Globalization And Liberalism Is On The Verge Of Collapse – But Who And What Comes Next?


Liberalism and globalization have decisively failed. The situation reminds me late years of the USSR. At that time, the real power was still totally in the hands of the Communist Party that controlled almost everything, but at the same time the whole system was over. And one could feel it.

Today we find ourselves in exactly the same situation with the global dominance of liberal elites. They still control everything, but it is already over. They will disappear as quickly as communism did in Eastern Europe. The anti-populist (anti-Putin, anti-Assad, anti-China, anti-Brexit, anti-Iran, anti-Salvini and so on) mobilization of Bernard-Henri Lévy, Macron, Soros , Rothschilds or Clintons shows they are in a state of sheer agony. It is over for them.

They can not rule any more. They are doomed. They will persist and they can gain some time before the final and irreversible collapse, but their days are numbered.

They have no more the influence on the future, they have lost it. The Messiah will not come to such ‘State of Israel’ as it is now – Naturei Karta understand that very well. It is a man made parody, not an eschatological miracle, it is itself fake-news. So it will end.

The same with the liberal version of the ‘End of History’. It was a totally wrong presumption. The same with the ideology of ‘human rights’ – nobody believes any more in this hypocritical double-standard, neo-imperialist lie. The same with ‘infinite economic growth’ or the ‘global middle-class’ or ‘civil society’. The same with ‘Post-Modernism’ and ‘the Enlightenment’.

There is no possible continuity for it in the future. We are approaching the moment of a great discontinuity.

That doesn’t mean the future will certainly be ours, but the truth is that it will be no more theirs. It is open once more. The liberal censorship of my books at Amazon, or of the Yellow Vests, or FaceBook bans against all no-liberal forms of speech (no-liberal forms or life) are the signs that the end is near.

All those who are sanctioned and banned today, all those who are blamed as rogue countries or “Putinists”, all those who are marginalized and criminalized — whites, populists, males, religious, social justice defenders, traditionalists, conservatives and so on — will most likely be the first to come up in the post-liberal period. But that is not sure and there is no plan or strategy for the future. It can be a Pyrrhic victory.

It may be that our instinctive rejection of liberalism is quite sane and logical but it is a kind of the reaction against pure evil that becomes too evident. When their rule ends nobody will be prepared for the next step. They have no future. But it may be that we also don’t have one as well.

We are too engaged in the struggle with the draining of the liberal global Swamp which is still huge and powerful, and we can discern nothing beyond that.

I propose: let’s finish them first and we will see what to do after. But tomorrow has already begun. And they are absent in the coming era. So we need to be prepared better for it. The agony of the liberal Beast is dangerous but the future is highly problematic as well. Today liberals rule the world and bear all the risks for that. They fail, they loose their legitimacy, they are going to disappear.

But… Who will take real responsibility of  humanity after them? We see and more or less agree on what is wrong but our ideas about how get out of this mess are still quite vague. Here we mostly disagree on what is good. It can be a serious challenge. They are done and I suppose they already know that. But the burden of real responsibility for the fate of humanity, though surely not in its best stage today, is huge.

When they go, who will push and take power?

Now it is right moment to think…