The various problems and processes taking place in the world make it clear that the world is in two main positions, and the rest follow and imitate one of the two sides. The two positions are the position of truth and the position of falsehood. The modern world is shaped by truth and falsehood, and the international political process is the result of the struggle between truth and falsehood. States are divided into two positions depending on their ideologies and worldviews, interests and values. The pre-existing bipolar system cannot be viewed in terms of truth and falsehood, which is why states could not question any value other than material interests. The main goal was to conquer the countries and gain access to their resources. Pre-existing bipolar systems were in a state of disarray. Although each of them was a claimant of the truth, they fought against each other within the framework of secularism. As the modern world moves under hegemony, a multipolar world can weaken it. However, the multipolar system has no choice but to take a position. If he has not been able to take the position of truth, then his necessity does not change anything.

The latest phase, which took place after the collapse of the bipolar system, has shown that a qualitatively new system review is needed. The current world is now ready for a new configuration of forces in the form of a position of truth and falsehood. The Western world, which in the past has fought against the Soviet Union, has had ideological differences between the right and the left. It was also the classical basis of Marxism, the liberal economy. It should be noted, therefore, that they had no problems with the system at all. With the liberalization of the Soviet system, the bipolar system was abolished. Thus, liberalism as a system spread throughout the world. The key question is, is there a rival and alternative to liberalism in the new world? No secular ideology can replace liberalism. Social reality has shown that liberalism prevails over all other secular religions. Liberalism as a political religion sought to emancipate society and reduce the role of religion. In this regard, it should be noted that only religion and monotheism can be an alternative to liberalism. In this regard, political forces at the global level can oppose liberalism if they approach liberalism within a religious framework. The struggle between religion and the world, religious and secular, anti-liberalism and liberalism are in the image of truth and falsehood. Liberalism is the doctrine of secularism, and religion is the doctrine of piety. Liberalism is without a doubt a false doctrine. Truth is manifested in the Monteist religions. Therefore, the modern world has two fronts, one of which is true and the other is false. Modern states need to determine which front they are on.

In the new conditions, there is a force with a system of ideas that opposes liberalism. Finding the answer makes it easier to solve the problem. Liberalism is the dominant ideology in the United States and other Western countries. Do countries that have taken a stand against the United States have an alternative ideology to liberalism? After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia took an anti-Western stance. This is an important phenomenon. But the key question is with what values ​​Russia is a counter-hegemony. This is despite the fact that in today's Russia, liberalism is triumphant. Russia is dominated by a liberal economy, a Western way of life, and a film industry. Russia is resisting the Western world with great force, but the Russian body has been liberalized. Therefore, Russia needs to strengthen its soft power. Russia's soft power lies in its anti-liberal spirit. The anti-liberal spirit is formed when thought, philosophy, science, and doctrine are liberated from liberalism. That is, emancipation should be carried out under liberalism. If Russia was only at odds with the United States over material interests, it was like the Soviet Union's struggle against the United States, which finally paid off. Russia needs to shape its struggle and resistance with spiritual values, because liberalism is a purely material doctrine.

Russia's participation in the war in Syria was an important factor in spiritualizing Russia's struggle against the United States and the Western world. Russia's involvement in the Syrian war has traditionally been based on geopolitical interests. There is no problem if the geopolitical interests are under the spiritual values. Russia is not indifferent to the religious and Orthodox factor in the Middle East, and this is the most important issue in the formation of a system of justice against falsehood.

Russia joined forces with the resistance, and in particular with Iran, and defeated the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which was an instrument of the United States. Russia's affiliation with Iran and the fight against a single enemy have opened a new window in international politics. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which is a reflection of Satan's actions, and its destruction was the victory of truth over falsehood. The destruction of ISIS is a blow to the United States in the Middle East. This incident nakedly demonstrated the position of the world forces in the position of truth and falsehood.

From an eschatological point of view, cooperation between Iran and Russia in undermining US strategy in the Middle East can be considered. It is known that Imam Mahdi and Jesus Christ will destroy the Antichrist army at Armageddon. This phenomenon is happening in the end, but the Armageddon system is still in its infancy. The Armageddon system is a reflection of the struggle of truth against falsehood. When the truth comes, falsehood is destroyed.

Iran is part of Greater Khorasan. Great Khorasan is of great eschatological importance because it is the subject of Armageddon. Hence, when Russia's position and values ​​coincide with Iran's position and values, it means that it is in line with the position of Greater Khorasan.

Khorasan is the east. It is also against the west. In ancient Persian it means east. Khoroson is the place where the sun rises. In this sense, it is a place of light. Logically, Khorasan is a place of light, a land of wisdom, philosophy, and truth. In the past, it was against darkness and darkness, demons, jinn and Ahriman, and it still has this purpose. In the new conditions, Khorasan is an outstanding example of Islamic monotheism, with scientific certainty and without a doubt against modern satanic teachings. Khorasan is against the West. Of course, this is not a contradiction with geographical location, but with enlightenment and doctrine. Khorasan is against the new world order (satanic world order).

