Even the sun (Putin) has spots (a spot)

Фото: Flickr
Фото: Flickr

It is almost impossible not to be pro-Putin if you are pro-Russia, and that is totally natural considering what he has done for Russia. He took over a bankrupt, almost "third-world" ex-superpower that was governed by an alcoholic traitor ruled from Washington, and turned it again into the superpower it was before! That is a very remarkable achievement, and for that - of course - he is hated by the western governments. But the more a russian/soviet leader is hated by the west, the better job he is doing for his country - this is almost a law of nature. Of course there are those in Russia that critisize president Putin for what he has done, but they are the just the 2-3 % traitors and idiots you can find in any country.

The only problem is that relatively speaking there are more of them in the elite than in the population in general, but even there they are a rather small minority. And the people and the president know who they are. The resurgence of Russia under Putin is not only military and political but also social, econonic and moral. 

Russia has surpassed the old CCCP in net national production and average income as well as in agricultural production per capita, the gold reserve is bigger than ever and growing, the pensions have increased ten-fold,the birth-rate is increasing, the average live expectancy too, and the health-situation is getting better - and this has been achieved in the last few years in the face of the american and western sanctions. No other country can show such a remarkable improvment in such short time in history - and that is why the USA hates Russia and have imposed their sanctions! But the sanctions have also helped the russian people to remember who their real enemies are and not to get fooled by western cultural propaganda and covert influence. Russia obviously does not need the west, Russia needs only the Russian World and her friends in the BRICS and SCO organisations. 

Is there then nothing that the president has not done right, at least not so far? (Because as we know, even the sun has its spots). Well, the obvious answer is that president Putin has no spots except one: he has not yet liberated Novorossiya - this is in my opinion the single most important task that the president has to solve in his next term.

Of course the continuing detachment of Russia from the dollar, the strenghthening of the economy and the military and the introduction of an new constitution and a "golden Rouble" (gold-backed, not gold-exchangeable) are important tasks, but the most important, the one that will decide the future of the Russian World, is the liberation from the Kiev nazi junta of almost 20 million people in Novorossiya (and Malorossiya), of whom the wast majority are pro-Russia:  ethnic russians and russian-speaking "ukrainians". The Russian World is not in Lvov or Galizia, it is in Odessa, Nikolaev, Charkov, Zaporozhe and Donbass as well as in Kiev and Chernigov and Tiraspol too, and all lands (including Kiev) east of the Dnepr river. 

The strengthening of Russia mentioned above has also laid the foundation for the next, and most important, task of the president: the liberation of Novorossiya and Malorossiya from the Kiev nazi junta. So, despite of what some may hope or others may fear, the history of Novorossiya is not over, far from it, it has just begun!