"Freedom Party" resembles to hopes of around 50% Austrian people


The candidate from the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO), Norbert Hofer, recognized his defeat in the country's presidential election. He lost by less than 1% due to the postal vote swinging the result, thus his rival Alexander Van der Bellen claimed the victory. However, it is the biggest result of the FPO in Austria's history.

The party is supported by 50% of Austrian citizens and was defeated because the establishment used administrative and media resources to prevent the FPO's accession to power. Senator of the Republic of Austria Hans-Joerg Jenewein spoke about the Freedom Party's rising support.

In fact, the Austrian "Freedom Party" conducts a policy that is defined by Austrian citizens. We talk about problems in Austria, we talk about crime, we talk about problems in the EU, we tell the truth about the future in Europe, when the world changes this way... I think that is the most important point, the key to the Austrian Freedom Party's success.

There are many problems in Europe. Since 2008 - the economic and euro crises, and since last year we have a future crisis... And I have to say, that EU is unable to find any solutions. When we see political unwillingness towards security, the people in Austria want to see a political elite that takes away their worries and takes care of all their problems. The "FPO" says loud and clear - ‘yes' to economic cooperation in Europe, but ‘no' to European patronism.

The EU is still a project of the political elite with no genuine mandate from the people. I think we want be the liberating force in Europe against this political project. When you look around, we have become more and more strong, every day.

Austria is a friend of Russia. "FPO" wants to force political parties in Austria to criticize the sanctions in Austrian parliament. The "FPO" wants to be a partner with Russia and Russian people. I have seen, and stilll see many in politics have relations between the "FPO" and the "United Russia" party of Vladimir Putin. I am especially thinking about social policy.

It is very necessary to completely restart the European policy. I hope a certain trend, especially in foreign policy, will be all that is needed to bring a trend of home policy... To conclude, I would like to say that the "Freedom Party" resembles the hopes of around 50% of Austrian people, and their desires for peace, liberty, and justice.