Global order emerging from Macedonia`s chaos


Everything is as it should be, and every outcry against the current situation represents an outcry against God and his Will. The rule that our actions shouldn’t be aimed at changing the present, but at modifying the future instead, can be more easily accomplished if one takes into account the fact the from the chaos, always and invariably arises the order.

And from the chaos in Macedonia, a big order is rising. The country from which  Paul the Apostle begin to spread the Christianity in Europe, 2000 years later emerges as a protector of the light and the truth and as a country whose people once again, proudly and loudly, in this planetary battle between the good and the evil, sided with the first. And a country, that although today has a small territory, still wins the battles against the globalist machinery which is greasily seeking to preserve the unipolar world order with one power center. As once Macedonia opened the gates of Europe for the Christianity, the country is now again in the front row ensuring safe passage for the new and inevitable multipolar world order.

The Macedonian capital of Skopje indeed is the place from which the news about the monstrous scenarios and the dirty games of the West, until recently lead by Obama`s administration, regarding the region and creating of grater Albania, have echoed through the world. It seems that this was the perfect way of exposing the rottenness and the corruption of the "democratic" West, whose ambassadors led by the wanna be sheriff in Macedonia, Jess Bailey, and their partner George Soros, are working on demolition of the values ​​of the people and installing the puppet leader Zoran Zaev from the opposition SDSM as Prime minister, with a ultimate goal - disintegration of the country.

If this mess in Macedonia didn’t happened, than it wouldn’t happen neither the investigation that Washington is initiating against their Ambassador in Skopje, Bailey, who now has to answer about the millions od dollars of the US taxpayers, that from USAID were channeled in to Soros NGOs and servile mediums in favor of the opposition SDSM. This chaos was needed so that ones and for all Macedonia can put an end to Soros decades long attempts of threatening the Constitutional order and the national security. This crisis has finally nurtured the circumstances in which a strict legislation should be applied to all the NGOs in the country, particularly in the area of their founding and the objectives they serve.

And if, however, some forgot or did not know, this chaos will refresh their memory and will teach the younger as well, about the "values" that the EU and NATO propagate and dictate.

And we can finally conclude that instead of self-proclaimed "watchdog of democracy" NATO is currently and essentially the world's biggest bully, as well as a major, if not the only, causer of bloody conflicts in a direction of installing puppet governments, enslavement of the targeted nations and using their natural resources, while depriving them of their sovereignty. The support that NATO is obviously giving to the irredentism of their member Albania towards neighboring Macedonia is the best indicator of the so called NATO "values".

When it comes to the hypocritical bureaucratic monster called European Union, as if the eight years of tragicomic waiting at the gates of Brussels and the moronic pressures for changing our name and identity were not enough, now it seems that they have reached the last straw with the blatant pressure for Zaev and the Albanians to form a government based on the “Tirana platform”, with alleged aim of "promoting the rights" of the Albanian minority in Macedonia, while the ethnic Macedonians in the EU countries such as Greece and Bulgaria don’t  have even their basic human rights recognized. But “the rights” are just a cover for the demonic agenda to take away the last remaining part of Macedonia away from the Macedonians.

This chaos was needed so that a new light can be shed on the corruption of the fifth column in Macedonia, led by SDSM and to refresh people's memory that they are the ones who are serving and helping the enemies of Macedonia for decades, so that they wouldn’t be allowed to come back to power not only for another 10 years, but at least for a 20 or the best – never, since it seems that they are ready to sell everyone and everything to achieve this goal.

This mess had to happen so that we can finally get a clear picture about the kind of “independent and free” media the West supports, while the western elements are injecting millions of euros and dollars in the media and the journalists in Macedonia. How on Earth can those, whose TV shows and portals are sponsored by the US embassy and USAID, can talk about independent and objective journalism? They are independent, yes, but only in the frames of making spin stories like the one that Moscow is actually the one with dark hidden agenda for Macedonia, although the Russian embassy in Skopje is not sponsoring neither media nor NGOs, in order to make anti-Macedonian propaganda aimed foremost, at satisfying the appetites of the neighboring countries towards Macedonia.

However, the greatest benefit from this chaos seems to be the fact that the people have untied, while accurate and clear distinction was made between the freaks, the rats and the shit that have floated to the surface and who are selling the future of the Macedonian children while salivating for the next “generous” western grant, and on the other side we have all the others, the patriots, the conscious, the awakened, singers, actors, writers, composers, artists, athletes, archeologists, who are protesting every day, for over a month, defending the country from the liquidation scenario named “Tirana platform”.

This chaos was needed for us to unite across the globe and to spread our flags from Skopje to Berlin, from Malmo to Paris and from London to Sidney, and with Macedonian songs and dances to turn the attention of the world’s public towards the outrageous and utterly corrupt behavior of the West in the 21 st century. The West on the other hand, should have it clear until now that unlike the invertebrates clowns from SDSM, the majority of the Macedonian people will never sell out what is sacred to the nation.  And at the end, let the Macedonians serve as an example for all the nations, future victims of hybrid asymmetric wars, that only united, the people can save their fatherland from the internal and external pests.