General Soleimani, the Martyr Who Changed the World

Americans like to build the legend of their country (devoid of history and tradition) on media events. Such moments, which are to give the shadow of identity to this atomized mixture, give a false sense of community and solidarity – these are especially unexplained crimes, occurring systematically, especially when it particularly suits the international financiers, global Zionism and the military-industrial complex. Such dates-keys to understanding the shallowness of the American soul are, among others 9/11 - and earlier, the murder of President John F. Kennedy.  Can the nation, whose consciousness is shaped almost exclusively by acts of crime, affect the rest of the World in any way other than crime?

USA – Criminal State

A state created by the murder and degradation of the indigenous people of America, thanks to slavery and treatment worse than the animals of millions of slaves imported from Africa. A state built on the plunder of neighbouring territories, theft of Indians, the exploitation of the Blacks and the sucking of all vital forces from all of Latin America - is a criminal state by its very essence and nature, it is a degeneration in World history, and as such should not be tolerated by civilized nations, that  should only choose between the elimination of pathology and showing the grace, isolation and long-term treatment and rehabilitation of such a degenerated organism as the USA.
Americans murder - because they know no other method of functioning in the World than crime, rape, violence, plunder. And although some members of this sick society we can and should feel sorry for (because they themselves are controlled by the same methods in a country co-ruled by organized crime, which turned from the mafia into the American elite), but however, they allow the same gangster patterns to spread from the street of US cities to the state's international relations.
So, apparently the murder of Major General Soleimani is just another in the crimes of America and its minions - after the killing of Augusto C. Sandino, Martin Luther King, Patrice Lumumba, Ngo Dinh Diem, Malcolm X, Ernesto "Che" Guevara, Aldo Moro, Zuheir Mohsen, Archbishop Oscar Romero, Maurice Bishop, Alexander Odeh, Chris Hani, Mekled Hamied, Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim, Dawoud Rajiha, Muammar Gaddafi, and many, many others, including contemporary Shi'ite martyrs: Mohammad Ali Qazi Tabatabaei, Mir Asadollah Madani, Morteza Motahhari, Mohammad-Ali Rajai, Mohammad-Javad Bahonar, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan.
In fact, however, fundamental differences can be seen - not only because among the enumerated, although outstanding figures, General Soleimani was a special and exceptional one, the hope of the World and a defender of the faithful. The most important difference boils down to the fact that the past murders were carried out by a global empire that was confident and proved its omnipotence. General Soleimani was murdered by an empire terrified, acting in weakness and despair, fleeing to its own hemisphere and to its own violent cities and ghettos.
There is a long list of America's crimes - not just against individuals, but against entire nations, against all mankind. The martyrdom of General Soleimani, however, has the special value that it has become the World's redemption from the crimes of America and may finally end their sequence. The Great Satan gave the last blow with his weakening hand - but his poisoned dagger broke, hitting the holy Martyr.

