Fog Dealers Ride Again: Moncton, Blair & Co in Serbia


Combined: political coalition, political protests, actors, public figures, classical media, social networks, quasi-journalism, reality show, pro and contra – all sides presented. The interesting detail is the name of the protest: #Stop to bloody shirts – the slogan refers to the attack on Borko Stefanović (ex-negotiator for Kosmet whose negotiations worsened Serbian position, now member of some “opposition coalition” named Savez za Srbiju) – so, that coalition had its event in Kruševac (Western Serbia, one of the previous capitals of Old Serbian State, centuries ago). During the event in Kruševac, Borko Stefanović was hit in the head with a metal bar, in Serbian: метална штангла. Another two persons, his fellow (political) party members were also injured in the same incident. One of them lost two teeth and the other one got multiple hits in the head. And, of course, their shirts were all in blood, so that event was used as the reference to last Saturday’s protest. And “the protests” was called #Stop to bloody shirts.

What was re-produced by this entire freak show – by both sides, so-called position and opposition - was the same pattern from the end of ‘90s...