Geopolitics of Aleksandar Vucic

When Aleksandar Vucic came to power in 2012, he said he will govern until 2020. Vucic was not clairvoyant, he only said publicly what was said to him secretly by those who helped him to come to power. And he was helped by the Western intelligence services. The Serbian Progressive Party was brought to power because of “insufficient cooperation” by Boris Tadic, at that moment Serbian president. Boris Tadic was dismissed for two reasons. He refused to recognize Kosovo's independence and signed a gas deal with Russia. In the eyes of the Western intelligence services, Aleksandar Vucic is most similar to Milo Djukanovic, the Montenegrin absolutist and the best US vassalist in the Balkans. With the arrival of Aleksandar Vucic to power a betrayal of Serbian national interests has accelerated. He immediately began with the open betrayal of Kosovo. This is the central interest of the West in Serbia. Aleksandar Vucic promised to the West that he will expel Kosovo from Constitution of Serbia, thus renouncing all legal and legitimate property rights of the Republic of Serbia, its legal and natural persons, giving up our cultural heritage in Kosovo, human rights, essential autonomy, economic interests.
Now that process has entered in the final stage. Vucic called on "internal dialogue" in order to resolve the issue of Kosovo.
The call for "internal dialogue" in the absence of public dialogue is a farce and a large theater performance. The actors in this show are the parties of the ruling majority, and a significant part of the official opposition that helps Vucic fulfill the promise he has given to the West. This is supported by the entire media scene. Vucic's Kosovo sale is being presented as a final reconciliation of Serbs and Albanians. It is a cheap demagogy aimed at justifying the treason of Kosovo. Geopoliticaly, at the present, it is best for Serbia to freeze the issue of Kosovo independence. The main sponsor of Kosovo independence, US liberals, as well as US itself are losing power. The world is becoming multipolar. Albanians themselves are not able to neither military or political do anything in the Balkans. Both Albanian states, Albania and Kosovo are failed states. With a lot of crime and a weak economy. Because of “cooperation” about Kosovo, EU officials are saying for Vucic that he is a pragmatic politician, and repeat: Serbia is progressing and going in the right direction. Because of Kosovo EU is obviously ready to forget all of their proclaimed values. Aleksandar Vucic can serve as one of the better examples of their hypocrisy.
At the end of October US Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, Brian Hoyt Yee, paid an official visit to Belgrade, where he meet with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić.  It's enough to look at the history of Brian Hoyt Yee diplomatic activity, and realize that this is a person who can not be part of any solution to the problem in the Balkans. At the time of the NATO aggression against Serbia and Montenegro, Brian Hoyt Yee was Chief of Cabinet of NATO Secretary General Javier Solana. With the opening of the US Consulate in Podgorica in the early 2000s, Brian Hoyt Yee  becamed the first person to that consulate, with a clear task, to coordinate the separation of Montenegro from Serbia. Unfortunately, he  managed that on 21st May 2006. And what is important to know is that in Montenegro, the real godfather of Montenegrin independence is not Milo Djukanovic, but Brian Hoyt Yee. The creator of the identity genocide against the Serbs in Montenegro is Hoyt Yee. Brian Hoyt Yee in the Balkans acts as a colonial administrator, unfortunately, one of the reasons for that today is the fact that in the Balkans there is no serious statesman. Since he succeeded in crippling brave resistance to US hegemony in Macedonia and bringing the vassal government of Zoran Zaev, he now has the task of exerting pressure on Serbia. 
His arrival in Belgrade and his ultimatums to Serbia best illustrate how the US looks to the Balkans. Like the colony. The three main conditions from Brian Hoyt Yee ultimatum for Serbia are:
• That Serbia completely renounces of its southern province Kosovo and Metohija;
 • That impose sanctions on the Russian Federation;
• To close the Serbian-Russian Humanitarian Center in Nis.
As always, Aleksandar Vucic did not behave in a worthy manner for an president of the independent state. Vucic never even tried to criticize Hoyt Yee for failing to respect the sovereignty of Serbia. Unlike Aleksandar Vucic, the president of the “second Serbian state”, Milorad Dodik, gave a reply worthy of a Serb. But also the response that reflects the changes that are happening in the world:
" Hoyt Yee, who here falsely  represents him self as some power, is the biggest loser. So far, it has not happened that an US  diplomat came and said something and that later had to change his position. It says that he did not receive Washington's support for such a story. That is why the EU also announced on the same day that it did not stand behind it. It's great that this happened, because it's now clear that this Hoyt Yee is a totally insignificant political figure and an ordinary broker". Dodik publicly said what many already know, the old cadres from Washington who set fire to the Balkans, do not have the support of president Tramp. Dodik also showed how to talk to another country that is leading a hybrid war against Serbia."