Two Funerals

In today's World, we are overwhelmed by the awareness that there are no more heroes, that everything is small, vile, bland, vain. That the heroic past is just… the past. However, Qasem Soleiman's biography proves that not all is lost, that the heroes are among us, that the heroes are among us. When I read about this great, though short, man from Kerman, I remembered the great battles and small victories of Shi'ite warriors: Jawhar ibn Abdallah, Abu Zayd al-Hilali, Rashid ad-Din Sinan. This soft voice was magnetizing, this personality gave confidence to communing with history. With this great power of Shi'ite Islam - the combination of Tradition and Eternity.
At the same time, something else strikes about this great personality - his total devotion to faith. General Soleimani was such an outstanding commander, he is such an important inspiration not only for the faithful, but for all those who want justice around the world - precisely because he was a soldier of faith who prayed all his life through struggle and victory in the name of God.  Because when we all win, it is only in God's service, thanks to His grace and for His glory. And this element of the life of the Great Martyr seems to me to be the most important.
A special element of the Islamic Revolution is its heroism, which is a model for the entire, even non-Muslim World. Of course, you cannot live every day for the sake of a revolution and in the manner of heroes and martyrs. Iran is and must also be a normal state, creating the best living conditions for its citizens, a model and example for other societies, not only Persian and not only Shiite ones. Also, striving to improve the standard of living in a country that has been subjected to over 40 years of inhuman, criminal sanctions and economic war by the West must be completely understandable. Iran's enemies, however, are forgetting that it was the first and only society to so successfully oppose Western godless liberalism and demoralisation, while equally vehemently rejecting Eastern godless communism. Hence, Iranians can sometimes be overwhelmed by the daily hardships of life - but they do not forget that they are heroes of the free World, the World of God and Values. Especially when they are led by heroes like General Soleimani.
In fact, the funerals of the General and the Great Imam connect the history of the Islamic Republic with a specific clamp. The departure of Imam Khomeini (blessed be His name!) was at the dawn of a new World in which the American Great Satan truly believed in his victory that he was left alone in the ring after the betrayal of the communist elite which had sold its states and societies to capitalists. America felt unpunished and omnipotent, and more precisely, this is how the Zionists who led American politics and the international financial circles that were a tool in their hands began to behave. For the next 30 years, only Iran, alone, invincible, has resisted the Zionist-American unipolarism, consistently also providing aid to all states and nations threatened by American-Zionist aggression. It was in this way that the Great General put into practice the teachings given by the Great Imam. From Afghanistan, through Lebanon, Bosnia, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine - the Islamic Revolution was and is everywhere where the faithful were persecuted, where enemies wanted to replace the Prophet's teachings with the godlessness. And everywhere there was a legend and the work of The Quds Force and their Leader. We all know the beautiful picture of the General with veneration and devotion sitting at the side of Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. This one picture captures the whole essence of the Islamic Revolution and the Republic: Faith and Wisdom guiding Strength and Courage.

World Without Heroes?

The Western World no longer has heroes, only celebrities. There is nothing holy left on it - and it is all for sale. Nobody and nothing is really respected - and obedience is forced by fear, economic coercion, and finally terror. Western leaders rule not by merit but by selling their services to the international financiers. The US Army and other military forces do not defend their societies but serve to terrorize and pacify them in the interests of the real rulers: bankers, military-industrial complex, Zionists. There are no ties between states and their citizens, the only method of governing is the polarization-alienation mechanism, i.e. striving to divide society as deeply as possible using fundamentally irrelevant topics, to confuse people with each other to the level of hatred and aggression - and as a result, more and more atomize and disintegrate communities, forcing alienation and a sense of loneliness in all Westerners individually and together. A modern man has to stand alone, feeling powerless in the face of the omnipotence of capital and the tyranny of the so-called democracy, and he is supposed to unload his helpless anger on orphans of old nations, families, professional and friendly groups like himself. Outstanding individuals would be not only a threat, but also a contradiction of this system, therefore they are eliminated firstly, with bribing the others. Hence, it is impossible to imagine the appearance of such a person as General Soleimani on the west side - nor such mourning in those realities. 
Instead, brainwashed audiences are shaken by hysteria when another “music star” commits suicide in a bout of drug depression, and when the ruthlessness of capitalism causes another catastrophe with innocent victims. Hysterical spasms are allowed, but not genuine regret, despair - but not reflection on the causes of evil in a tormenting World without God, without values, without heroes. Such a world cannot stop at the tomb of the Hero, it must rush forward in a blind rush of self-destruction. Unless in the eternal struggle between Good and Evil, thanks to the example of Martyrs such as General Soleimani - also that falling World will find its way to God.

