The French University, A Temple of Genocidal Trotskyism



"Supporterons-nous que des milliers d'hommes, en ce temps, souffrent et se révoltent de notre refus de témoigner, de notre lâcheté, de notre fausse commisération?"

Maurice Bardèche


 This short essay is the account of a philosopher who has long been accustomed to analysing the political tendencies generated by the most profound aspects of human nature.  This will, however, be one of the rare occasions as a political scientist, where I intend to introduce autobiographical elements into my study. In the same way that a zoologist who is devoted to studying the behaviour of jackals, I will illustrate my thesis on the genocide perpetrated by Trotskyism in French universities throughout the world, through a personal account of the attacks I have suffered from these scavengers. These are memoirs that are unique in their own way: I am not only the only one to have seen Trotskyist rubbish in various Western universities during more than a quarter of a century, but I have also been able to collect a number of official denunciations, in which the officials softened by institutionalized French Trotskyism indulge and which, for the first time, reveal their true nature.    

In 2001, at the age of 28, I was invited to give courses to third-year students, in so doing becoming the youngest teacher to whom this level of responsibility was entrusted in the Slavic Studies Department of the Sorbonne Paris IV, and this without any previous experience in academic teaching. It was openly made clear to me that I had been chosen because I was Jewish and was expected to accede to everything on the path to a university professorship; in other words, I should not only to sleep with the old Israeli prostitutes elected as Sorbonne professors by their home-grown French Trotskyist pimps, join in their group slander, or join a union for the purposes of sitting in vile soviets, but above all, dedicate my entire career to the annihilation of the Slavic peoples - since this is the sole activity of those who we collectively call "Russian specialists" in the West – as well as of France, of all white peoples, and of Eurasia as a whole. Trotsky's name was never spoken, because already there had been two generations of distance between those who had "instructed" me from the French-speaking emissary of Leïba Bronstein - that scientific nonentity Pierre Pascal who had introduced a debasement of standards, through the ideology of his master, within the French Universities. Those who had brought me to the Sorbonne were therefore the true products of this "third generation of Trotskyism" which we find in the most remote corners of the contemporary West: semi-professional old geezers, illiterate and uneducated fools, animated by a frenetic hatred of science and the French Universities which had welcomed them, these Untermenschen, so-called professors who sit on the National Council of Universities (Conseil national des universités, CNU), who hate humanity and wish for the extermination of those Slavic peoples whose language, civilisation and literature they are supposed to teach. This is why, not so many years ago in France, an academic figure could, despite the roaring flock of apparatchiks, access a professorial chair in order to educate the young and to endow them with culture and critical thinking. After the centralisation as instituted by the CNU in 1945, every talented scientist saw himself blocked by soft Trotskyists and particularly by invertebrates and brain-dead officials swimming in the Trotsky excrement, which had become their only professional doctrinal environment. Indeed, none of the French or Swiss "Russian specialist" teachers is really fluent in Russian[1] or, if born in the Soviet Union, was forced to prostitute himself for many years in order to inherit the position of his pimp-professor who had eventually fallen into senility. The only "academic" solution for these professors is to defame and send slanderous denunciations to the French police; denunciations that they transmit as good Trotskyist apparatchiks to the Ministry of Higher Education in order to manufacture, with pen-pushers who are civil servants of the same ilk as these "Russian professors", a collective hysteria to drive out those who enter the University driven by a passion for Russian literature. Because hysterical collectivism is the only form of existence and comprehension of the world for so-called "academic" Trotskyists. It was therefore logical that, as a Slavist having received international awards in Russia[2] (before the committees of various awards came under pressure from the Sorbonne and the University of Geneva), Hellenist[3], theologian[4], Germanist[5], philosopher[6], specialist in French literature[7], recognised by my academic peers in Eurasia because I have been published there[8], Russian man of letters who was the youngest winner of the Marc Aldanov Prize[9] I would be denied even the right to seek a post as a lecturer in France, a victim of the slanders of the Trotskyite apparatchiks of the French University. I have scrupulously collected these official documents for decades in order to be able to demonstrate the long human decay that Pierre Pascal intended and achieved, by imposing three generations of "Russian" professors on Western Universities. For if a living Frenchman has lost four IQ points within just a few years, if one in ten adult Frenchmen is totally illiterate (according to an official survey that collects such data that has since become even more disastrous and therefore hidden from the general public[10]), this is the work of the backward French university executives, who were also totally uneducated in their academic[11] "speciality", a backwardness violently sought and prepared for by Pierre Pascal, a former collaborator of Trotsky in Moscow who had followed his master after his expulsion to clemency in the West. The only real activity of these grandchildren of Trotsky, who are now university literature professors, consists in the fabrication of slanderous institutional crises aimed at spreading the opprobrium onto those whom they try to keep away from the academic chair solely because of their attachment to order and beauty. By examining the documents I have collected from the Conseil national des Universités, it is easier to understand how the Soviet Trotskyists, who launched the genocides of the Slavonic forces, succeeded in bringing Stalin to the forefront of the greatest crime against humanity committed in history. Indeed, Trotsky, banished from the Soviet Union with his records in 1929, left behind, not only the Gulags he had established, but also a multitude of Trotskyist administrators who were responsible for whole waves of ethnocides, within the Soviet Union. They also exterminated each other of course, but blamed their mass crimes only on Stalin, allowing them to engage in active manipulation in the West, exploiting their image as victims. This was the aim of Solzhenitsyn's first work, collected by the French "Russian" university civil servants as set up by Pierre Pascal, the faithful servant of Trotsky before, during and following the occupation by the forces of the Third Reich and of the Vichy government, which is now scorned but to which this former collaborator of Trotsky had pledged loyalty.[12] Struve[13], Catteau and other charlatans according to the consensus of the Trotskyists as "Russian specialists", having already descended into Hell, previously supported financially by a manna spilled from the American embassy in Paris, made an unrestrained claim for Solzhenitsyn, pushing him towards the Nobel Prize for one single purpose: that of clearing Trotsky and above all these new generations of Trotskyists, these neo-conservatives who passed sole responsibility of crimes or complicity in crimes against humanity on to Stalin, allowing them to infect entire Western generations with crypto-Trotskysm and the Freudian sauce (known as the "Frankfurt school" in pseudo-scientific gibberish), and even more atrociously, to repatriate Trotsky to Russia via Perestroika in the form of a promotion of ugliness, deified inculturation, cosmopolitanism, the "gender theory" aimed at advertising sodomy and thus the destruction of the normal family, which is the primordial cell of humanity.

