Even Washington’s puppets are tired of being puppets


The trend that we are now observing at these G-20 summits is the clear shifting of power from the West to the East. Another trend that we are seeing is the humiliation of – and I don’t even want to call these people “American presidents” because I don’t really believe they are true Americans but instead poppet CEOs of an even more corrupt political mafia power structure in Washington. The same snub treatment that President Obama received in Hangzhou also happened to President Bush at the same summit towards the end of his presidency in 2008. He was also very much dissed and ignored, as he truly deserved.

The trends that we are observing clearly indicate that the world is pretty much completely fed up with the old Anglo-American Illuminati- New World Order power structure. The world is seeking something new. Even the puppets are getting tired of being puppets. They are tired of being Washington proxies and are seeking new alliances, not subservience.

On the other hand, we are also seeing the agenda of Trans-Pacific Partnership, the so-called TPP, which is very controversial here in the US, especially among the Libertarians and various Republican constituencies as well as the independent left wings of the Democratic Party. As unpopular as TPP is here in America, we are still watching how fervently President Obama is still pushing this agenda. Of course, the much greater scheme is the West’s desire to isolate China. We are seeing Washington’s foreign policy being driven by this desire of creating a wedge between many Asian countries versus China. We have South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, etc. – all these East, Northeast and Southeast Asian countries that are being led to perceive the rise of China as a threat. Of course the Chinese military maneuvers in the South China Sea haven’t exactly soothed some of these paranoid sentiments. Consequently, we are seeing how Washington is doing an effective job in further driving the wedge among these Asian nations and China.

However, interestingly at the same time, we are observing that even puppets are deviating from their roles of being puppets. We saw, for example, the open outbursts of the colorful and charismatic Philippino President, Rodrigo Duterte, who is definitely nobody’s puppet by the way, although many Philippino presidents before him comfortably played that role, sort of put President Obama in his place and burst the bubble of his legacy making last international trip. The US media portrayed this Obama-Duterte incident as an insult to an African American president, etc. This is what the western media does so well: diversion! President Duterte, when not taken out of context, was in fact openly challenging the US-Philippines military and economic alliance that has been in place for over a hundred years. That’s what that was really all about.