Has Noam Chomsky Been a Controlled Opposition?


Back when I was a young anti-war, anti-establishment activist, I used to hold the utmost respect and admiration for Professor Noam Chomsky of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). To me, he was a firm pillar and one of the brightest minds out there: ever wise, poised, articulate, and correct on many different issues, especially those pertaining to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Many years later and wiser, I find myself having substantial differences of opinion with this esteemed octogenarian fellow professor. For starters, there is much hypocrisy in his assertions and behavior now. For example, he seems to oppose the corporate oligarchy system until every two or four years when the elections arrive during which he parrots the “lesser-evil-ism" mantra ad nauseam.

And what about the fact that Chomsky has managed to keep his employment with MIT all along, tenured and now emeritus? It is a known fact that MIT is one of the most closely-related research universities affiliated with the Military Industrial Complex. If one is a true anti-war academic and what’s more a celebrity activist, could he ever really get tenured at such a college, especially at the height of the Vietnam War when Chomsky’s career was taking off at MIT?

Here is a list of other disgraceful stances that Professor Chomsky has been partaking in:

1) Professor Chomsky supports the existence of the belligerent Jewish state.

2) Professor Chomsky opposes the principles of the gradually-supposed-to-be-effective Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement.

3) Professor Chomsky supported the "no fly zone" and the subsequent utter destruction of Libya – a country that was the most prosperous African nation under the leadership of the crazy-yet-brilliant Mu'ammar Qaddafi which thanks to NATO is now a failed state run by ISIS savage gangsters and Al-Qaeda terrorist thugs.

4) Professor Chomsky considers President Basher Assad "an autocrat" and is somewhat comfortable with the continuous bombing of the great and resisting Syrian nation. The professor recently told Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! Program: "Syria is a horrible catastrophe. The Assad regime is a moral disgrace. They're carrying out horrendous acts, the Russians with them." Democracy Now! begins with the leading statement of "worldwide outrage mounts over an alleged chemical weapons attack in Idlib province, which was reportedly carried out by the Assad government..." No evidence is presented to support the accusation, and the accusers are also unnamed. What kind of journalism is this, Amy Goodman?! Are you another Zionist shill? One would have hoped that a media outlet like Democracy Now! Which claims to be “independent” of the state and corporate sponsors would apply a higher journalistic standard. I guess not. It is now crystal clear that Democracy Now! Is in fact pushing the imperialist agenda for regime change in Syria. 

5) Professor Chomsky supported the US-led coup in Ukraine and the illegitimate installment of a corrupt Neo-Nazi/ NATO nurtured government in Ukraine.

6) Professor Chomsky acknowledges the one-party corporate oligarchy, but then urges everyone to vote for the lesser of two evils - just like he did in 2008, 2012, 2016, and just about every election before that. Let us keep in mind that any endorsement of "lesser evil-ism" is in essence an endorsement to maintain the status-quo and hence a system of injustice that he claims to oppose.

Naturally expected, Professor Chomsky tends to run interference for the Democrats as always. He talks like an anarchist during off years, tucks tail and comes slinking back to the Democrat wing of the corrupt establishment during election years. This is the utter hypocrisy that Professor Chomsky is used to, but one which is now coming to full surface. 

But then again, to survive at the right-wing MIT for all those years and get tenured (and now emeritus) could in-and-out-of-itself be an alarming indicator that he is yet another deeply well-positioned Zionist Mossad shill and a controlled opposition, a pro-establishment sell-out with a subtle narrative that serves the evil Anglo-Washingtonian Empire's interests and commitment to perpetuate the status quo.

Noam Chomsky said just a few years ago that the Western military intervention was the only way to prevent genocide in Libya and supported the 'no fly zone' and subsequent destruction of Libya.

Every word he uttered turned out to be completely false. The allegations of abuses by the Libyan government were total war propaganda fabrications.

Look what happened to Libya, once the most prosperous nation in the African continent under Qaddafi, a proud sovereign nation who offered, public housing, free healthcare, free education among many other public benefits to 100% of the people in Libya -  including thousands of subsaharan Africans who are now being sold as slaves for as little as $200 dollars by Jihadist Wahabbi gangs who now run Libya.

What is Chomsky saying about it now?

Nothing! The octogenarian is too busy openly advocating for regime change in Syria. The shameless of "leftist" liberal intellectuals like him. Shame on you professor!