How Iran Brought Western Asia Back to World Geography

The geographical toponym Western Asia is used here instead of the colonial expression “Middle/Near East”, widely spread and used by everyone, as the consequence of brainwashing done by Western (European) and Anglo-American media, which became the regular and classical weapon of war. The term Middle/Near East should be not used any more – at least by those who are against neocolonialism which is being conducted by the very same people who were conducting colonialism and by the progeny of those who started to use the term Middle/Near East instead of Western Asia. ‘Middle’ in comparing to what? Or, ‘near’ to what? Those two words are echoing the colonial style and narrow-mindedness of pirates and gamblers in order to be easier for them to know what it is about. China is Far East for them – far from whom and for whom?! They really needed that kind of topography, since many of them are extremely ignorant and illiterate - what can be expected from pirates and gamblers? Many of them could never be able to locate Western Asia on the world map. Some polls show that most of Trump’s (or any US president or presidential candidate) supporters can not even find Iran on the map, but they KNOW Iran is a threat to US security and national interests and freedom. How comes US freedom is connected to Iran?
Iranian/Persian culture exists for many, many centuries. Iran as a sovereign country exists for centuries. It has been for more than two centuries that Iran did not have any willingful war, nor attacked anyone. Almost exact number of years since USA has been founded, Iran hasn’t been attacking anyone. And since the moment English rulers have founded its most belligerent servant, it has been in wars – the wars are its raison d’être. If it wasn’t for wars USA would be useless for its founders and bosses, being them legal state entity or being some shadowy bunch of delusional self-chosen ‘chosen’ semi-humans. Why semi-humans? Because, today’s Americans are the progeny of English and Western European scum – of all those murderers, prostitutes, mentally questionable, aggressive, all the excommunicated priests from the biggest Christian sects, Catholic and Protestant, for whom there was no room in the jails of European cities, were sent off on boats to so-called ‘New World’. Not to mention English cities, citadels, prisons, castles overbooked by the disturbed, deranged and incestuous “humans”. All of that human garbage took part in creating USA – whether as stunts, as soldiers, as informants to English Crown, France, Germany, Netherlands or as what they were in Europe and exactly what for they were sent away. The progeny of that low life “humans” are today’s Americans. And those are enemies of Iran. What on Earth they can understand about culture which has been existing for millenia. In the moment when USA was created, Iran was an old, very old and very developed country. Not to mention extremely different essentials Iran and USA have in their very foundations. Not to mention how many hundreds of thousand of Native Indians those shameless hordes, later-to-become-Americans, had assassinated. 
The only tradition that horde cultivates – the tradition of brutality and killing – by any means, in every opportunity. Although their wars are colonial, their attacks are cowardly, their goals are inhuman, their nature is a pirate one (no wonder having in mind their predecessors), they are danger for the world and there is a must among sane peoples of the world to stop that wild bunch which only follows the law of the jungle. Their network is not actually theirs as they do not even have own language – they use and develop English network of spies, paid informants, unpaid informants, traders, traitors of own country, who are somehow assured that being an English slave is somehow noble. Anyway, it is not bad to have this kind of divisions – it is easier to know who is who and why, in every country which is endangered or enslaved by neocolonialism these days. 
No sane person on this Earth can further trust Anglo-American fairy-tales about “democracy”, “American dream”, “English nobility”, “higher causes”, etc. They still use these words, but these words, followed by bloodthirsty and cold-blooded murders of peoples and destroyers of places in the world where some natural resources or any other kind of possible wealth are spotted, do not have any sense any more. Introduction of politically correct language just proves their impotence and fake ideals which have to be protected by controlling minds and reason. 
Seven years before he was elected the president of USA, Donald Trump said on November 10th, 2013, on Twitter of course, because he does not want to be bothered, he wants to be comfortable in his, by fraud, achieved luxury style, which is prestigious life style in entire Western world. So-called “The Donald”, I would add, the gambler, the pimp, the pirate said: “Remember that I predicted a long time ago that President Obama will attack Iran because of his inability to negotiate properly – not skilled.” There is no any intention here to defend Barack Obama, Daesh’s main partner and financier in Western Asia wars, but to outline the double faced or triple faced Donald Trump who is just a logical continuing of Obama, not opposition. Trump is also not skilled to negotiate with Iran, he pulled United States out from JCPOA – which means he was not able to go in line with the agreement and to continue negotiations with Iran. His “art of the deal” might work among pirates, gamblers, assassins, prostitutes and other disgraceful human scum. The assassination of Hajj Qassem Soleimani showed also that he is not able to be neither diplomat nor strategist. Not to mention that he is null of negotiator. Is this a very big achievement to assassinate someone whose coordinates of movements were well known in advance? Is this some kind of success? And, apart of all that well known information, US was still not able to send some sniper or some human being, skilled enough to counter Hajj Soleimani, but it sent a drone. This tells a lot about its military skills and about Trump as Commander in Chief. They are bunch of criminals and pirates. The servants of England and of some very shady characters and groups. Actually, pirates were protected by Elisabeth I as her very useful pawns in colonization. At the same time, no one was responsible for killing a pirate and she had washed her hands if some of them were killed any were. And this has been going on for a bit more than two centuries since the sick and deranged entity of US exists. Trump is just a logical continuation and pirate of Elisabeth II. 
