

Russian struggle in Post-Biploar Scenario 

In fact Russia is the direct victim of American hegemonic power because the “continent of Rus” was divided into many pieces (countries) as the part of western game plan. America’s continuous attempt to bring chaos on the land of Rus provided an opportunity of resistance to Russians. By taking countermeasures, Russia begins to rise again with searching its ancient roots of common statehood. Although after the end of cold war, NATO became outdated product but America kept it alive through projecting rising Russia as threat to Europe.  Therefore despite the promise not to enlarge NATO beyond the borders of a reunited Germany, they not only broke their promises but now they are willing to erase Russia’s post –Soviet identity with the enlargement of NATO to eastward.  From Baltic States to Balkan, NATO has staged front against Russia.

While taking the advantages of NATO’ Partnership for Peace programme with Central and Eastern European countries, The US has pushed Europe into war with Russia by projecting Russia as geopolitical rival of Europe. 

The Euro-Zone crisis has already weekend European economy and then the US sponsored Ukrainian conflict made EU more vulnerable.  In fact Russia is also an essential part of Europe by geographically and culturally but the US has forcefully disintegrated Europe with Russia. The collapsing EU has failed politically and diplomatically on international arena. There is no independent voice of EU in international politics and foreign relations because they always toe the American lines while now Americanization has been exposed badly among world nations due to continuous exploitation with war legacy. The failure of America on world stage has persuaded Eurasian superpowers –Russia and China to take the control of world affairs with multipolar world order.  The shift of power centers to Asia pushed Euro-Atlantic Alliance to look beyond the America by seeking alternative ways led by multipolar world. The Brexit happened and more nations ready to leave EU while some NATO’s countries are interested to conduct their bilateral and mutual relations with Russia separately. Hence why, despite the American continuous projection, the EU cannot agree that Russia is its foe. Europeans are interested to work with Russia independently but American influence is a great challenge for Europeans.

Russia wants to solve all existing problems with Europe mutually but American influence sphere is a problematic. The current conflict in Ukraine is witnessed of it as all Normandy format countries are agreed to seek political solution. But the US convinced Kiev junta does not to implement “Minsk Accords” so that Russian economy would be kept under anti-Russian sanctions of Europe and the USA. In fact, Ukraine conflict has exemplified as Hybrid war in physical form. All western defense analysts propagated that Russia has posed hybrid war threat to the Europe with intervention in Ukraine. NATO seeks direct confrontation with Russia on its borders through blaming it for Hybrid war in Ukraine as NATO Review Magazine writes  “The recent Russian intervention in Ukraine has generated much debate about the use and effectiveness of hybrid warfare, a type of warfare widely understood to blend conventional/unconventional, regular/irregular, and information and cyber warfare.”

While the reality is total different. The blunt truth is that the US has launched a new cold war by accelerating Hybrid Wafer to prevent rising Russia. They tried to chain up bear in its home through Ukraine conflict. Practically, The US modified proxy war into Hybrid war against Russia in Ukraine with the support of “Western democracy” and International community (global elite). With the old tactics of regime change, America has launched “Hybrid War” over Russian continent by staging Madian Massacre intended to install a proxy government in 

Ukraine on February, 20th, 2014 as a result civil war erupted in Eastern Ukraine while the US has got a chance to install a Neo-Nazi government on Kiev by toppling elected government of Ukraine. America and NATO supported proxy regime has waged war on Russian speaking population in Ukraine and brought US/NATO’ troops on Russian borders.  Hence why, the American proxy government in Kiev has violated Minsk-2 Agreement which was assured by Normandy format countries. The reason behind this violation is to justify Russian encirclement with NATO troops and to keep Russian economy under sanctions.   

