The great challenge for President Trump


World-known professor, political and business expert Dr. Paul Craig Roberts shares with us his opinion on what could be the next decisions and challenges of the 45th President of the United States.

The following is from an interview transcript.


We can already see that Donald Trump is willing to make radical changes in American policy. Just in a couple weeks, he has already signed a few very controversial executive orders which have caused an hysterical reaction from the liberal swamp.

I think that most likely Donald Trump will try to stabilize things with Russia. He will try to undercut the hostile maneuvering of NATO forces on Russia's borders, because this is a great source of instability and irritation.

Trump promised people their jobs back, but the question is how will he do that? I don't know what his plan is. That's not an easy thing to do when the factories are closed and rusted and the people who knew how to work there haven't been working there for ten to twenty years, their skills lost. How do you get Apple computers to leave China and come back to the United States and hire Americans?

This is a big challenge. I don't know how he can manage to do it. But I am sure that Trump will be busy trying to figure out how to bring about all these changes.

I agree with his plan of changes. That's what I myself have been writing about for fifteen years. These are absolutely necessary.

Therefore, his great virtue is that he doesn't believe the neoliberal economists, he doesn't believe the globalists, he doesn't believe the neoconservatives. I don't think we will see him continuing the wars in Syria, Libya, or anywhere else.

The people he has declared a war on are still there. He won the election but they are still there. And now he must overcome all the opposition, because we see they are reviving the campaign and funds for the House and Senate. Therefore, even if the House and Senate are members of Trump's Republican Party, they owe their allegiance to the ruling establishment that finances their reelection. The ruling establishment still controls Congress.

I think it's going to be quite a feat of Mr. Trump if he is able to do what he says. In this case, he will go down in history as Trump the Great. He will be great if he can do even 30% of what he said he would.