The only difference is that Hollywood is not in LA, California no more, but in the White House in Washington DC – and everything is there – media star/pimp/gambler as a president, ex-model (or whatever that really means) as his wife, lots of his aides whom Trump got by his Apprentice TV show. And Melania Trump was a “girl” from Ghislaine Maxwell “model agency” at the beginning of 2000s. Who would expect anything of decency from that kind of creeps? Who would expect that they understand and know anything about Iran.
This kind of mentality goes in line with the statement of George Bush Senior when USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flight 655, killing 290 people, including a lot of children. The U.S. government denied any culpability and then president, Bush Senior said: "I will never apologize for the United States – I don't care what the facts are." To jump to Hillary Clinton and here delightfulness by assassination and torturing of Colonel Gaddafi: “We came, we saw, he died.” Not to forget her statement about Iran that if she were a president, USA would obliterate Iran. Actually nothing is very different and it turned out that American reality show never stopped – the presidential “battle” from 2016 was a pose of the killing machinery. If anyone would still believe that Trump is better choice than Clinton… or to even measure those two bastards – this is false dilemma and spreading fog. They are both assassins.
The very big difference between US’ pirates and Iran exists on many levels. For sane people of the world it is not even necessary to mention them and for brainwashed, but proud slaves of neocolonialism it is not of any importance. Anyway, it is worth mentioning that honourable Iranian military accepted its culpability for downing Ukrainian Boeing on January 8th 2020 and it did it loud and clear. In a very tensed situation in which Iran has been found itself after the cowardish and mafia style assassination of Hajj Soleimani, who was on peace mission, no one should suggest that Iran is responsible for putting its defence capabilities on high alert. It is also worth mentioning that the owners of Ukrainian air company MAU and the downed Boeing are Igor Kolomoyskiy and Aaron Meiberg. It does not diminish the liability of those who mistook the aircraft for a cruise missile, but opens many, many other reasonable questions. Especially after an independent experts’ investigation results which included Washington meddling. As several military aircraft of US pirates were observed near Iranian borders and in the range of Iranian air defence systems, experts say that US might deliberately changed data of Ukrainian civilian flight and Iranian defence system could easily recognize it as military target. It also shows readiness of Western pirates to further escalate situation with Iran and bring total collapse of Western Asia where they would appear as self-proclaimed saviours – it was not done once. And it was never done without Western pirates’ pawns and guinea pigs, this time Ukrainian-Jewish tycoons. Apart of Kolomoyskiy’s power in Ukraine, the other active and powerful figure there is another Jewish tycoon and financial speculator, George Soros. Is Trump really after Soros or this is just another deception of Western pirates club in order to deceive, colonize and loot more? What about recent Ukraine-connected story about bribery, “quid pro quo”, Biden, his son and alleged Trump’s impeachment and so on? Another scam? How comes that Ukraine is involved in all the wrongdoings of Western pirates? And they are in alleged clashes about that? But, no, they are not, they are just acting. So much about their understanding of state affairs, international affairs, diplomacy, military, etc… 
At the same time of escalations between Iran and pirate entity, called USA, several more things, of importance, happened. Iraqi Parliament voted in favour of the resolution to expel all foreign troops from Iraq. Trump said not only that they would not leave, but they will increase the presence of US troops  – so much about Trump’s pre-election promise about leaving Western Asia. He also said “USA does not need Middle Eastern oil”. Really?! But, what is this, then:
Zionist entity declared it has nothing to do with anything and it sent its various envoys and talking heads around the globe to ensure the world that it is a friend of Iranian people who just want to be free - Zionist entity talking heads imply that they would help Iranian people “to get rid off Iranian regime”, but as usual, Zionist entity did not have taken into consideration the will of Iranian people and, of course, acted as coward when it became aware of millions of people in the streets of Iraq and Iran during funeral processions for Hajj Soleimani, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and other assassinated Iranian and Iraqi officials. Zionist entity, as cowardish as it is, started to spread its deranged and toxic propaganda. Russia and China blocked the statement about the happenings around US embassy in Iraq, because it never mentioned the unlawful assassination of Hajj Soleimani and breaking of international law (again!). But, UN Security Council extended (for six months) Al Qaeda supply routes from their sponsor, NATO, in the Resolution 2504. At the same time, Trump, being aware or being briefed that USA itself cannot counter Iran, started to gabble about the need of “international coalition”, which means NATO, to interfere in Western Asia. Also, Al Naba, “official Daesh’s international newspaper” wrote Daesh is very happy about assassination of Hajj Soleimani, which means they praised Trump and his Zionist friends as well as entire Western pirates’ world. So, Trump, entire US establishment, Zionist entity, EU, entire Global West are on the same side. Which annihilate any future Western story about their “war against terrorism” - it was obviously stupid many times up to now, but now, becomes more than stupid and irrelevant.
