Highest Civil Award to Indian Prime Minister Modi by UAE

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 24 August 2019 (Saturday) received the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) highest civilian honor “Order of Zayed”.  Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan personally put the gold medal around Modi's neck. 
It is a common practice all over the world that leading personalities are conferred awards for their outstanding performance and contributions or achievements. It is unknown that what was special about Modi for which the highest civil award was given by UAE.
However, the track record of Modi known to the world is that he was involved in the massacre of Minorities in the state of Gujrat in 2002 when he was Chief Minister of Gujrat State. Based on his alleged involvement, he was refused the US visa. He was also denied entry to Europe based on the same charges. Canada has refused Indian Army and Intelligence officers based on their alleged involvement of Human right violation in India, Human Right Watch has expressed deep concerns on Modi government in violations of Human rights and brutalities against the minorities. UN Secretary-General is very much up-set on Indian atrocities against minorities. European Parliament, UN, OIC, and International community has condemned Indian violations of Human Rights. 
Indian accession of Kashmir on 5 August is condemned worldwide. All big cities around the world have witnessed huge protests, agitations, marches, demonstration, expressing their solidarity with the people of Kashmir and condemning India. UNSC meeting was held on the Kashmir issue and asked India to respect UN Resolution and emphasized to resolve the Kashmir issue according to the UN Charter. Indian move to declare part of the Union, has been rejected by all platforms. 
Kashmir is under siege since 5 August. Around one million troops are controlling 15 million Kashmiris. A complete curfew has been imposed since then. Mobile phone and Internet Service has been suspended, media has been restrained to enter the Kashmir valley, all foreigners and visitors have been evacuated from Kashmir. There are complete blackout and complete cut-off from the rest of the world. People are confined to their houses. Killing, torturing, harassing, kidnapping, detentions, and rape has been witnessed widely. Due to prolonged curfew (since 5 August), there exists a severe shortage of food, fuel, and medicines. Supply of electricity, sanitation services, and clean drinking water also becomes a big issue. People are suffering a lot.
Imagine in this civilized modern-day world, where Kashmir is suffering and became the biggest open prison under Prime Minister Modi. 
Pakistan stands with the UN, Security Council, European Community, SCO, OIC, International Amnesty, and the whole civilized world to extend full political and diplomatic support to people of Kashmir. We stand with all those who raise their voice against human rights violations in India. We stand with the whole civilized world, who work for peace and stability in the world and condemned anyone who becomes a threat to peace and stability.  And we will stand on our principle decision and moral obligation to support Kashmiri people diplomatically and politically and morally till there UN resolution is implemented in later and spirit. Indian must withdraw it’s all troops from Kashmir and hold a plebiscite under UN monitoring.  The people of Kashmir are asking their right to self-determination, while India is suppressing their basic rights for the last 7 decades. India used all atrocities and excessive use of force but could not be succeeded in suppressing the people of Kashmir. It is the time for India to understand that if India failed to suppress Kashmiris for 7 decades, will not succeed in the future. It better for India to leave Kashmir, the sooner the better.  
UAE is a sovereign state and can decide whatever suits them. It is understood that it is the interests which make friends or foes in international affairs, there are no permanent friends or foes in international relations. Pakistan enjoys very good relations with UAE and we will maintain cordial relations in the future too, we also share an important platform “OIC”. Pakistan has no issue if UAE confers the highest award to Modi. But it raises many questions inside UAE and OIC or worldwide, that while the whole world is condemning Modi for his accession of Kashmir and crossing all limits of human rights violations, and UAE, against the world opinion, is conferring him Highest Civil award. Although the decision for awarding Modi was made in April, without knowing his intention or plans in Kashmir, but there was a possibility of reviewing this decision or delaying till the situation may be reversed. Food for thought only!