The Fear of Provocation


Anecdote: In the Godfather film trilogy, Michael Corleone was not angry at the fact that the Mafia brothers had cheated him, but that the childish way in which it was done was an insult to his intelligence. 

The Syrian army, with the assistance of the Russian air force, seems to be achieving a great victory on this long, mainly internal Syrian war. 

Opposing forces are in a desperate situation and fear an increase in provocations.  For an outsider it is impossible to judge what is really going on and what is the truth. One can only evaluate the situation and the motivation for various actions with common sense. Lately, there have been reports of Russian planes bombing schools and hospitals in the area of Aleppo. There is no doubt this could not be in the interests of the Russian or Syrian military forces. The bombing of civilian targets would only hinder the main objective, which is to secure peace after a long war. 

It has been reported that two US A-10 fighter-bombers entered Syrian airspace and bombed targets in Aleppo. Could it be possible that those A-10 bombers were responsible for bombing civilian targets? According to provocation theory, it could be possible. What were the US bombers doing in Syrian air space? The Syrian government has not asked for the assistance of the US military forces; the US military is there for its own interests.

It is well known that the Vietnam War started via the provocation in the Gulf of Tonkin. The US Navy claimed that a Vietnamese patrol boat had fired at a US naval vessel. This proved later to be a grand lie, but the Vietnam War started because of this provocation. Hardly anybody who has used their senses believes that the September 11th collapse of three skyscrapers in New York was a result of two planes hitting them. Did one building collapse in plain fear, or did it suffer from a heart attack? Anyhow, the war in Afghanistan started as a result of this incident. Iraq having weapons of mass destruction has been proven to be a grand lie. Anyhow, the International coalition started a war to remove Saddam Hussein’s government. 

US military forces are present all over the world, either directly or via NATO. In Finland, a fleet of US F-15C Eagles will participate next May in a training exercise with the Finnish air force in the eastern part of Finland. It is planned that Norwegian and Swedish planes will also participate in the drill. The fear of a provocation is increasing on the Finnish front also. In the spring, there will also be training exercises with the US IAV (Interim Armored Vehicle) Stryker armored fighting vehicles, and in June there will be a great military exercise in the Hanko peninsular area. Some 20 countries, 35 ships, and 70 aircraft will participate under the US’ leadership. The training will simulate an invasion and a landing on the Hanko peninsula. From Hanko is the shortest distance to Estonia and to close the sea route to Russian Navy like during WW2, which is very important in the war against Russia. During WW2, the Germans built an under water net system to prevent Red Army submarines from entering the Baltic Sea. In April, there will be an exercise for refueling the Finnish Hornet fighter planes in the air with an American supply aircraft. For which purpose does Finland or the US need this training and capability? Obviously for a surprise attack on Russia!? 

All of these military exercises are under the so-called MOU Host Nation Support Memorandum of Understanding agreement, which was signed during the NATO meeting in Wales on 4.9.2014 between Finnish army commander General Jarmo Lindberg and NATO General Philip M. Breedlove.  Finnish soldiers are only mercenaries in the exercises and will be in the future war with their own money. 

These exercises are a clear violation of the 1947 Paris peace agreement, but Finland has unilaterally cancelled and nullified the treaty under the secret Operation Pax. The documents became public only recently after the 25 year secrecy clause expired. Operation Pax started in the spring of 1990 with the aim of destroying the obstacle, the Paris peace agreement, which prevented Finland from joining the European Union. The secret Operation Pax was clear-cut high treason. Culprits under president Mauno Koivisto knew that the European Union project was a defense and security pact from the very beginning. Old school diplomat Paul Gustafsson was horrified when he learned of this treason. In a secret seminar, another old school diplomat, Max Jakobson, concluded that Operation Pax also nullified the present border between Finland and Russia. Ilkka Kanerva, as the Finnish Foreign Minister, visited Moscow in the spring of 2007 and met his Russian colleague Sergei Lavrov. During the press conference, Mr. Lavrov said that Russia expects Finland to honor its international agreements. No doubt he was referring to the 1947 Paris peace agreement and the 1992 Neighborhood Area Cooperation agreement. It seems that Mr. Lavrov was not aware of the secret Operation Pax, in which Finland had considered the Paris peace agreement to be invalid. No doubt Mr. Kanerva should have informed Mr Lavrov of the new situation and also that Finland had totally changed its security and defense policy by 180 degrees. Mr Kanerva was fully aware of the policy change as he was a member of the cabinet and participated in the meeting on 21st September 1990, when President Mauno Koivisto made those decisions in the cabinet meeting as a part of the secret Operation Pax. It seems that Mr. Lavrov was betrayed in the broad daylight.         