Eurasian multilateral intuitions 

Historically, the “land of Rus” considered as fraught intersection of civilizations and trade routes. With Vikings to its north, in south there was a vast Arab empire with rapidly expanding Islam and Turkic tribes to its east. While the geographical significance of modern Russia makes it “Eurasian” power as it sprawling across the two continents; Asia and Europe with biggest landmass of the world. History is witnessed that Russia always remained the ambitious state with its own world order and it always rejected and resisted foreign imposed order. From Peter the Great to Vladimir Putin, Russian state rhythm introduced Eurasian World order remained same. Now in our time, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin brought back to Russia on world stage as alternative superpower intended to translate Eurasian World Oder   into reality through introducing multilateral mechanism. Hence why, Russia has adopted assertive foreign diplomacy to implement its grand Eurasian strategy through building multilateral institutions intended to assemble all deprived and victim states of uniploar hegemonic world under the banner of new multipolar world. Once upon a time “expending the state in every direction” was main principle of Russian Foreign Affairs Department to till 1917 but now after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Moscow has adopted multilateral dimension foreign policy to compete  the Washington-led imperial centers of power with the expansions of  alternative geo-economic mechanism  to every corner of the world, so that by using the potential of regional multilateralism, world would be shifted  from uni-centric affairs to poly-centric affairs.    

NATO expansion has been an important rational for the development of Russia-led Eurasian security structures. Russia has to save its post-Soviet identity has launched multilateral initiatives as reaction to policies and events pushed by European countries and the USA in Central Asia. Because after the dissolution of the USSR, America has boosted further insurgency in former states of Soviet Union through regime change practices by using the string of color revelations aimed to install the US military facilities for encircling Russia. Russia was already learned from the Western broken promises after the united Germany event, so that’s why it has taken preemptive measures in Eurasia aimed to expand its regional sphere of influence on a world stage with Eurasian institutional power. To prevent NATO expansion in its surroundings, Russia had built powerful regional military institution known as Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). According to the Article 2 of the Treaty of the CSTO, member-states maintain their security on collective basis: “In case a threat to security, territorial integrity and sovereignty of one or several member-states or a threat to international peace and security, the CSTO member-states will immediately put into action the mechanism of joined consultations with the aim to coordinate their positions and take measures to eliminate the threat that has emerged.” 

CSTO has become a powerful military and political organization of Central Asian states and it is strengthening the political authority of member states and their positions on the international stage, providing stability and security on the international and regional levels.

Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russia, and Tajikistan are the member states while Afghanistan and Serbia have observer status of this military might of Central Asia. According to CSTO documents, “Engagement and cooperation with the CSTO is an issue of importance to Afghanistan as, from the perspective of the CSTO member-states, the stability of Central Asian is directly linked to the stability of Afghanistan”. Therefore on the CSTO platform, Russia has offered its shoulder to Afghanistan for stability in the country. Hence why, Currently Russia has engaged all regional countries to seek alternative solution of Afghanistan’s conflict through bypassing the US and NATO. 

Beside the CSTO, Russia has also succeeded to secure its economic benefits by following multilateral strategy with the creation of Common Independent States (CIS) forum after the dissolution of the USSR. Nine out of 15 former Soviet Republics are the member states. Russia under Putin’s presidency has increasingly striven to bring common coordinating powers in the realms of trade, finance, lawmaking, and security by using the potential of the CIS. It has also promoted cooperation on cross-border crime prevention. Furthermore, eight of the nine CIS member states participate in the CIS Free Trade Area. Along this, Russia has also formulated Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) on the suggestion of the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev and it came into force in 1 January 2015. Mostly CSTO and CIS nations are the part of it. Russia is working to expand this EEU from Europe to Asia as the part of its grand Eurasian strategy. The process of enlargement is referred to as Eurasian integration or Eurasianism. With this multilateral institution, Russia wants to connect its Fareast Vladivostok trade port with Portugal’s Lisbon port aimed to connect Europe with Asia through alternative peaceful integration as the part of its ancient Eurasian strategy. Moreover Moscow is also building bridges of cooperation between Eurasian Union and African Union. Russia has also developed a mechanism of cooperation with different regional multilateral institutions. Last year during the Russia- ASEAN summit in Sochi, the Southeast Asian Association showed its interest in signing a free trade agreement (FTA) with the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) while more than 40 nations are interested to join/sign free trade agreement with this new emerging Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union. 

Under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, Russia has also influenced other Eurasian Economic superpower China to join Moscow’s multilateral institution policy aimed to create the new centers of “wide integration contour” in Eurasia with alternative geo-economic and geo-strategic mechanism.

