The Follies of the Decadent West


One must understand that the battle against modernity must take necessarily the clout of a rescue, of a salvation principle that seeks in itself and by itself the restoration of a civilization of Being, over the current postmodern decadence that has become the norm in much of the Western world.

The Western world is faced in its last stage of effective dominance. As Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, has stated with concision: “500 years of Western Supremacy are now ending”, These are prophetic words, but they should perhaps be accompanied with more concise acts on this regard, that form the new concise direction thru which the unified policies of the anti-Imperialist camp will have to go.

The Western world, being decadent and corrupt, will not fall unless in its morass, in the sheer stasis of its late age infertility and dementia, and this rotten system is not propped to collapse by itself very much like an old rotting structure that collapses under the weight of some external motion. The crucial part being the presence of the external motion, that will make it collapse, finally, giving us the possibility to work out the foundations of a new civilization that will replace the Western and American aeon, and the characteristic social and moral corruption that crept into the vulnerable foundations of its liberalism.

Western civilization, in all its dementia, in all its folly, is characterized by forgetfulness of all essential elements of human nature. Just as the intellectual supremacy of Western civilization was marked by a pronounced forgetfulness of the dimension of Being, of ascesis, and of genuine intellectual intuition, in its later stages the Western-Faustian complex of technical-industrial supremacy begins to eat over its own essence in an accelerated fashion, and in this fashion, the very meaning of human nature is forgotten and ditched apart in favor of a technological inversion – or trans-valuation of values – that in its drive to commodification and objectification ensues in the total destruction of human society, objective morality, character, essence, human personality and established biological facts, and their replacement by a set of aberrant self-made principles deified by humanity’s own innate subjectivity, by man’s own innate and blind voluntarism as opposed to man’s intellect and spiritual faculties.

These principles only find growing clout and reputation because of the destructive essence of Liberalism, and also americanized libertarianism, as an ideology that solidifies the infantile subjectivism, the fundamental solipsistic cage of postmodern civilization, and the naive and unwise notions and ideas that ground this subjectivism – including the idea that sex, gender, the essence of personality, and the values of family, society, ethnos, collectivity, indeed, the very notions that ground society as such, and not as a mere collection of chaotic and atomized individuals – are all interchangeable, relative, and can be chosen individually in a do it yourself fashion. This aberrant state of affairs, which is very new in human history, is primarily the byproduct of the predominance of American individualism and consumerism, and its own innate intellectual deformity, stagnation, and finally primordial infantile essence, that through their spread by the means of media, pop culture, and whatnot, begin to atrophy the foundations of every civilization in the world in the process of Americanization, in the process of the transformation of the ethnos into an ochlos that historically – as Spengler, and also his intellectual mentor Goethe would say – constitutes the primary preface to the chapter of Cesarism and broad social and political massification, vulgarization and mechanization that act all in tandem with the authoritarianism, the effective rule and iron hand of complex and almost always hidden elites.

The world finds itself in a new stage, and thru this stage, we must seek to undo the corrupt byproducts of American supremacy, that had these profound destructive and degrading effects over the moral fabric of the world. Unthinking American supremacy must necessarily come to the fore as a sort of antidote to the myriad of moral and metaphysical evils that curses this world at the end of the post-modern age.

Just as Heidegger sought to concisely deconstruct all the foundations of Western Promethean Techno-Scientific and Intellectual Hubris, so we must strive to act according to the principle of DE-WESTOXIFICATION, of DE-OCCIDENTOSIS, of the erasing of the values of post-modern nihilism; inspired primarily and chiefly by the ideologues of Iranian Revolution, such as Fardid and Ali Shariati, we must use it as a way to weed out the residues, the prevailing element of moral, spiritual, and physiological decadence that thru the harmful influence of Western media and western civilization have gone so far as becoming – like rust – the most visible element covering the once upon a time healthy fabric of global societies.

The process of first identifying, and then – thru corrective measures inspired by revolutionary fervor – destroying the elements of Occidentosis and promoting genuine and authentic traditionalism must be connected with the primordial fact that people, thru the complacency of centuries of Occidentosis, must be made to realize the profound blindness, the profound mistake that lies at the essence of the Western primacy of the ego and subjectivity, and the values of this corrupt and degraded civilization of consumerist individuals that stand in forgetfulness and deep opposition to centuries of authentic and genuine traditional civilization that not only existed in the West, but also in the rest, and was also more genuine and complete in the rest.