This high treason has been seeping into all levels of Finnish society. If the highest authorities can commit a crime without punishment, why can’t all the others? One example is the drug crime scandal within the Helsinki police force. The head of the drug crime prevention department has been under investigations for many months with his colleagues. The Talvivaara nickel and uranium mine scandal is huge, a project that produced tremendous losses for the taxpayer. Many influential politicians and officials have invested in the project, as well as the highest legal authority - Chancellor of Justice Jaakko Jonkka. His official duty is to investigate and punish those officials who have been guilty of wrongdoing. Anyhow, Jaakko Jonkka considers himself to be neutral although his own money is at stake. 

Mauno Koivisto’s secret Operation Pax is the greatest example of high treason in Finland. It is nearly impossible to imprison the culprits as so many people who are still influential are involved. Even the office of the Chancellor of Justice is involved. Recently, it became public knowledge how Nokia Tyre company had been deceiving its customers by falsifying the test results of its tires. Nokia Tyre company had been sending for testing specially made tires as the production tires were made with poorer standards. Wärtsilä Diesel Engine Company has been falsifying test results also, so that in reality the diesel engines were using one percent more fuel than what was claimed.

Normally the Finnish government and cabinet have an official meeting every week. Protocols are made but official protocol inspections by the Office of the Chancellor of Justice are made in bulk every three weeks!? It is obvious that the protocols ought to be checked immediately after they have been written, as they will initiate legal actions based on those governmental decisions. As the protocols will be checked three weeks after the meeting, the protocols can be illegally altered, especially the attachments. Obviously the protocol cannot become a legal document before it has been properly checked, which can sometimes take place only three weeks after the meeting!?  Finland seems to be just a great child nursery or mental hospital led by the patients the professor, ex minister Keijo Korhonen, diagnosed!?   

The large-scale state borrowing is grand collective corruption. The Finnish budget has for many years been negative, which means the country has been selling its assets and borrowing money from abroad to cover the losses. The politicians and officials responsible continue the criminal borrowing as stopping would mean that they ought to cut their own salaries and benefits, which they do not wish to do. The country is drowning deeper and deeper in hell. The huge foreign borrowing is falsifying the GNP calculations too.

The ignorance towards state affairs is unbelievable. Recently, newly elected chairman of the Stockman corporation Mr. Jukka Hienonen criticized the total lack of knowledge on Russian affairs by leading ministers, politicians, officials, and businessmen. The poor talent and experience of the ministers is obvious. One example, although not a jurist, is minister of justice and labor Mr. Jari Lindström. His working experience is as a four-shift worker in a paper mill.  Obviously he is totally ignorant in the field of the Ministry of Justice. Mr Jari Lindström is also in charge of the refugees, which is too much work for an unskilled and inexperienced man. An article in the constitution stated that one of the ministers in the cabinet must be a jurist, and normally he is appointed as the Minister of Justice. As some political parties did not have a suitable candidate as a jurist, the requirement was removed from the constitution. Now there is no Minister in the Finnish government with any juridical experience or background. No doubt the government have made many proposals that are against the constitution and even against common sense. 

Swedish Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist visited Finland on 8.3.2016. He and his Finnish colleague Mr. Jussi Niinistö were lecturers in a seminar on future military co-operation between the countries. This co-operation is about to increase; I asked the first question to Jussi Niinistö, our minister: how he has explained or how he is going to explain the importance of the secret Operation Pax for the Swedish and Finnish military co-operation. Mr. Niinistö had to admit that he did not know about the secret Operation Pax. I had to briefly explain it to him and the audience. I said that it was a secret plan since spring 1990, which aimed at nullifying the Paris peace agreement so that  Finland could join the European Union.  It is unbelievable that the Minister in charge of our military defense does not know even the basics of our military and history of war. It should be important to know how the last war ended before starting a new one. Of course, the Russian Embassy in Helsinki has been sleeping too, as such ignorance exists. 

One of the first conspiracy architects for the secret Operation Pax was officer René Nyberg in the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs. He later became the Finnish ambassador to Moscow. There is no doubt that he could continue to evade state treason, conspiracy, and fool  Russia and the Russians. After his career he joined in the private sector as a CEO of the East Office of Finnish Industries in Moscow. There is also no doubt that he can further cover-up the conspiracy of the secret Operation Pax.  During his time in Moscow, he was able to study his Jewish mother´s history in Russia, which he has written a book on.

