France on the eve of the elections


The 1st round of the elections will have place the 23d of April. The leaders of the presidential race are: antiglobalist Marine Le Pen and globalist Emmanuel Macron (according to IFOP and OpinionWay polls).

The battle of the populist forces against unipolar elites

This fight is historical, because there is the possibility that nobody from the classical political parties will be in the 2nd tour (neither republican, nor socialist candidate). That means that the political space of Europe transforms itself into the battle of the populist forces against unipolar elites.

This phenomenon is called by certain philosophers (such as Chantal Mouffe or Alain de Benoist) the ‘populist moment’. It means that people is starting to realize that it is being deprived of the political life. This abandon provoques a reaction of revolt. People demands the political power to take in account its will. The only candidate in this elections, who stands on the side of the French people’s interests is the leader of the “National Front” Marine Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen as an actor of ‘populist moment’

Her main political aim is to give back the voice and power to people. She declares that the slavery of France must be ended: the priority of the EU must be thrown away and France must leave it.  That will give France an opportunity to reconquest its sovereignty in 4 spheres: economical, territorial, juridical and monetary.  

In the domain of International Relations she can be judged as the classical realist: the sovereignty of France is the highest value, the main line in the international politics must be dictated by the real interests of the country ( in this sphere Russia becomes a partner as a essential garant of the multipolar world, the USA with its neo-conservative course and liberalism in the International Relations is comsidered rather an enemy to France and a threat to its political independence).

Macron as a defender of the liberal world order

According to the polls (IFOP and OpinionWay), Macron will overcome Le Pen in the 2nd tour of the elections. The 39-old politician is the classical representative of the ultraliberal ideology. Declaring himself as somebody, who isn’t left-wing or right-wing, Macron unites in his program the liberal left political ideas and liberal right capitalism. This is a mix, which is totally opposite to the political program of  Marine Le Pen (from 2011 she is trying to mix the right politics with left economy).
Macron is a child of the french globalist Swamp, represented today by socialist party, president Hollande and the promoters of globalism such as Jacques Attali, the creator of the theory of the nomadic elite’s world-state. 

The leader of the movement “En Marche” is artificially constructed by the media-sphere, controlled by the liberal left government ( some users of facebook started to name the BFM TV as the BFMacron TV – the similar was with CNN, which was doing a disastorous propaganda for Clinton and was called by alt-right partisans as the Clinton News Network). In the International Relations Macron is the classical liberal, who defends the EU as a step to create the unipolar One World without the identities. Macron's (in)famous phrase is now widely dicussed ‘There is no french culture, there is a culture in France ’. Some people thinks it is rather insult of Frenchmen. 

Comparing Marine Le Pen and Macron, we can say that Marine Le Pen represents the new force of the French people and her opponent is the continuation of the old liberal left course, with final goal -- to construct the unipolar and globalist world order.

The system is against Le Pen and for Macron

2 weeks before the 1 st tour of the president elections the radical anti-fascist activists and left extremists from Soros-financed movements have launched a hashtag #NuitdeBarricades – the barricade's night. This is an appeal to a huge demonstration and some kind of Maidan in the center of Paris (place de la Bastille) after the first round of the president elections, where Marine Le Pen will probably win.  There is a possible wave of huge anti-Le Pen protests in the suburbs of big French cities (especially in Paris) , which was prepared for several weeks.

The system is not interested in the victory of the leader, who represents the interests of people and is not involved in the liberal agenda. In the case of the victory of Marine Le Pen in the 2nd tour (the 7th may) the results of the elections can be annulated by the government: it can be done on the base on the 16th article of the french constitution, which describes the urgent situation in the country. The other candidate F.Fillon that has too small chances to win has already voiced the appeal to cancel elections in front of possible terrorist alert.