Once it was the great success of Washington to prevent multipolar partnership between Russia and China but now it has failed as now both Moscow and Beijing have united in the bond of all-embracing partnership to end up the unipolar “law of the jungle” led by the USA on international arena. Both have founded the one Eurasia’s powerful geo-strategic alliance, known as Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) which considers the security guard of Eurasia while the West also views SCO as alternative to the NATO. To minimize the monopoly of Western international institutions World Bank and IMF, Russia and China have formulated the powerful economic intuition of the BRICS. The world fastest growing economies, Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa are the part of it while now like other Eurasian Institutions; BRICS is also on the expansion mode as China has proposed BRICS plus idea to align other world fastest growing economies with BRICS. While BRICS has also established the world New Development Bank as alternative of World Bank and IMF. Beside this for the development in Asia, China has also established the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as alternate to Japan-led Asian Development Bank (ADB).                  

China’s Global Vision of the Silk Road and Trade War on the OBOR 

Awakening of Chinese giant shocked the western world as the” rise of China” considers the most important development of the 21th century. Despite the American traps about countering China since WW2 to till date, China under the leadership of communist party looms very large on the horizon by shunning American game plan. Although there is always propaganda against rapidly growing Chinese economy in global media but truth is that fastest growth of Chinese economy provided opportunities to China to share economic benefits with world nations. In fact the rising of modern China encouraged Chinese leadership to revive ancient Silk Road trade routes with modern infrastructures of rail-roads and sea ports. Firstly in 2013, the Chinese president Xi Jinping presented his vision to reveal modern Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21th Century Maritime Silk Road, together known as ‘One Belt One Road’ (OBOR), along with Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and Silk Road fund.  Chinese communist party dedicated all efforts to make China great again with peaceful development by exploring ancient Chinese trade routes with rest of the world.

History tells us that almost 3,000 years ago, China was technological and economic center in the world. During the time of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Chinese trade routes were expanding to the Mediterranean world and European peninsula. The expanding of Chinese trade routes motivated Islamic world to take control over China’s Silk routes of Central and West Asia.  The central Muslim Umayyad caliphate from Africa to South Asia tried to control Chinese trade routes. Even for this purpose in 711, Arabs attacked on Indian subcontinent aimed to extend Muslim influence on Chinese Silk Road adjacent with Indus and Gandhara civilizations. They occupied world known oldest ancient civilization of Indus Valley and Silk Road trade route down the Indus River valley to the seaports of Sindh, present Pakistan. Beside this in 13th century, Chinese Silk Road was the world biggest trade route connected with Europe and Africa. European traveler Marco Polo, who travelled on Silk Road from his native Venice to Chinese Empire, described China as vastly wealthier and more advanced than any European country.

While the pages of history also tell that China has enjoyed maritime super power in 15th century by controlling all maritime routes of Silk Road passing through Muslim world. In fact, the Chinese imperial eunuch Zheng He led seven ocean expeditions for the Ming emperor that are unmatched in world history. An academic report The Ming Voyages claims that these missions were astonishing as much for their distance as for their size: during the first ones, Zheng He traveled all the way from China to Southeast Asia and then on to India, all the way to major trading sites on India's southwest coast. In his fourth voyage, he traveled to the Persian Gulf. But for the three last voyages, Zheng went even further, all the way to the east coast of Africa. This was impressive enough, but Chinese merchants had traveled this far before. What was even more impressive about these voyages was that they were done with hundreds of huge ships and tens of thousands of sailors and other passengers. Over sixty of the three hundred seventeen ships on the first voyage were enormous "Treasure Ships," sailing vessels over 400 hundred feet long, 160 feet wide, with several stories, nine masts and twelve sails, and luxurious staterooms complete with balconies. The likes of these ships had never before been seen in the world, and it would not be until World War I that such an armada would be assembled again. The story of how these flotillas came to be assembled, where they went, and what happened to them is one of the great sagas — and puzzles — in world history.