It is only through the destruction of this innate Promethean egoistical hubris, and the liberal relativism that finds its final form in our days, that we can unbind people from the chains of their own minds corrupted by the digital postmodern age, and thus by a comprehensive and revolutionary process of cultural purification, purge ourselves of the elements and the residues that have gone so far as being propagated as “absolute” and “authentic” by the vehicles of globalist and Western plutocratic and imperialist distortion, the spread of individualist consumerism, and other aberrant byproducts of the Anglo-American supremacist mentality and degenerate Western culture; as well as all those who would try to universalize the current state of post-modern stasis and rottenness in a bid to create a new globalist dystopia in the service of capital, and in the service of the American mixture of Sodom and Babylon that seeks – by virtue of its own misguided manifest destiny, it’s own stupid and insane liberalism, its own individualistic deformity and ignorance of man’s innate ontology – to cause the permanent deformation and destruction of the values of everything that still remains authentic and organic in the world, especially outside the West.

Western Civilization, like the cancerous tumor and the outgrowth of the perverted minds of those who have sought a Promethean new foundation of man, and who have, through the last centuries, permanently destroyed the steady foundations upon which the original, root Western civilization had founded itself upon – Western civilization must be understood as the current tumor, as the current outgrowth of a sickness that found place only and mainly within itself, chiefly as a result of the contradictions that have stemmed from its soulless epistemological and technological approach to the world and its own subjectivism; one that ignores the genuine dimension of Being and of Principles and immerses itself in a world of fantasies disguised as intellectual paradigms. And the values of this decadent Western society, that threaten the very foundations upon which not only the West, but the entire human civilization, including those ancestral non-Western civilizations that have been built upon solid Tradition and have stood integrally the test of time, being infinitely more superior in the qualitative plan than the present day technological dystopia and post-modern decadence.

Like a cancer, for the new Eurasian civilization to grow, we must destroy Western supremacy. And this cancer will die out, if and when only the intended goal of de-Westoxification – taken from its narrow Iranian and Islamic scope and universalized as the due civilizing goal of the dissident, Neo-Eurasian and anti-Imperialist camp – finds its fulfillment and consummation in the destruction of the values of nihilistic and perverted post-modernity, its pathetic sentimentalism and its denial of all that stands as transcendental, ontological and supra-human, as once dreamed by Heidegger, Schmitt, and other anti-liberals, who sought the primacy of ancestral and traditional values over the rootless bourgeois plutocracy of the maritime powers, and who had to unfortunately contend with the sheer spiritual and moral decadence that the triumph of Atlanticism brought upon continental Europe – thus ruining their historical societies from top to bottom.

It is time for a new historical process to appear, that will undo this fundamental perversion, and will act as the civilizing force behind the creation of a new society, of a new model of man, that must necessarily act in succession to Western modernity and its perverted and deformed anti-traditional paradigms, its monstrous cultural impositions that seek the fundamental perversion of all tenets of basic human nature for the sake of a plutocratic, globalist dystopia. The fundamental struggle of our day and age must be, then, understood within the character of CIVILIZATION X BARBARITY, with the fight against the West constituting the fundamental struggle for the sake of civilization and its basic principles in our troubled day and age. The struggle against the West, is the struggle for genuine civilization against globalist degeneracy, perversion, uniformity, and barbarism, is the supreme struggle through which the fundamental deliverance of human civilization will occur in our day and age, and thru which we can finally build that which – upon solid principles that are alien to the foreign, cancerous and degrading Western post-modernity – has formed entire societies that have lasted for millennia solid and unchanged. These include, namely, the primeval authentic Russia, and also the Islamic and Chinese worlds.

We must remember Konstantin Leontiev’s words, his abhorrence of Western civilization, his prediction of the gradual process of simplification that would ultimately lead to the death of Western society, his criticism of both liberalism and socialism as the pseudo-dilemma, the pseudo-antithesis, that is proper to modern and post-modern societies in their late stage of decadence. And even if in this day and age we cannot count on having the reactionary powers of old, we can count of the work of Eurasianism to lend us the necessary elements thru which this struggle against the decaying West and its will to power will be transported to the realities of the 21st century.

This principle – mentioned here as the main solid basis of the non-Western world - is none less than TRADITION, understood in and fully fleshed out by intellectuals as diverse as Ernst Junger, Martin Heidegger, Schmitt, Maritain, Rene Guenon, K. Leontiev, Julius Evola, Ahmad Fardid, and other countless exponents of traditional, organic and timeless metaphysical authenticity VERSUS the inorganic, soulless, inauthentic nihilism of Western post-modernity, the plutocratic-bourgeois aberrant pseudo-morphosis that threatens to eat all civilizations in the world. And by tackling away the damning contradictions of neoliberal capitalism and the liberal worldview, we can, through a process that resembles Hegelian theory, destroy them through the pincer of a fundamental dialectics that seek contradiction and negation as the primary vehicle that succeeds in undermining the credibility and foundation of all structures of postmodern civilization, and all the most solidified lies of its corrupt establishment.