The downing of Igor Kolomoyskiy and Aaron Meiberg’s jet was used by Iranian domestic traitors to start anti-government protests and to ridicule Hajj Soleimani. This “protest” was swiftly and effectively dismantled by Iranian law enforcement. Most of protestors were misused students – which is, again, copy-paste scheme of coloured revolutions in which students play one of the main roles. The other main role is usually played by some Western ambassador and, there he was: Britain’s envoy to Tehran Rob Macaire. British Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, said it is not right, it is not fair and it is going against the norms of international laws. Isn’t he hilarious?! Iranian police interrogated Macaire for a few hours and it ordered him to appear for additional interrogations on Sunday (January 12th). Iranian intelligence understood that British envoy was using some shop in the centre of Tehran for coordinating the protest. What would Dominic Raab say about that activity of his employee – does it also go against the norms of international law or not?! And, then Pompeo: “We want Iran to behave like a normal country”. Does it mean it has to lie, steal and deceive as USA and the rest of Western pirates do:
It is globally know fact that it is Western pirates and Zionist entity and Gulf monarchies which are going in line with lies, stealing and deceptions. If Pompeo thinks it is a way to be normal, Iran is a very wrong address to deliver this kind of stupid recommendation. 
It was long ago when Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egyptian president said to Arabs and predicted: “To liberate all Jerusalem, the Arab people must first liberate Riyadh”. Does Qassem Soleimani’s undelivered letter contains something in that direction? Now, when we are witnessing new efforts from Western pirates and gamblers to disrupt any kind of cooperation within Arab world, or between Arab world and Turkey, or within Islam, between Shia and Sunni, or between Eastern Christians and Muslims or to stop Iran&Turkey alliance against fake state, the Zionist entity, Nasser’s insight is more than actual. Very important Sunni-Shia alliance as well as Western Asia-Northern Africa alliance are of crucial importance in the next period of time. Iran-Syria and Egypt-Libya axes should play central roles in the final battle against Global Axes of Evil. But, the most important country in this multipolar set up is Iran. Not only it is the only one among four to be the most independent from Western money, weapons or anything else, but also because it showed strength, wisdom, military skills to counter the biggest global pirate. There has been no country since Pearl Harbour which openly opposed and attacked US military posts. And these days, Iran showed it is the only one that it is capable of. On the other side, all the countries in the world which claim to be against neocolonialism and liberal fascism should openly take a side and not to be sitting on many chairs any more. Because, actually, all those who think they sit on the chair of Western pirates and gamblers are not aware that it will be pulled back, just when they need to sit down on it. It would also mean a lot for multipolar world, to be clear with whom is friend or ally and who is schizophrenic “frenemy”. The clear language and behaviour must be brought back – instead of sick political correctness and easily offended Western snowflakes. There is no room for frenemies any more – there are friends and there are enemies, in every sense. Multipolar world can nor afford itself being interfered by even one rotten apple in the basket. The rottenness is obviously spread much faster than anyone can imagine or understand. That is why there must be decisive front supporting Iran against Western pirates and gamblers. 
According to Iranian and other analyses, here are some of the main final assumption and conclusions, concerning the reason why US stood down and stopped further moves against Iran after retaliation. 
1- US didn’t except such a big scale response and attack from Iran and that truly surprised US about Iran’s method of fighting. 
2- There has been some news and informations about high probability of Iran’s attack against Israel and Saudi Arabia as a second step in retaliation. 
3- US didn’t have the ability to intercept Iranian missiles and that made them concerned about their further plans to react against Iran. 
4- USA is surprised of the advanced technology used in Iranian missiles as all of them hit their targets very precisely. 
5- Iran could hit Ain Al Assad base which is one of the most advanced and equipped and the farthest bases to Iran and that shows Iran dares to attack anything the analysis about general messages understood from this attack are including: 
- US is not able to defend its own bases let alone others’ benefits in the region, 
- US defence and interception systems are not as effective as it seems,
- Iran has the ability to hit targets precisely and
- Iran step through a new stage of direct conflict with US due to Trump’s decision.
And, more: USA is not capable to instigate coloured revolution in Iran. It was incapable of doing so before assassination of Hajj Soleimani, but it is also incapable of doing so after his assassination, as well. It is now clear that both US hard power and soft power of global West do not work in Iran. At the end of the day, Hajj Soleimani was not assassinated on Iranian soil and Iran showed the capability to defend itself, both from so called hard or soft power of Western pirates.
Trump’s decision to act in the only way he is capable of, like he is on the streets of Chicago or NY dealing with mafia clans or construction business clans is a major strategic error and Western pirates will finally have to pay for that. Iran has shown that the Pax Americana is over and Pax Judaica will never come. Now the emerging multipolar world has to be very loud and clear in its attitude, every country of it at the time, to show solidarity and courage in building Western Asia, to liberate Riyadh in order to liberate Jerusalem. And, if Jerusalem is liberated, Europe will be, too.