Presently, China under the leadership of Xi Jinping has got significance success to make China great again as maritime super power. For this purpose China has already established naval bases outside the country. After getting the control of Balochistan’s  Gwadar port as the part of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Beijing appeared as dominant maritime power not only in Indian ocean but it also got strategic opportunity to link up key trade routes of Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Europe with its military base of Djibouti for protection purposes. Beside this, China has also got shortest land access as alternate route for its trade with African and Gulf Countries to bypass Strait of Malacca. Actually, the construction CPEC in Pakistan has changed the whole geopolitical game of countering China on the world stage. Chinese control over Pakistan’s strategic maritime routes has spoiled the U.S. attempts to block Chinese trade routes via Strait of Malacca which connects Indian Ocean with Pacific Ocean (South China Sea). Because now after CPEC, China is in position to avoid the channel of Malacca for its trade by connecting Balochistan’s Gwadar port city with Chinese Xinjiang region known which is known as the hub of Silk Road through  rail road and energy pipelines under One Belt One Road global strategy. 

China is very ambitious to build criss-crossing bridges in Eurasia from Belarus to Pakistan aimed connect all Eurasian sea ports with Belt Road land routes with the help of mulitpolar institutions. This new Eurasian economic strategy is reshaping the global trade.

No doubt that Chinese plan to reveal ancient Silk Road for global trade has become most ambitious economic and diplomatic program since the founding of the Modern China. It is also can view the alternative scheme of the East to compete the Western economic “Treaties of Rome”.  For this purpose China has introduced win-win scenario for all Silk Road countries from Asia to Africa including Latin America so that old trade routes would be modernized in this new era of development. In fact China knows to play with a time, when the West is falling apart due to the failures of the Treaties of Rome, China is building the East by providing the world largest platform of  Belt Road for regional collaboration. Hence why, the U.S. has waged trade war by fueling hostility towards China. Mostly Asia was agree on Chinese territorial claim of South China Sea but unfortunately America through its Asian vassal states accelerated this issue to increase its sphere of influence for the encirclement of  China. Even now, America has extended U.S. global missile system from Europe to Asia with a controversial plan of installation Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), formerly Theater High Altitude Area Defense on the soil of South Korea aimed to counter rising China. America fueled hostility in Pacific Ocean with South China Sea issue to chain up the dragon in its own territory. While it is also using the cold war product of Korean conflict aims to disturb Sino-Russian led alternative Asian-Pacific Security mechanism. Now after the Japan and South Korea, the U.S. also got success to align India for countering China in its surroundings. Experts believe that the Indian military buildup at the mouth of the Strait of Malacca is part of the US grand strategy to contain China in Indo-Pacific rim, which is why the Indian tilt towards the US is being termed as an attempt to trample the multipolarity of the globe and undermine the new vision being pursued by Russia and China through the joint mechanism of Asian-Pacific Security.

Beside this, the DOD under the hybrid war strategy is working to install unnecessary states on world map in the shape of Islamic State (ISIS) aimed to cut down Chinese Silk Road branches in Muslim world. By using Jihad’s dogma, Washington is working to inject radical Islamic extremist ideology to violence-hit Xinjiang region which is the hub of Chinese Silk Road. Chinese autonomous region Xinjiang is adjacent with Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Islamic Terrorists easily can enter from militancy hit areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan into Xinjiang. While ethnically, culturally and religiously Xinjiang is total different from Chinese mainland. This Muslim populated area has become a challenge for Chinese control due to ongoing separatist movement has posed serious challenge to China’s social stability, economic development and national security. ETIM is an Islamic extremist separatist organization seeking “Xinjiang independence” linked and protected by regional Islamic extremist organizations; Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP), Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) under the umbrella of Al-Qaeda. These extremist organizations were created to establish the province of Islamic State over World Map in the heart of Eurasia. In fact DOD has introduced modification in the concept of Jihad in Islam with the help of Saudi Arabia’s religious sermons for geopolitical interests. In my view, America has used the pattern of Nazism by promoting the modern ideology of Muslim Brotherhood founded by Hassan al-Banna as once Hitler used Muslim Brotherhood against the communist USSR.  Later America modified this ideology to achieve its geopolitical objectives with the creation of Islamic violent organizations intended to liberate Muslim regions and countries from foreign rule, followed by shaping a state governed by Islamic religious law.

 Why China needs Russia to defuse war on Silk Road?

