Food, Netflix and pornography: this is the current life of my COVIDiot friends


It is no longer a matter of virus. The game is being played between the desperate and the smart-ass. Our political class is made up of filthy and evil beings, without the slightest scruple to lead people to despair.

The other day, after learning that my region, Lombardy, was about to be placed in the red zone again, I saw the despair and anguish in the eyes of my friends. One of them, who gets by on Xanax, says her business is close to death. And I suspect she is too. Her thoughts always go to all those who committed suicide during and beyond the great lockdown, and who have not even been talked about. “I understand them”, she tells me. She greets me with tears in her eyes. One month of work, scarce among other things, and she is already blocked, who knows how long. Another one began to suffer from panic attacks. Another still no longer knows how to let the children pass the time, children permanently locked at home. They [the politicians] are making us live in terror; they have taken away our freedom, friendship, leisure, work.

Here there is no shop, retirement home, bar, library, even church, which has not complied with safety requirements. You have to make an appointment for anything. There is no longer a single Christ who, walking down the street, does not prefer scratching his butt against the wall in order to keep his distance from other passers-by. The neighbors have become spies, the supermarket cashiers scold customers with a mask just under their noses, young people are singled out as terrorists if they meet at someone's home to spend some time together. The majority of the population now has psychic trauma, perhaps irreversible, respects the rules maniacally and in an inhumane way, yet the bastards still close and block everything, because there are the positives. This can only mean one thing: that they are killing humans and businesses, forcing the elderly to forget about their children and grandchildren, for restrictions that don't work.

People no longer know how to live. On the other hand, a guy I know and who is in favor of putting free citizens under house arrest, evidently not having problems with money and work, can afford to masturbate up to 5 times a day, pontificating on how many “dickheads” – he said – “go out and do what they want, without staying at home as they should”. Food, Netflix and pornography, this is how his current life is summed up. But do wankers like him know that not even at the time of the black plague everyone was locked up in the house?

Do the priests, who have long since become clowns under the guidance of Bergoglio, still know that St. Francis embraced lepers? Do they know that they have deprived the souls of spiritual comfort, faith, hope, solidarity, and above all, the power of the rite? If in the past, at least, I loved sitting in an empty church listening to Gregorian chants, today I can't do it. I can't even make the sign of the Cross in the grace of God, because instead of holy water they put sanitizer. And on the bench I see the stickers with the number and the arrows for spacing. Desecration of a place of worship. I have no other definition.

During the initiative of these days, of the open bars, there were the inevitable men in uniform, without brains and without conscience, who distributed fines to customers, with that sadism that we have come to know very well. The arrogance of the untouchables with a guaranteed salary. One day you will not be able to do the shopping if you do not have the health license in order, take a plane or a train, work, receive medical care.

Let's clarify a few things, I'm a “dickhead” who doesn't stay at home, one who doesn't denounce clandestine birthday parties, on the contrary, encourages them. I am one who shakes hands and embraces those who still want to feel human and, despite this, I am alive. I am one who insults those who reproach her for not having a mask from dawn to dusk. I am someone who does not accept the guilt that is being pressed into the brain.

If many others, with a dull life, enjoy the new role of informers, living as recluses and afraid of the virus, then they will stay at home to die of starvation, as long as they have no problems supporting themselves, but leave alone me and all the others in difficulty.

I do not deny that I would enjoy immensely seeing these people cry, like someone who has already been suffering from this social tragedy for a year. It is inevitable that all this will one day also spill over to them, even if they feel safe. Nevertheless, I still have so many things I want to do and learn, to give up now. Revenge will come by itself, but it is our duty to carry on the resistance again until all is over.

[Translator’s note: I continue to offer to the readers some translations about the Italian reality in these COVIDian days and about the suffering that the population is feeling. Not only by the pandemic but also by the decisions of a government that seems to have lost the sense of reality, a government perceived by many Italians as insensitive to the dramas of ordinary people]


Original column by Clara Carluccio:

Translation by Costantino Ceoldo