Khorasan is against the West because the West is against the truth, against the Mahdi and against the religion of Jesus Christ. Khorasan is a place of monotheism, and by this logic it is against disbelief. Khorasan is against the Dajjal, why the West, especially the United States, and the new world order are the basis for the coming of the Antichrist. America is a Great Satan, so it is against Khorasan.

Khorasan is against the Great Turan. Because the Great Turan is a means of conquering the land of Khorasan and bringing it under the control of the United States. Khorasan is connected to the Heartland. The Great Turan is the easiest way to reach Heartland. The formation of the Great Khorasan is an obstacle to the formation of the Great Khorasan. Great Khorasan was never Turan.

The story of the Iranian-Turan conflict was narrated by Abul-Qasim Ferdowsi in detail in the Shahnameh. The problem with Iran's opposition to Turan was that Turan was under the influence of Ahriman, otherwise there would have been no reason for opposition to Turan. From this it is clear that the opposition of Iran and Turan is the struggle of Ahuramazda against Ahriman, the struggle of truth against falsehood.

The establishment of the Turkish Council, which covers the countries of Central Asia, is an obstacle to the establishment of Greater Khorasan. The Turkish Council has been improving since 2009. It is a form of restricting the “living space” of Khorasan. The turkification of the Tajik land dates back to ancient times and culminated in the formation of the "Great Turan". In the new conditions for turkification is a special threat for Greater Khorasan.

But Khorasan will have no problem with Turan if it is liberated from Western rule. In the new conditions, the "Great Turan" will be implemented by the Turkish Council. This is the unification of the Turkic-speaking people, which is a disgrace to Greater Khorasan. The Turkish Council is a reflection of Pan-Turkism and Neo-Somanism in the new context. Greater Khorasan has no problem with the Turkish Council, unless it is under the shadow of Ahriman. Greater Khorasan will reach a full agreement with Turkey if Turkey does not use Islam for its political and geopolitical purposes. If Turkey abandons the double standard and clearly defines its position, it will side with the Logos of Light.

But Khorasan will have no problem with Turan if it is liberated from Western rule. In the new conditions, the "Great Turan" will be implemented by the Turkish Council. It is the unification of the Turkic-speaking countries that brings disgrace to Greater Khorasan. The Turkish Council is a reflection of Pan-Turkism and Neo-Somanism in the new context. Greater Khorasan has no problem with the Turkish Council, unless it is under the shadow of Ahriman. Greater Khorasan will reach a full agreement with Turkey if Turkey does not use Islam for its political and geopolitical purposes. If Turkey abandons the double standard and clearly defines its position, it will side with the Logos of Light.

In the war in Syria, where Russia and Iran were fighting against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Turkey supported terrorist forces. Turkey's position was also similar to that of the United States. The destruction of a Russian warplane and an attack on Syria's borders reinforce this view. Under the new circumstances, Turkey will not accept Crimea as part of Russia, beyond which Turkey is a member of NATO and plans to establish a " Great Turan " on Eurasian territory. The doctrine of Eurasianism in Russia, which sees Russia as a product of the Turks and Mongols (L.N Gumilev and P.N Savitsky), facilitates the implementation of the Great Turan. The doctrine of Eurasianism is being abused. Russia raises issues in the Eurasian space, and the Turks of Central Asia and Russia are leaning towards Turkey.

Great Khursan does not belong to any country, it is a vast land. Ethnicity does not matter to Khorasan. The most important thing is to be on the right path and fight against falsehood. In essence, Khorasan is a spiritual phenomenon and respects spiritual values. Materialism and the worship of the world are not peculiar to the wisdom of Khorasan. Liberalism is a religion of secularism and materialism. So Khorasan and its wisdom are against liberalism.

In fact, Greater Khorasan will not oppose Russia and China unless Russia returns to the orthodox teachings of Jesus Christ and China is not satanized. Today's Russia is not fully understood within the framework of Orthodox doctrine. Russia's economy, lifestyle, culture and ideology are liberal. Greater Khorasan considers it important to see Russia in the religion of Jesus Christ. Because the people of Khorasan believe in God, the creator of Jesus Christ.

The Great Khorasan demands to see Russia on its side at Armageddon. To do this, Russia needs to get rid of liberalism altogether. Because the countries of Central Asia have embraced Western culture through Russia. The multipolarity that takes shape in the new context must be within the framework of monotheistic religions. Another form of the problem strengthens satanization.

Thus, the main purpose of the Great Khorasan in the modern world is to contribute to the victory of truth in the world. To achieve this goal, it is on the side of truth, and its main goal is to achieve the truth, the elimination of injustice, and the administration of world justice. The philosophy and wisdom of the Great Khorasan help to reach the truth. The implementation of the Greater Khorasan Doctrine is a new window in international politics and creates a new configuration of forces. It opposes global exploitation and stands on the margins of the world's oppressed. The mission of Greater Khorasan will not be completed until justice is done.