The great replacement of the male


One of the glaring signs of the death of a civilisation is the replacement of the male by the female - decadence and hysterical morbid spirit that take hold of the public good. This brief text with a philosophical aim is like a direct message to powers of Eastern Europe: "Do not finance the pseudo-nationalist party managed by Marine Le Pen like a lingerie line". In French but also in Russian, even before the presidential elections of 2017, I had proclaimed: "No more money for the false resistant escapes from the gynaeceum!". No one had listened to my virile prophecy and the bank strongly attached to an Eastern State still does not manage to recover the millions of euros injected into these uneducated losers. And I said that even if we had considered that the Le Pen girl had crawled enough in front of the oligarchs and spat on her father to take over the reins of this feminist idiocracy that the French republic has become, the first thing she would have fact would be to betray her benefactors of the Kremlin and to pursue an otanic and Russophobic policy. Because Russophobia is one of the privileged manifestations of anti-white racism, the Western apparatchiks seeing in the remains of the Russian patriarchy this white male that they vomit at home, instinctively and in a suicidal manner.

Was it a fault on the part of Jean-Marie Le Pen to naively hope that transmitting the party to a female Le Pen could soften the Gueuse practicing the genocide of her children? Yes, old Jean-Marie indisputably committed a strategic error, the current hexagonal tyranny having nothing to do with a hereditary monarchy of divine right! As for the systemic ogres, they will push the two upstart Le Pen, who both court the Russians and denigrate the nonagenarian patriarch in order to better eject him from the party and deny the surname he bequeathed to them, until they corrupt themselves in an extreme political taint to the depths of which they will drag the French naively optimistic and stupefied by their University, this Trotskyist temple of plagiarism. This form of French republic has no hope and the Le Pen who offer to guide it now will only replay the Aristophanian Assemblywomen in the fashion of the 21st century. 

Here is therefore by way of conclusion the message that I send again, a few months before the presidential elections in France, and which will undoubtedly be published in several languages: "Traditional governments of the East, change your strategy against the Le Pen and do not invest a single rouble in this tasteless satire that will electorally end up losing you - or betrayed!".