God’s True Fighter

General Soleimani is not only - and during his lifetime he was not a hero of only one nation and state, because his life and work went well beyond the protection of the raison d'état of the Islamic Republic of Iran alone (although it also inspires the whole free World). General Soleimani is the hero and martyr of all the faithful - not only those from Iran, but also those from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan. From Bosnia and Albania. Voices of love, voices of devotion and respect and declarations to follow the path marked out by Soleimani come from every place in the world - those where faithful Muslims live, Persian peoples live, and especially those where the people of Faith are persecuted and only destroyed. true values, offering only nothingness, nihilism, and demoralization in return. That is - the so-called Western democracy, liberalism and capitalism.
The latest coronavirus pandemic has also become a great test of national strength and resilience. America has almost collapsed from it, it has only been proved once again that there is no such thing as the American society, that it does not have not only the political unity necessary for its survival, but even elementary solidarity and community. The entire Western world broke up instantly into closed parts, equally terrified, terrorized, pressured by international financiers, and the so-called "great American ally" gave ANYONE any help. In the same situation, the Islamic Republic (as usual) survived DESPITE inhuman sanctions, showing what true unity and reunification is. This explains clearly how a warrior like General Soleimani could have come out of this nation. Because only God's true fighters will not be beaten by neither war, nor sanctions, nor pandemic, nor US-Zionist terrorism.

The Greatest Threat to The World

This could be presented in the form of a mathematical formula: the greater the US-Zionist involvement in any region of the world - the greater the terrorist threat, the greater the threat to global security. And the greater the Iranian aid for the real fight against terrorism and imperialism, to defeat Zionism that created these phenomena and to show the true face of Saudi Wahabitism, which is only a Zionist tool - the greater the chance for World peace, allowing us to go beyond the limits of corporate capitalism and overcome real threats, related to usury, poverty, homelessness, pornography, perversions, demoralization, moral, social, intellectual and civilization collapse of the World subjected to Zionist-American domination.
On the practical side, the facts are obvious. It was Iran's aid to Iraqi Shiites that ended the chaos and destruction in Iraq (though the work has not been fully completed until the last foreign soldier and agents and corporate exploiters left Iraq). It was Iran and General Soleimani himself who settled the war in Syria by defeating the terrorists supported by Zionism. It is thanks to Iran's Shiite allies that peace reigns in Lebanon (but still threatened by terrorism, as evidenced by the monstrous attack in the Beirut port). Finally, Iran has the greatest merit in stopping the two largest seedbeds of terrorism not only in the Middle East, but on a global scale: the Zionist occupation in Palestine and the Wahhabi oligarchy in Saudi Arabia. 
It is, after all, completely obvious and elementary: both the so-called "War on Terrorism" (i.e. taking freedom from Western societies while spreading the threat), and terrorism itself, falsely called "Islamic" - will disappear with crushing the Zionist occupation in Palestine and that country and people will be liberated - and when the false, oligarchic, blasphemous Saudi monarchy collapses. Both of these works can only be done by Iran, only the Shi'ite community following the example of such heroes as General Soleimani.

Adequate Iranian Answer

It is impossible to estimate a loss as great as the death of an irreplaceable General. Therefore, it is also impossible to determine whether the provided answer was adequate, commensurate with the sacrifice made. Iran, however, has acted responsibly by giving America a chance to take its boys home. The point is not to drown the Middle East in blood, like the Zionists have used to, to murder the youth, kill leaders, overthrow governments and deprive people of dignity and free will. Iran was and remains the Peace Empire - the one that wants global consent and is realistically striving for it.  So, it hits there and only where it is necessary and in a surgical way. And in fact, not like the Zionist murderers calling their crimes committed cowardly with drones or rockets. Iran strikes where it must and when it must, without fighting the American people or the peoples of Europe, but on the contrary - offering them peace and a message of love, so different from the lies, greed and demoralization that inevitably accompany Zionism, imperialism and liberalism.
Americans are like children run by hooligans and swindlers. You have to persuade them and push them to do what is good and beneficial for them as well. The Iranian response was just such a chance for America to catch its breath, wake up from an amok, and shake off Zionist domination. The USA is also an occupied country!
This was the conclusion drawn directly from the life and work of General Soleimani himself, in line with his path and experience of this great biography. Find the stray sheep and bring it back to the herd, calm the stupid creature and bring it up to love. Poisonous viper - kill without any mercy!