China aims to build iron wall around the Xinjiang region to protect its Silk Road but unfortunately China has adopted strict restriction against the practice of Islam in this vast autonomous region as a campaign against Islamic extremism. To ban long beards and veils are not a solution, it will create more hate and violence towards China not only among Uyghur community of Xinjiang but it will become the tool of Islamic Jihad against China because these restrictions are directly against Islamic practices. There is no doubt that central government of China is fighting in Xinjiang with three evils; Extremism, Separation and Terrorism. In fact as it is mention above that this triple evil was fueled by the DOD as the part of Hybrid war against China’s Silk Road global strategy. China can easily curb this triple evil without targeting Islamic practices but for this purpose Chinese government should have to understand Islam because Islam has become the world most accepted religion. While Chinese Silk Road starts from this Muslim populated region and pass through Islamic world. Without understanding Islam and respecting Islamic practices, China cannot turn to reveal Silk Road vision into reality because Islam is also consider the world alternative order as history tells us that how Islamic World Order remained successful in Asia, Africa and Europe. Islam is not only a religion but it has given a geo-economic system to govern the states.   

Declining American hegemony given a chance to China sharing global stage with Russia  but for this purpose China should have to end up its fear from Islam because need of time demands a bigger role of china, especially in Muslim world. For this purpose China can learn from Russian experience that how it defeated US led Hybrid war through overcoming extremism, terrorism and separatism in its Muslim populated areas because once Caucasus Muslim region was also under the attack of DOD mixed with triple evil: extremism, terrorism and separatism.

They used violent extremist organizations against the USSR in Afghanistan and Caucasus mountains to liberate Muslim populated areas from the USSR. After the dissolution of Soviet Union, Russia under the president Putin’s command mustered up its courage and stood up its feet by defeating their game in Chechnya and Caucasus region. The point is that Russia faced same problem as toady China is facing in militancy-hit Xinjiang region. In fact both are the victims of Zbigniew Brzezinsk’s American New Strategy towards Russia and China. This strategy was also tailored by DOD to making Islamic world work towards US interests. Therefore they tried to fuel radical Islam against Russia and China by drawing them into hopeless conflict in the region. Luckily, Russia appeared successful by defeating them in their own game not only in the region but it has also changed the American game in Islamic world by playing with own rules.  

They tried to break up Russia with foreign jihad in Dagestan and Chechnya but Russian president Vladimir Putin’s smart move not only saved Russia from chaos but Russia has also got significant success in Muslim countries with dealing DOD created Jihad.  In fact, Russia has introduced alternative narrative in Muslim world by exploring mystical/spiritual dimension of Islam to counter the geopolitical use of the US supported radical form of Islam. Presently, Russia is in position to share its success against radical Islamic terror organizations with other nations. Therefore all war-torn countries and victims of extremist terror groups are looking forward to Russia for counter- terrorism assistance aimed to overcome militancy and chaos. In this scenario, it is a better time for Beijing to seek Russian cooperation to clear Silk Road branches so that not only around Xinjiang but Iron wall would be build all around the Eurasia to protect under construction multipolarity from chaos and destruction. China should have to give up its fear and have to come forward by joining Russia to repair the damages posed by one-centric world, especially in Islamic world because Russia is already leading a world to eliminate all “Evil Childs” of unipolar hegemony.

 Multipolar post-West order and New Cold War

The USA has modified multi-modal warfare by posing hybrid threats to the multipolar world aimed to keep unipolar hegemony alive. As a result new cold war has been erupted around the globe which is dragging world towards total war. The US with its allies is on attempt to alter the sovereignty of Eurasian powers -Russia and China by encircling Russia with NATO and countering China with South China Sea dispute in Asia-Pacific.  The unipolar new cold war with hybrid war tactics has boosted Sino-Russian strategic partnership to provide alternatives with peaceful development and regional integration by creating win-win situation for all nations of the world. Therefore, the USA under Trump rule is attempting to break down the Sino-Russian multipolar bond but Russia’s military power becomes the symbol of resistance as it has appeared victorious in world affairs by minimizing unipolar hegemony. Hence why, the American State Department accused that Russia is minimizing American influence over the world. While the truth is that Russia and China both have not only rejected unipolar’s law of the jungle but they are working to craft an alternative world security structure which features fairness, justice, joint contribution and shared benefits through alternative economic and security institutions.  

