The future is Novorossiya!

A russian defeat in former "Ukraine" will not be complete as long as Donbass stays free from the Kiev nazi junta. A russian victory in former "Ukraine" will not be complete as long as all of Novorossiya and all lands east of the Dnepr river are not liberated from the Kiev nazi junta.
The USA know this and will probably give orders to their servants in Kiev to attack Donbass just before or during the russian presidental elections or during the football world championship - all to disrupt Russia as much as possible! Then the liberation of Crimea will be a very small victory for Russia if Novorossiya is lost to the Kiev nazi junta and Nato can build bases there with missiles aimed at Moscow.
Former "Ukraine" is from 2014 a dysfunctional pseudo-state run by an illegal and nazi junta in Kiev who take their orders from Washington. It is a scizophrenic "state" where one half of the population is indoctrinated and hates and opresses the other half with the help of the illegal regime and illegal armed terrorist groups like "Pravyj Sector". These groups have also taken over parts of the "ukrainian army" that now has become a tool of opression of the people of Novorossiya and thus has lost all legitimity too. The only way to get out of this mess is to liberate Novorossiya and all lands east of the Dnepr river from the Kiev nazi junta. This would also solve the problem of Transniestria and save that state from Nato occupation. The rest of "Ukraine" is so indoctrinated by lies and infiltrated by nazis that it is not worth the effort to liberate. It should be possible to support the Novorossian regions at least by promise that once they vote for independence, or to join Russia, then their application will be 100% approved and people will be protected from the nazis.
So Novorossiya is the only future for the majority of the people in former "Ukraine" - either as an independent new state, or as a part of Russia. Another reason for this is that Novorossiya contains and unites almost all mentally sane people that are left in former "Ukraine": the resistance against the Kiev nazi junta in Donbass - the only free part of Novorossiya for now - is spearheaded by people from both the right and the left side of the political spectrum. Such people tend to be more politically aware and even more intelligent than people who just "accept their fate". The interesting and positive fact is that you find both nationalists (not extreme nationalists like in Galicia) and communists in Donbass fighting on the same side against the Kiev nazi junta and its western mercenaries. This union of left and right for a higher cause, a just cause, is good for the future of Novorossiya and it can serve as an example for Russia too: first comes the Motherland and Novorossiya and the Russian World, and only after that comes politics (or so it should be, anyway!).
Novorossiya (and eastern Malorossiya) contains the biggest part of industry and natural resources, and of educated people, of former"Ukraine" so it can "pay" for the "cost" for its liberation.


History shows us that what is built on hate and lies and crime and foreign power is rotten and will collapse sooner or later. Former "Ukraine" has become the "brown hole" of Europe - "Banderastan" has no future - the future is Novorossiya!