How to divide ex-Ukraine?

It is a well-known and historical fact that the territory called "Ukraine" is not a real state and was never a real state. It is only a random collection of lands made by different rulers during different historical periods without any connection to each other. And this is a big part of todays problems!
So, different areas mainly west and east of the russian city Kiev were added by different tsars from 1650 to 1917, Lenin added the area that today is Novorossiya, Stalin added the most western parts including Galicia after WW2 and Chrustjev added Krim in 1954. None of these parts ever constituted a "ukrainian state" - most of them were, and are, russian lands. The western parts are mostly polish and some parts belong to Hungary, Slovakia and Romania respectively. And it is from these parts that most of todays nazis come, those who - sponsored by the USA - overthrew tha previous, legal government and have installed a badly disguised junta. 
Already in WW2 western "Ukraine" sided with the nazis and provided tens of thousands of troops to support Hitler and to guard the nazi concentration camps, whereas southeastern "Ukraine", Novorossiya, provided tens of thousands partisans and soldiers to the Red Army! The ukrainian nazi collaborators of WW2 are now "national heroes" of this pseudo-state. Can you imagine this in any other european country? Of course not! But in nazi "Ukraine", and in the baltic pseudo-states, anything goes and anything is admissible by the European Union, as long as it is anti-russian, even falsification of history and glorification of nazi-collaborators!
The future partition of ex-"Ukraine" must make sure that Galicia, Wolyn, Lvov and other non-russian areas are not included in Novorossiya or Malorossiya. These parts (Galicia, Wolyn, Lvov and other) should be given to Poland, Hungary and Slovakia and so on, as is said above (Wolyn and most of Podolia and Galicia should go to Poland, western Galicia to Hungary, Transkarpathia to Slovakia and northern Bukovina to Romania). The future Novorossiya, Malorossiya and even Russia herself does not need these back-ward, nazi-breeding areas. It was a historical mistake by Stalin to incorporate them in USSR, just as it was a mistake by every Soviet/Russian leader since, not to give them back! That would have gotten rid of the problem and also would probably have made for examle Poland more positive towards Russia today.  A rump-Ukraine could be preserved in the areas west of Kiev up to the new borders of Poland and Hungary/Slovakia if this is deemed neccessary. But Novorossiya and all lands east of the Dnepr river, with or without Kiev (preferably with) should be included in the Russian World. If that will be in the state of Novorossiya, Malorossiya or inside Russia proper is of less importance.
 The main thing is to not let the current state of affairs be "frozen" in eternity. The Kiev nazi junta must not be given the chance to poison the minds of more people with lies, threats and anti-russian propaganda:
Why was Yanukovich, the legal president not "allowed" to use water-cannons against the nazis on Maidan, but Poroshenko, the illegitimate coup leader is encouraged to use missiles and artillery against civilians and towns in Donbass - the free part of Novorossiya.
Why are the referendums in Krim and Donbass not recognized even as they were peaceful and with opposition (except nazis) allowed whereas the mock elections in Banderastan are recognized by the west although all real opposition was jailed or forced to flee?
Why is the killing of ukrainian anti-nazi journalists not condemned in the west?
Why are the attacks by the Kiev nazi junta on peaceful demonstrants on 1/5 and 9/5 2014 not condemned by the EU?
Why is russian humanitarian aid critisized but NATO military "aid" supported?
Why are are our heroes "allowed" to be murdered in "truce-time" but our soldiers at the front are not allowed to shoot back/return fire at the enemy?
And so what have we got so far?
We have not liberated Novorossiya yet to avoid sanctions - and we have got....sanctions.
We have not liberated Novorossiya yet to avoid giving NATO an excuse to expand - and we have got NATO bases in Novorossiya, in former Ukraine.
We have not liberated Novorossiya yet to avoid economic war on oil and gas exports - and we got....just that.
We have not liberated Novorossiya yet to avoid war and killing - and we got war and killing and occupation of Novorossiya...
If all this is not a big "maskirovka" from our side then it sure smells of treason in stead.
About this situation the optimist will say: "there is a big, smart plan behind all this, just wait and see".
The pessimist will say: "all is lost".
The realist will say: "the truth is somewhere in the middle".


I say just this: Novorossiya and all land east of the Dnepr must be liberated from the Kiev nazi junta - preferably peacefully, but by force if neccessary