Together, Russia and China have defeated American plan through seeking alternatives with the promotion of  multi-centric new world as Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has given only choice to global leaders to join ‘post-West world order’ in speech at Munich Security Conference by saying, “The world is gradually entering the post-Western age and is in transition to multipolar system, meaning that all countries have to share collective responsibility for the peace and stability in the world.” 

Therefore the USA has vowed loyalty to allies with offensive move by fueling cold war outdated products; NATO, Korean Crises and Extremist /Violent Organizations in Islamic World. But now comeback of Russia on world stage has changed the whole scenario as it has appeared winner against unipolar proxies from Muslim world to Eastern Europe. Victory over Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria has given a charge to Russia in fighting against terrorism.  Russia has become the hope for all war torn countries which were destroyed by the USA and its allies on the name of so-called War on Terror, especially in Muslim world. In fact, Russia has succeeded on both fronts; first in Eastern Europe with exploring common cultural and spiritual roots, second in Muslim world with alternative real narrative of Islam that Islam is the religion of peace as it has eliminated radicalization of Islam/terrorism from the Caucasus Mountains to the Deserts of Middle East. Now mostly countries including US allies looking forward to Russia for Mideast post-ISIS situation. These Russian successes on world stage have made Moscow again the most influential diplomatic center on world affairs. While Beijing, the partner of Moscow has also attracted the world nations by sharing the economic advantages through OBOR initiatives as it has allocated an additional $124 billion in funding for the OBOR initiative, including loans, grants and $8.7 billion in assistance to developing countries during Belt Road forum in Beijing and some $1 trillion has already been invested in OBOR, with another several trillion due to be invested over the next decade. This huge investment of Beijing for the development of multipolar world economy has strengthened the post-West order proposed by Russia. Therefore Russia has clearly given only choice to world nations to be the part of poly-centric world, where every country has equal rights by sharing collective responsibility. 


The New Cold War hinted that the USA will never give up its warmongering policy against rising Eurasian superpowers. Therefore world is tilting towards the total war because the empire of chaos will use every option to derail alternative world order led by Russia and China. Hence why, Russia and China have teamed up for an imminent war by collaborating on ways to minimize possible damage to the security of the multipolar world. But the biggest challenge is to bring peace with socio-economic development to extend regional collaboration to international level in the time of endless wars. Moscow as a strategic power has openly challenged Washington’s authority to defuse wars by seeking alternative approaches with regional stake holders intended to solve conflicts. Russian leader Vladimir Putin is playing with his own rules in American game plan. Therefore he succeeded to block foreign interventions and aggression towards multipolar states. The timely Russian action in Ukraine and Syria has been stopped the USA tracks.

Moscow has also exposed the American so called war on terror and now it has taken a driving seat to eliminate terrorism from the world. After Syria, now Russia is playing its role in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan to fight against terrorism. In fact, Russia has introduced new approaches in solving the modern conflicts because as the result of reverse engineering mostly conflicts are created and fueled by the USA to keep its hegemony alive. That’s why the old logic to solve modern and hybrid conflicts showed the insincerity of Washington as the hostility created by endless wars has given the favor to Washington-led order while alternative world order needs peace to run smoothly world affairs.

Hence why, Russia and China are developing and proposing a substantive mechanism in Eurasia with multilateral institutions, which will include security issues, development of relations between the states, organization of the economy, social sphere, management system and search for new drivers of the growth.   

That’s why Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed on world leaders during the speech at the two-day Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing, “We should never forget about those threats, which are posed by regional conflicts. Zones of age-old contradictions continue to persist in many places in Eurasia. In order to unleash these knots, it is first of all necessary to abandon hawkish rhetoric, mutual accusations, which only aggravate the situation… In general, the logic of old approaches will not allow to solve any modern problem. We need fresh and free of stereotypes ideas,” 

As it is mentioned above that Russia as the Eurasian superpower has not only developed modern mechanism for the world security but now it needs the cooperation of world states to implement new approaches aims to reestablish the world security. In fact the two great powers, Russia and China have got a significance success to offset any US adventure against Eurasian led post-west order. But now both are avoiding from total war. In this scenario, it is the reasonability of every state to make a right choice for the better future of the world. While the right choice is only to be the part of the post-west order (Eurasia’s world order) because America is fighting to push world towards war while Russia and China are fighting to bring peace in this 21st century.