“The Public Enemy No. 1”

Scoundrels need enemies to create their caricatures and use these to justify their scoundrels. The American propaganda system (especially in its Zionist version) eagerly uses the formula of "Public Enemy No. 1" - that is, someone who can be blamed for all crimes (mainly own or directly invented), for every failure, cost and problem, also internal and as a result on whom one can focus human fear and hatred, while finding a pretext for further aggression, murder, robbery and occupation, which constitute the essence of the international American-Zionist activity.
And it does not matter if yesterday's Arch-enemy will not turn out to be tomorrow's ally and saviour, and ... vice versa. America practiced it even after World War II, when literally overnight Stalin from his beloved Uncle Joe, America's best friend, Hitler's slayer - became an ominous devil who wanted to destroy the American way of life. Thanks to this rapid transformation, the Americans have humbly swallowed both the American invasion of Korea and the tracking of alleged agents, resulting in an increase in the omnipotence of the FBI, and the massive armaments spending, being a harbinger of the war-industrial sector linked to Zionist capital. And no one is safe from American perversity. After all, Washington's cherished partner was Saddam Hussein when he committed war crimes against the Iranian people - and then he was unscrupulously betrayed, attacked and murdered by the same Americans. A close friend of the Bush family was Osama ibn Laden - whose caricatured image then became an alibi for the US-Zionist arson in the world as part of the "fight against terrorism", although the world capitals of terrorism are Washington and Tel Aviv (with subordinate centres, e.g. in Albania and Saudi Arabia.
Americans have always betrayed and abandoned everyone - as we know perfectly well on the example of the Afghan mujahideen or the unfortunate Iraqi and Syrian Kurds, used without scruples to carry out orders coming directly from the Zionists. So no one, and certainly not a man as enlightened, knowing history and seeing the future as General Soleimani would ever believe the Great Satan and his servants. General Soleimani did not only defend the people of Syria, but in fact he defended the whole world, including Europe, against the sordid Daesh. Not for the applause of something as fickle and manipulated as the so-called American public. The general fought for the glory of God, saving the Syrian people.
The hypocritical American congratulations - in the context of the later crimes and attempts to destroy the General's memory (obviously unsuccessful), only further expose to the World the American hypocrisy and criminality of Zionism. 

Iran in Time of Global Transition

Iran is already playing a key role in shaping a new, multipolar World Order, in which the United States is irretrievably losing the position of a hegemon-tyrant obtained at the end of the US-Soviet Cold War. America's time is irretrievably ending, which must of course lead to shocks, especially in sensitive regions such as the Middle East. It is obvious that without American mercenary power - especially the Zionist occupation in Palestine will lose its basis of existence and its elites are already ready to fully evacuate, in particular to the still Zionist-occupied USA.
Before that happens, the criminals will want to leave the ruins behind, and although they cannot permanently harm Iran, Syria or even Lebanon, they will try to do everything to hinder the reconstruction of the lands they have destroyed. So, Iran's role here is strategic, but also delicate. So far, it has been bearing a special burden related to sanctions and repelling Zionist aggressions against innocent states and nations in the Middle East.
The geopolitical position of the Islamic Republic is at least as important. Its visualization is the great Shi'ite crescent from Lebanon through Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen - supplemented by a second line of Persian peoples, reaching Tajikistan and Afghanistan. If we add to this the growing position of Iran in the Transcaucasus and Central Asia (which is the underbelly of all Eurasia) - we see a great space developed and covered by Iran's great strategic thought and practice. There, he has not only confrontational and defensive tasks in the face of US-Zionist-Saudi provocations, but above all ideological, coordination and organizational assignment in relation to partners.
There is no doubt that in the entire Eurasian mega-continent - Iran is among the leading players, next to China, Russia and potentially Europe (if it sheds its dependence on the US). In such a quadrilateral (with the participation of regional powers and other independent entities, also from the emancipating South America, Africa and the rest of Asia) - the matters of the future world free from Zionism and the American dictatorship will be settled.