Now the chairman of the board of the East Office of Finnish Industries is Esko Aho, Finnish ex-prime minister etc. He was the Finnish prime minister between 26.4.1991–13.4.1995. During that time, Finland bought American Hornet fighter planes. Finland was fastened to the US’ defense system. One argument for the planes was their attacking capabilities (towards Russia of course). Finland bought cruise missiles for the Hornets, which can be equipped with nuclear, chemical, and biochemical warheads; the Kremlin is now within range. Esko Aho is an advocate for the sanctions against Russia. He is of the opinion that the sanctions cannot be removed until certain requirements are fulfilled, i.e. Russia must bow to the requirements of the West concerning Crimea and Ukraine. Esko Aho is now a candidate for the board of the Russian Sberbank. Mr Aho was a great failure as Finnish Prime Minister as well as the chairman of the Center party. Esko Aho was the dirty hand for the president at the time - Mauno Koivisto -  that took Finland to the European Union and EMU/Euro by dismantling the Finnish constitution. Esko Aho was dismissed by his supporters and subsequently left politics. His friends arranged for him to go to the US to Harvard University for a few months to “study". After Harvard, Esko Aho became the boss of the Finnish state owned SITRA funding institute, where he was also a failure. Funds were misappropriated, there was corruption etc.  He had to leave his position, so he got a rescue job in Nokia corporation courtesy of his friend Jorma Ollila, a well known Bilderberg hand. After Nokia, Esko Aho was again rescued by Harvard University. In between, Esko Aho did some odd jobs, lecturing at Aalto University for example. During his student years, he was not very popular, but he likes gambling and poker, although he is not eager to pay his bills. Esko Aho has no practical experience in the banking sector, so he probably chose to make a mess of Sberbank.

Finland was a part of Russia between 1809-1917 as a Grand Duchy. During that time, the Finnish nation and culture was created mainly with Russian funding. The Tsar employed German architect Engel to plan and build Helsinki and other cities. This was the old center of Helsinki, with the University, University library, now National library, Grand Lutheran Church, government building etc. The University library got free copies of all the books published in the Russia. Therefore, their collection of Russian books of that period is the most extensive in the world, especially the Alexander II period, which was great for Finland. Finnish language was given an official status. To remember this, a Golden Lion statue was erected in the Parola military area to remember the visit of the Finnish Grand Duke and Russian Tsar Alexander II there in the year 1863. The 100th year celebration of the Finnish language was a great celebration in Parola, where President Urho Kekkonen was present. A memorial stone was erected to remember his visit, too. Later, the 150th year celebration was just a local event. Finland wants to, as per new policy towards ”the west”, purposefully forget the golden era of her Russian past.

Now there is an extensive trend of letting the English language take over Finland, making Finland a part of the Anglo world. Chairman of Nokia corporation Risto Siilasmaa has even proposed that the English language ought to become an official language in Finland. He wants to change the ”operating system” of the Finnish nation - her soul. Mr. Siilasmaa does not understand that Finland and the Finns have been successful in the world just with their exceptional own culture and core - her own language. It is not possible to replace Finnish language with English language without killing and destroying the whole nation. What would be left of Finns, just colonial slaves? 

To finalize the unfriendly period of 1918, the so-called Tartu peace treaty was made in 1920 between Finland and, at the time, the Soviet Union. It was agreed that the Russian property in Finland would become the property of Finland, and Finnish property in the Soviet Union would be owned by the Soviet Union. There is no doubt that Finland was the receiving party as the whole of modern Finland was built mainly with Russian money. The only Finnish property in the Soviet Union was the Finnish railway station in Leningrad and the railway line to the Finnish border.

The commander of the Finnish army is General Jarmo Lindberg; a military pilot. The Chief of Staff is Vice Admiral Kari Takanen. These positions and their experience are suitable should Finland be a part of the international coalition in a surprise attack to Russia. If Finnish military forces are planning only for the protection of their own territory, the experience of the infantry would more suitable. The Air force and Navy would only playnsupporting roles for the infantry.

