How Demoncracy Works

From Great Israel to Great Albania

Since French Enlightenment, which has never been enlightened but rather very dark, there is a continuous process of dismantling traditional concept of state, state institutions, social contracts and every kind of social gathering based on nation, traditional culture and systems of customs within a nation (Sittlichkeit). At the same time, all those concepts, values and formulas were used to create some other states and nations, mostly on the account of existing ones. 

The concept of creating fake states became a formula for colonizing independent nations, tribes or any kind of social and cultural organization of certain people on a certain soil. The known and developed state apparatus was used to be installed and to create a new state by time, under a false excuses and reasons. Mechanism of state apparatus, stolen from traditional states, which are to be dismantled, is massively used to produce new states and consequently, new nations. The process was upside down. 

In traditionally formed states, the process was resulting with a nation state. In forming new states, the concept of finished and arranged state apparatus was used to create new nation, which would serve to the sick concept of Western demoncracy. 

West hijacked the Ancient Greek concept of democracy, reshaped it and stared to use it as it is pleased. The concept was receiving some new and unexpected meanings and was mostly adjusted to the very specific situations in the field and in specific country – which, if traditional, should be first dismantled as undemocratic and then replaces with some Frankenstein concept of democracy imposed by Western colonialism. 

'Albania' and 'Israel' are good examples. Both secretly started at the beginning of XX century by Western sneaking into other people's land on the false pretext. Or simply by waging some local or regional war in order to produce conditions which would bring to the justification of creating the country. When basic structures are installed, there is some period of unification and training of a nationa to be born. 

Enver Hoxha's Albania can be a good example, as it was concentration camp for people not allowed to go anywhere or to do anything – that was the way to create and unify false “national being”. Gaza Strip has been also concentration camp since 1948, but it serves for the dismantling of one nation before the eyes of the entire world and to normalize the stealing of that nation land. 

There is a huge deception under way to present Serbia and 'Israel' as countries with same problems or situations. The shallow-minded argument is based on a religion – Albanians and Palestinians are Muslims, so they must be evil and doing the same. And of course, poor Israel. That is a false argument, unfortunately accepted by a huge number of Serbian patriots who let themselves be deceived by cheap Zionist propaganda. At the same time, Daesh mercenaries are also presented as Muslims, but 'Israel' does not have any problem with them – it helps them massively, both in Syria and Iraq. 

In reality, there is a huge similarity between Serbia and Palestine, both ancient countries, whose territories are occupied and other nations are being formed. And, in reality, there is a huge similarity between 'Israel' and 'Albania' on the other – the similarity and mechanism deployed is just more obvious after the occupation of Southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija – and now, it is more than obvious that West uses the same pattern, both in the Middle East and in the Balkans. 

Both 'Israel' and 'Albania' or 'Kosovo' are made on, literary, stolen territories. Citizens of those entities are dragged into from another places and another regions to form a new state and a new nation. Those false countries are made by the help of Western colonizers. By chance or not, it was England which was behind both “projects”. In the case of dismantling Palestine, it was England openly. In the case of Albania, it was England in cooperation with Turkey and Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

In one way or another, the evil records of Western colonizers led by British Empire, or more precise, England, are endless. From genocides and causing famine of entire nations, extracting natural resources and stealing them, to opium and heroin production and dealing, helped by its own insurgents and pirates, helped by oppressed with no option, hidden behind Yankees or whoever. 

It is well known that nothing changed much in today's world – England has the same demoncracy policy, which is perverted democracy policy. Although, even Ancient Greeks had never said that democracy is the best for the state. England has some slaves, servants and aides in today's world, as well. From US Army guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan to biochem labs in Israel, which paired with Tavistock institute's popular culture concepts fulfill the plans for reshaping human minds. Not to specifically mention Shqiptars, which present lower class slaves, as being backwards, uneducated, incestuous tribe which was always some regional or global powers' servant. Monuments to Clinton couple and street named after Biden's son in occupied Kosovo and Metohija are just another deception – poor Yankees, they are just another English pawns. Because, English work the best when other people clash. English put always someone in front, to look like there is not them around in problem, war, clash, whatever. Their false decency and false aristocracy are one more deception – they are bloodthirsty incestuous human shapes, a horde without any sense for humanity and nature. They like to sit aside, watch the clash they produce and profit from it. But, English aristocracy is also false – from John The Lackland to today false Windsor family. The first victims of blood thisty “royalty” were its own subjects. Or there are objects, rather. The same goes for Zionists. They are disturbed, but playing victims, which brought them human compassion. Then, they deceived everyone. 

And that is crucial in policy of demoncracy – deception. On a huge scale. What is the connection between John The Lackland and the landless nation which by God's will is forbidden to have a state? What is the real purpose of Magna Carta Libertatum? How it comes that even nations within UK would like to leave it, for one reason or another. Why German royal family, which rules Britain was always proclaiming as mad and sending to asylums its members who were the only sane ones? Why England does not send to jail its war criminals like Tony Blair is, but give them opportunity to be politically and socially active, while demands other nations to prosecute own criminals? How it happened that British Government was against the Nazis, but British (false British, actually German) royal family was supporting Nazis, in WW2? 

No wonder there is a common saying – and some say it is by Mahatma Gandhi: If you see two people quarrel, look around, there must be some English person around.