Old British politics is a complication of the relationship, not a solution to the problem. This policy is continually anti-Serb. Even when it seemed that they are our allies, they worked insidiously against the Serb national interests. We must liberate the stereotype of powerful foreigners and take the destiny into our own hands. I am an example that this is possible " said Dodik. The logical question is why can the President of Republica Srpska talk like that, and not the President of Serbia. Especially, when Republic of Srpska is not an independent state and is under strong pressure from the West. The reason is simple, Dodik does not owe anything to anyone, and Vucic owes it.  
Since coming to power, Vucic presents himself as a Balkan peacemaker. However, with this story he only issues Serbian national interests.  There is a strong hybrid war against the Serbs today, and there is no adequate answer from the official Belgrade. The situation for the Serbs in the Balkans is getting worse every year, and Vucic is not doing anything to change that. A good example is Vucic's policy towards the Serbs in Montenegro. Montenegrin officials are publicly saying that with Serbia under Vucic have the best relations since gaining independence. However, Serbs make a third of Montenegrin population, and only 7 percent of them work in the state administration. Not once, official Serbia did not raise a question regarding the assimilation of Serbs. In other words, Vucic has made it clear to Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic that he will not do anything that would interfere with his policy of assimilating Serbs in Montenegro.
The most valuable Serb portal in Montenegro IN4S on 8 October announced headline "Serbia, your innocent citizens die in Montenegrin dungeons!" Thanks to Vucic in Serbia the Government media does not mention the terror exerted against Serbs in Montenegro. The Democratic Front, the strongest opposition alliance in Montenegro, came under attack by Montenegrin government and US embassy. Since with democratic means Montenegrin Government could not weaken the Democratic Front, a state coup was invented on 16 th October 2016, aimed at banning the Democratic Front and condemning its leaders Milan Knezevic and Andrija Mandic. For the Washington account its clear that all funds spent in Montenegro on the conduct of identity genocide against Serbs will be futile if in Montenegro comes to power Democratic Front. However, what has become obvious is the betrayal of official Serbia.
According to own confession of Montenegrin officials, the main evidence for the alleged coup was provided by the Serbian secret police. The situation is similar with about 1 550 000 Serbs living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Albania, Hungary and Romania. They are left to fight for themselves.
One of the main problems that Serbia is facing today is its natality. Officially Serbia has today population of 7, 058, 332(excluding Kosovo). Serbia has demographic crisis from 1990s. Fertility rate is 1.43 children per mother, which is one of the lowest in the world. Since coming to power in 2012, Aleksandar Vucic's Government has done nothing to increase birth rate. Unfortunately, the Government did exactly the opposite.
Thanks to the economy based on direct foreign investments, the Serbian economy continues to collapse. Serbia, which once was an economic tiger, is now on its knees. The best confirmation of this is the GDP (nominal) of the countries in the region:
Romania:$197.004 billion
Hungary:$132.034 billion
Bulgaria:$52.390 billion
Croatia: $51.945 billion
Slovenia:$48.078 billion
Serbia:$37.739 billion
Even two-thirds of young people want to leave the country. Youth motivation for emigration is almost entirely economic (81.9 percent). They want to improve living standards, easier employment, better conditions for starting their own business, better education, and so on.
During Vucic's reign the ratification of the Agreement on the Status of Forces (SOFA), based on which NATO in Serbia exercises freedom of movement and can use complete military infrastructure. In the same year, Serbia and NATO signed an Agreement for support and procurement of cooperation in the field of logistical support.According to this agreement, NATO members will have the same privileges and immunities like diplomats under Vienna Convention. In 2016, Aleksandar Vucic visited NATO headquarters. The Head of NATO’S Liaison Office in Belgrade is optimistic about further cooperation of Serbia and NATO, especially if is known that since the “visit of Secretary General Stoltenberg in 2015, the Agreement on the Status of Forces (SOFA) has been signed, mutual activities and cooperation have increased, but there is still room for their improvement”.
In the last five years since the Serbian Progressive Party and Aleksandar Vucic rule Serbia, the destruction of Serbia has accelerated. The plunder of state property has become an occupation. Aleksandar Vucic began publicly to humiliate Serbs, saying that Serbs are not good workers, that they are lazy…
 Serbia under Vucic does not have a serious internal or external policy. Former director of Serbian Military Security Agency of and former MP of the Serbian Progressive Party, Momir Stojanovic, said that ”its not a paranoia but a realit that journalists, opposition party leaders and media owners in Serbia are being monitored”. All monitoring is done only for the purpose of facilitating the plundering of Serbia. Bearing in mind the demographic, economic, military and political state of Serbia under Aleksandar Vucic, it is in the interest of Serbia and all Serbs to launch a process for the removal of Aleksandar Vucic and his party from power.