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Luis Felipe Moyano (1946-1996), better known as Nimrod de Rosario, was an Argentinian writer who deeply and extensively studied comparative religions...

India was the beneficiary of Iran’s concessional oil and attractive market. As Iran was facing more isolation, India was getting closer to Iran and...

The first step towards understanding South America’s Hybrid War vulnerabilities and the driving factors that could motivate the US to wage these...

Historical perspective

The RAND Corporation recently published a document entitled Overextending and Unbalancing Russia. Assessing the Impact of Cost-Imposing Options.

Because of many speculations about Russian role in Balkan region there is necessity to provide clear picture of the situation.

When predicting the contours of any forthcoming revitalization of the West Indies Federation, it’s important to keep in mind that this prospective...

The Caribbean Sea is commonly thought of as a “US lake” separating the two American continents, and it’s pretty much been under Washington’s...

It’s been a decade since Ralph Peters’ provocative text about “Blood Borders: How A Better Middle East Would Look” was published in the US’ Armed...

Russia needs to gently raise the issue of India’s encouragement of Pakistani Baloch separatism with New Delhi behind closed doors, seeing as how its...

Haushofer was born in 1869 into a well established family in Bavarian territory. The archives remind us that the name has appeared since 1352,...

The ongoing events in South-eastern Ukraine indicate a very important phenomenon.

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