Geopolitical goal of the US in the last 70 years


In the last two decades we have witnessed the advancement of NATO up to Russia's borders, along with the challenge of real hysteria concerning the Russian menace. This is one of the measures of the plan followed step by step during the last 70 years by the White House, where the Cold War never ceased. To understand what lies behind this Washington's aggressive foreign policy, we must turn to geopolitical concepts. After the Second World War, experts in geopolitics in Washington took and adapted a geostrategic concept called Heartland Theory, published in 1904 in the Royal Geographical Society by Halford John Mackinder. American foreign policy was built on this doctrine, which resulted in planetary scale military aggression in order for him to put his hands on Russia's huge mineral reserves.

Mackinder considered the geographical structure called "offshore islands" (England and Japan) to have a secondary geopolitical value. Because of their isolation, "remote islands on the periphery" (North America, the South Australia) had no geopolitical value. Instead, Mackinder noted that the cradle of civilization (World-Island) is the main geographical structure, comprising three continents, connected to each other: Europe, Africa and Asia. The cradle has the largest area, is the most populous, richest in resources, and is highly accessible by land. The core of the cradle is its pivot (Heartland), where 60% of mineral resources, drinking water, most of the land suitable for agriculture, and the forests on Earth are concentrated. The essential problem is that the pivot overlaps with the territory of Russia (except the Kamchatka Peninsula), and the US aims to reach and subjugate it.

The Americans can approach the pivot of the cradle of civilization from the Inner crescent (Rimland) that surrounds it, and consists of Europe, North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, India, Indochina, and China. Mackinder considered the semicircle inner periphery to be a buffer and the border of the pivot zone, and the fact that after the Second World War the outbreak of military conflicts was in the Inner Crescent, demonstrates a willingness of the US to accede control levers over the pivot. Washington's interest is to transform the peripheral states’ Inner crescent into obedient servants. Any nationalist leader of the Inner crescent had to be declared a dictator and overthrown, but the country had to be either occupied or devastated by terrorists of foreign origin, induced and controlled by the US. We can see that to launch military aggression in this Inner crescent, the US concentrated hundreds of military bases inside it, naval, air, arms depots, and other military facilities.

In 1945, America was the only nation who emerged strengthened after the devastating World War, because it was not carried out on its territory. The US aimed to conquest the pivot of the cradle of civilization, which belonged to the USSR. And here began the Cold War, the division of Europe into Eastern Europe, dominated by the Soviets and the Western occupied by the US. Europe was situated in the western periphery of Mackinder’s Inner crescent. One of the conclusions of Mackinder's theory relates to the fact that those who mastered Eastern Europe had an automatically open entry to the cradle of civilization. The destruction of socialism globally through a secret war took the form of covert operations that led, since 1989, to a fundamental change of socialist Eastern Europe after the domino principle, by producing a simultaneous outbreak of apparent revolutions. They were followed by a so-called transition periods, where America occupied countries that it 'de facto' conquered. Because Yugoslavia did not fall into the "package" with the other former communist countries, the US created for this country, in its psychological laboratories, a type of civil war based on ethnic and religious grounds, followed by a NATO military intervention.

The US decided on the creation and arming of Israel, which generated a long series of Israeli-Arab wars. The US gives Israel annual military aid worth 3.7 - $4 billion. The USSR supported its counterparts Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq, located also on the Inner Crescent, while the US took monarchies under its protection; families in the Arabian Peninsula, holding large oil resources (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Kuwait). The US holds dozens of air, naval and ground bases in the Gulf, as well as huge military deposits of the Central Command of the Pentagon (CENTCOM), which stores tens of thousands of tanks, armored vehicles, logistical equipment, helicopters, and ammunition for two army corps with over 100,000 troops. Saddam Hussein's Iraq was also in the center of the Inner crescent, a reason alone for the US to militarily occupy it and send it into chaos. Also in the inner crescent there is Libya's Gaddafi, which was also subjected to a devastating level of destruction, like Assad's Syria.

Under the Shah regime, the US turned Iran (located inside the semicircular periphery) into its main base of operations, covered by CIA infiltration among Muslim minorities in the USSR, with the aim of plotting sabotage, building a cache of weapons, and recruiting locals to engage in guerrilla warfare. The fall of the Iron Curtain allowed the countries considered the southern border states of pivotal region to go first out of the composition of the USSR: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan, infiltrated by CIA agents who operated in Iran until 1980.

Afghanistan, bordering Iran, is an outpost located inside of Inner Crescent where you can access the pivot area of the cradle of civilization relatively easily. In Afghanistan, the US created Al-Qaeda to fight the Soviets (1979-1989) and later, in 2001, Al-Qaeda was used as a pretext to occupy the country militarily.

Simultaneous with attacks in the west and center, the US initiated an offensive in the eastern inner semicircular periphery, resulting in the Korean War (1950-1953), which ended disastrously for the US by separating the Korean nation for six decades and a generation of an outbreak of latent conflict. Currently, South Korea hosts 19,700 US troops, while Japan - 35,000. US persevered and in the other peripheral Inner crescent’s eastern direction inside the Vietnam and Indochina peninsula, the result was the same as in Korea. Due to the fulminating rise of China, which is now the world's second largest economy, to penetrate the interior and eastern parts of Inner crescent to access the territory of Russia, the Pentagon will have to defeat the Chinese military.