My way of teaching Solzhenitsyn's work, my desire to inform the academic community of a repentant Solzhenitsyn at the end of his life, aspiring - at least partially - to repair the damage he created[14], indicating his former sponsor in his Two Hundred Years Together, 1795-1995 earned me the usual slander and filthy pressure from the editors of the Geneva-based "very courageous anti-Stalinist resistance fighter" Nivat, this now dying "teacher" having spent his entire life defaming me,[15] forbidding me from seeking a position as a lecturer in France. At the end of his life, the old Solzhenitsyn visited the Vendée monuments to the glory of the Chouannerists and clearly indicated that the French republic was the matrix of this terror that Trotsky spread throughout the Russian Empire. Naturally, according to the Parisian editors of the Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenitsyn would have been better off dying before this act of repentance. The fact that Solzhenitsyn made a weak attempt to dot the "i's" drove the creatures of the Trotskyist agent Pierre Pascal (if you plan to pursue a career in French or Swiss Slavism - or seek to have them nurture you -, it is better not to affirm this fact!) to make the same slanderous attacks on Solzhenitsyn as I have suffered since 2012, from their students who are now members of the Conseil national des universités (CNU): every effort is being made to destroy any description of Trotskyist problems which originate from a sect which has declared itself to be the incarnation of a Messiah, thirsty only for earthly power[16], a sect which acts in plain view and which is now trying to install the global power it failed to establish a century ago with Leïba Bronstein, when it imposed its tyranny from Petrograd.

Conclusion. Why now draw the attention to the spiritual elites to the issue of the French Trotskyists, the ideological great-grandchildren of Pierre Pascal, who have nakedly denounced me since 2002? The war of extermination of the cosmopolitan world against peoples and their natural rights is intensifying. However, it is the French Slavists, who have forgotten their Trotskyist lineage but who never cease to endlessly repeat Trotsky's doctrines, who have become the spearhead of this declared global ethnocide. Worse still, in the run-up to every Russian civic event - such as the presidential elections of 2018 - they strut through Russia as the embodiment of honour and independence of spirit. Moreover, these paragons of honesty are welcomed by their Muscovite publishers, such as the billionaire Prokhorov, trained by Western governments, alternately with a stick and carrot so they do not deviate from the path of carnage of the Eastern Slavs and other peoples of federal Russia: sometimes threatening imprisonment in France, or US sanctions aimed at Prokhorov himself, sometimes by decorating the siblings with the Legion of Honour. That is why the file I have on the Western hosts of the Prokhorovs in Moscow, these French university officials, is so valuable. These unique pieces not only demonstrate the nature of Pierre Pascal's academic bastards - but above all, they reveal the true demands of Russia's "liberals", and how the true nature of these "models" should be seen". As Trotsky failed to transform the Slavs of the East into white Negroes (his semi-mythic line must be recalled), his French descendants are now struggling to deport tribes from Africa in demographic turmoil to Russia, in order to forcibly mix the indigenous population, as is practised in Western Europe, notably with the committed complicity of French universities. For Trotskyism is animated by the unstoppable racial hatred of white people, which has become the modus operandi of Western universities: the University of Paris 8 organises meetings where white people are officially prohibited[17]; an anti-white racist organism, namely the Council Representing Black Associations in France (CRAN - imagine the existence of a representative council of white associations in France! It would be prohibited by Republican political police immediately!) is headed by a lecturer at the University of Orléans... The National Council of French Universities (CNU) therefore approves anti-white racism because it has given an official "qualification" to this function. Similarly, a scientific study of the so-called "European" scientific community forbids a Hungarian city from becoming a cultural capital of Europe because it is the image of "... a white and Christian Europe. Everyone is happy, white and dancing in the streets."[18]: the author of these lines is deprived by the European Commission of a research grant because he writes "in patriotic newspapers, which would be contrary to the European Commission's policy of promoting interbreeding"... I could continue with the examples of this anti-white racism promoted by Western Universities for a long time to come. The tactics of neo-conservative globalists are exactly the same as those of French university officials, members of the National Council of Universities because they conform to the Trotskyist magma: they sink into crises of collective hysteria and then present their results as the only possible outcome, as the consequence of wise reflection. However, as long as the Russian world resists this, either by setting up a barrage at Donbass or Donetsk, or by applying a policy of defending the family or traditional values, its peoples and leaders will be endlessly treated as "fascists" by these cosmopolitan misanthropes.


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