Russia has faced severe attacks on her territory; the Napoleon wars and the German Operation Barbarossa are fresh in the mind. Russia has plenty of raw materials, which others would like to have, such as fresh water, which has become a new valuable item. Baikal lake alone contains over 20% of the world’s fresh water. US had a great disaster in the 1930’s, when central US agricultural land was destroyed. Fresh water was found under ground and artificial watering was started. This underground resource will be exhausted in 20 years time. What will then be the solution? 

Many armies will train in Finland this year. Exercises will total about 90 altogether. There is a great possibility that some unwanted provocation will take place, which involve Finland, and there will be a war her people do not want and cannot bare. 

Finland is in a desperate situation. Even if the EU sanctions are cancelled, the US sanctions against Russia, mainly to her financial sector, will remain. Finland and Russia cannot start any serious business as the financing is not available. Finland is under the thumb of Washington, and is left without a say. Sovereignty has been lost. Finnish-Swedish Nordea Bank recently ceased to pay the salaries of the Russian owned Helsinki shipyard, a demand made by the US. During the Soviet Union era, Finland and Soviet Union had bilateral trade agreements. A five year basic agreement was made, and then a detailed trade agreement every year. Finnish exporters could get their invoices paid immediately by the Bank of Finland.  There were no private banks involved with their additional cost burdens, and there was no fear of the failure of payment. Finnish companies could make long term planning with investments based on the five-year basic trade agreement. Now, nothing like that can be made. Trade is dead. Should Finland and Russia return to the bilateral trade agreements? 

The European Union has turned out to be a total failure not only for Finland. The processing of refugees is the latest example. The EU has a plan to send these refugees in bulk, who are now in Greece, to Turkey and take a similar amount of refugees from Turkish camps. This venture is against all human rights agreements as well as common sense. During WWII, people were transported in bulk, which forced transportations to now be doomed. German officer Adolf Eichmann was hanged in Israel for these crimes. 

Criticism in Finland regarding the EU’s insanity was already in circulation in 1957 in the form of the book “What does it mean to be a Finn”, written by the Editor in chief of the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, Yrjö Niiniluoto, who died suddenly from a heart attack in 1961 during a business trip to South Africa.  After his death, the politics of Helsingin Sanomat slowly started to reorient towards Europe and European Union but against the Soviet Union/Russia. 

Recently, Minister of Finance, ex-Prime Minister, and presently chairman of the conservative party Alexander Stubb was on Finnish TV. The discussion covered the values of the European Union after the recent terror acts in Brussels and Paris. Mr. Stubb was of the opinion that the European Union needs a crisis in order to make it more cohesive, i.e. in the direction of a Federation. Mr. Stubb seems to have a positive attitude towards terrorism as it is supporting the greater good and goal, more European Union integration, which is terrible. One cannot help but question what is really behind this? Is it so that officials and the police support terrorism, at least silently or indirectly, so that this greater goal can be achieved?

The core states of the European Union consist of former colonial states. They have done terrible things in their previous colonies. Belgium’s King Leopold once had the whole of Congo in his private possession. Native inhabitants were tortured and killed en masse when the country was robbed of her raw materials. Finland was not a colonial state but has now become one by joining the European Union, alongside those murderous countries, becoming an accessory to their crimes; it is grand stupidity. Finland would be more successful if they chose not to co-operate with those criminal states, to be free of their crimes, when trading with the previous colonies.     

A heart attack is the stated reason for the sudden deaths of the possible followers of president Urho Kekkonen: Väinö Leskinen, Keijo Liinamaa, and Paul Paavela. Late doctor of science Heikki Urmas had identified these deaths as murders. The successor to Urho Kekkonen was, as we know, Mauno Koivisto from the social democratic party, whose long time connections with CIA are known.

Ever since Mauno Koivisto became the president of Finland, it has only pretended to be a good friend of the Soviet Union and now the Russian Federation. The secret Operation Pax is good evidence of a conspiracy. Mauno Koivisto started to learn the Russian language in the 1950’s; this is a skill an assassin would need.

Ex-Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen spoke proudly once of his conversation with Henry Kissinger over dinner. Henry Kissinger had thought of the Finns as a great military nation, great warriors. For what purpose does Finland need this hero militarism!?

Member of the Finnish parliament, ex-Minister of Defense, and Chairman of the Swedish Party Carl Haglund stated just before Easter that he would leave politics totally during the summer. He is not going to be a candidate for the Chairmanship in the next party meeting in the summer. The reason for this is that he is fed up with the politics and the present atmosphere in Finland; the rats are leaving the sinking ship.