The Fate of Zionism

The so-called "Israel" (this name is blasphemy in the ears of every Christian - it is a Zionist occupation, not any Israel! We, the Christians are true Israel!) is an unpredictable fascist state, ready to set fire to the world for its own profit. In addition, it has close to 5 million Palestinian hostages, whose lives are being blackmailed by Zionist criminals to the rest of the world. It makes you think responsibly and rationally. They are vipers and scorpions, but at the same time it is known that, above all, they are people of interests, profits and money. More than once in history, they have sold their own relatives, left thousands of normal, honest Jews to die in World War II in Europe, are ready to convert anything and everyone into gold and dollars. Therefore, they must be forced to keep the occupation of Palestine no longer profitable for the Zionist elite. Then the talk of the "promised land", the “Third Temple," and all that propaganda that the global financiers are only baffling the head of devout Jews and American Protestant Christians - will be over. For them it's just business, they use fanaticism as a tool. Of course, there are fanatics among them, there are criminals and imperialists ready to return to the road of invasions, occupation and genocide as usual. But the people of money, and Big Zion is just about money - they understand that every business ends and a good deal is one that has all possible profits been made and withdrawn before a bankruptcy.
Obviously, it would be an act of historical justice to throw the Zionists into the sea where they came from, before they terrorized the faithful local Muslims, Jews and Christians living in harmony in Palestine. But it is also about not leaving any more dead bodies and scorched earth behind. Hence it must look like a deal. No, not two-sided. You don't have to get your hands dirty with conversations with Zionism. It is enough for Tel Aviv, and especially Wall Street and City, to see for themselves the encirclement by the Shiite ring, with the unrestrained resistance of the free Palestinians. It has to happen! This is already happening, and American escape from the Middle East as a result of General Soleimani's successes and Iran's reaction to his murder is part of this process.
By killing the great Shi'ite leader, the Americans and the Zionists finally sealed the fate of Zionism, not only in the Middle East. And it will be another gigantic victory of General Soleimani - the vanquisher of God's enemies and humanity, even from beyond the grave!

The Ultimate Winner

Of course, the idea, plan, commission, and execution of this crime could not be anything other than Zionist. The level of Zionist infiltration not only of the political but also military leadership of the United States is unimaginable. In fact, just as the US is just a global bodyguard for the Zionist occupation, the US Army is mercenary in the Tel Aviv service.
Anyway, this applies not only to the army. Israeli secret services have priority over the CIA, FBI, NSA, and any federal agencies terrorizing the American public and other states and nations on behalf of the United States. We saw Israeli training of policemen, for example, during the suppression of riots organized against police brutality and government indifference under the banner of Black Lives Matter. The Zionists run the United States directly, squeezing the triggers of rifles, firing rockets and sending drones, pounding and strangling protesters. Persons like Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, General Mark A. Milley and General K. F. McKenzie Jr. are just puppets to press buttons, while real orders flow from Tel Aviv.
We can never even be sure whether the Americans are even doers, true dirty tricks specialists, or whether Israel does what it knows best - that is, murders, and America obediently admits to the attacks. Of course, this is extreme irresponsibility on the part of the Washington authorities and endangering their own citizens. For D. Trump, however, the fate of the Zionists is more important than the fate of ordinary Americans!
The man has promised to be "the most pro-Israeli president in history" and he has consistently kept his word. Fortunately - with mistakes like yet another attempt to provoke Iran - Trump only brought the inevitable end to Zionism and US imperialism. And today he walks away in disgrace, compromised and lost. Because the ultimate winner will be the Islamic Republic of Iran, led by the light of martyrs like General Soleiamani!