The Fourth Political Theory seen from Uruguay


Yesterday, on 25th of August, while working on my computer I noticed that  one of my Facebook friends was posting something on his page. Usually I am ignoring this kind of Facebook notices.  But this time my attention was caught by the mention about the Fourth Political Theory.I understood immediately that somebody was writing about the conception of the Russian philosopher Aleksander Dugin.
I clicked on my keyboard and I viewed that person’s Facebook page. His profile picture showed a man with a great mustache watching me warmly. Pyotr Volkov, as he is known by his pen name,wasannouncing, at that very moment,  the publication of his ebook”The Final Kingdom: Horizons of the Fourth Political Theory”.

I had a personal interest in finding more about the enigmatic Pyotr Volkov. Back in 2014 I translated in Romanian ”The Fourth Political Theory” of this famous Russian thinker  as well as other books of the same author.  To satisfy my curiosity I sent a messageto  Pyotr Volkov. I asked who he was and if he was  from Russia. No, he replied, I’m from Uruguay, but I have some Russian ancestry and I am speaking Russian too. His Hispanic birth name is Diego Daniel Garcia and he is an anthropologist by training. Pyotr Volkov decided to publish his book on Dugin on August 25 because this day is Uruguay Independence Day. I insisted: ”How did you discover Dugin ?” He said: ”Several years ago Dugin hold some public conferences in Buenos-Aires, the capital city of Argentina and a friend of mine attended this event. My friend got so enthusiastic about Dugin’s ideas and worldview that I decided to look into  his books. This is how I started to study his work, and, as a result, I wrote this book. Anyone can download it from my Facebook page for free, I do not seek any financial gains, I just want to share a concept that I find very important for all peoples”.

I was happy to discover a new rebel fighter against the dominant system of global plutocracy. In order to share with my readers his approach on Dugin’s political philosophy, I decided to ask him several questions

Iurie Roșca,


Republic of Moldova

Iurie Roșca: Dear Pyotr, first of all I would like you to say several words about yourself.

Pyotr Volkov: I was born in the capital city of Montevideo, here in Uruguay. I studied at the State University of my country, the UDELAR, to become an anthropologist, planning to travel to Moscow next year to brush up my skills in the the Russian language and do a Master at the RUDN. I started my writing career when I was 18 years old. For almost a decade I worked on  amanuscript which took its final form thanks to my finding of Russian thinker Aleksandr Dugin.

Iurie Roșca: You made the effort to write a book about an author from another part of the world. What made you think that Dugin’s vision applies to Latin America as well?

Pyotr Volkov: I made this effort thinking that Dugin’s vision applies to planetary problems. Everyone of us are in the same boat and if the boat goes down, all of  us will go down with it.  I also inherited a great fascination for Russian culture, history, politics and religion.

IurieRoșca: Tell us about the structure of your book.

Pyotr Volkov:  The book is divided in 3 sections. The chapters of the first section deal with political philosophy, geopolitics and sociology from an alternative point of view. The chapters of the second section are about economic issues, including economic alternatives to the present system and why other alternatives failed to destroy the current hegemonic system. The third and final part, which is the larger, being half of the book, deals with spiritual and religious problems, starting with Eastern Orthodoxy vs Rome. Then the book discusses about why the Gregorian calendar is obsolete to Christianity and what is the alternative to it. Afterwards the book shows the ancient origin of Christian theology, and finally it suggests that talking about spiritual races is implicit in Christianity ”May they be erased from the book of life and not listed with the righteous. – Psalm 69:28” The final conclusion argues that theocracy is not incompatible with democracy but on the contrary, it is essential toit.

Iurie Roșca: Who exactly is viewed as the targeted audience of your book? Can we say that your goal is, not only to share with your readers the vision of the Russian thinker, but to trigger a more revolutionary attitude among them?

Pyotr Volkov:  My targeted audience is all the seekers of truth out there. The book is not only a summary of Dugin’s thought but a way to create from Dugin and other authors a practical way of solving many of the present human problems. I call my own structure of the Fourth Political Theory as ”normativism”, understanding norms as ideals, and thus basic norms as high ideals.

Iurie Roșca: Why did you decide to write your book in English, not in Spanish? Do you think to make a Spanish version of it?

Pyotr Volkov: I use English as a way to reach a wider audience, which is absolutely essential to a new author like me. I think of making a Russian version and then the Spanish version.

Iurie Roșca: As you well know The Theory of Multipolar World, elaborated by Professor Dugin  is complementary to his  Fourth Political Theory;  it argues  that  the unipolar momentum is followed by a worldwide attempt  to build another international order based on principles of  association among  large geopolitical areas which have the same civilizational identity. In other words, the chance of a nation to overcome the North American global hegemony is to join several strategic areas which have sufficient economic and military power capable to reject the US imperialistic ambitions. And not a singlestate can do it by itself. Regarding this, how is seen the so-called Monroe Doctrine in Latin America among the political elites and intellectual circles?

Pyotr Volkov: The problem with the political elites and intellectual circles in Latin America is that there are plenty of unscrupulous cowards and traitors among them. The exceptions are few.  Every honest individual would think of the Monroe Doctrine in Latin America as modern colonialism. In the same way, every smart thinker, including of course Dugin, knows that multipolarity is vital to put an end to global slavery.

Iurie Roșca: Under the circumstances of an unlimited, permanent political, economic, media and axiological war of US against the nations of Central and South America, how strong is the ”anti-Yankee”  attitudes among the ordinary people and the political movements?

Pyotr Volkov: In Central America, the US political domination existed long before it reached South America. The US political and cultural domination of the South America began after 1947 with the demise of the British empire and the start of the Cold War.  Britain’s domination of our economy brought us a lot of technological progress but U.S domination of our economy brought the very opposite. If it wasn’t for the anti-Yankee sentiment, the U.S would had brought our people down to the Middle Ages.

Iurie Roșca: You are writing a lot in your book about Russian Orthodox Faith and about spiritual issues in general. Is it because of your Russian roots or because of your interest in the spiritual decadence of Modernity?  As we all know such decadence grew catastrophic during the current historical period of globalization and the Western ”culture of death”

Pyotr Volkov: I must admit that my preoccupation for the spiritual decadence of Modernity is something painful   that sometimes it keeps me awake at night, it just makes me sick. Despite my distant Russianroots,  I felt like some kind of superior force or reason guided me all along this path. Following this path is the entire reason of my earthly existence, anyone is in need of a true reason to live  or die.

Iurie Roșca: Our interview will be read by Aleksander Dugin himself, who will discover you thanks to it , as well as by many anti-System intellectuals all over the world.  Would you like to tell a few special words to our readers?

Pyotr Volkov: I like to thank you all for being such a great and special political and cultural engine for worldwide change. You are the only chance of changing this desperate planet to prevent an ultimate disaster to strike everyone. Keep going and keep faith, my friends.

Iurie Roșca: Dear Pyotr, thanks a lot for your hard work and for your kind responses.